AVOLITES pearl console Beginners questionnaires for difficult questions

- Sep 16, 2017 -

AVOLITES pearl console


Beginners questionnaires for difficult questions




Most of the contents of the forum from the questions raised by everyone and Nobita old


Teacher to answer the post, put these together is to facilitate beginners and just joined


Friends, I have a limited level of writing, but also hope that we criticized a lot of corrections.




1. I do not know how to permanently store the lighthouse, do not use the light type to delete the commonly used light type, with a soft disk tired and not convenient, I saw people used, but did not see how to get , That kid hand too fast and I said


The method of curing the library file to the console is as follows:


First downloaded from the Internet www.avolitesdownload.com Light library conversion software CacheBuilder, download the software after the installation to your computer. The installation process is (double click on the software - OK --Setup - NEXT - Next - Next - Close)

Start the software (start - program - Animites - Cache Builder - CacheBuilder)



Area 1: Press Browse, enter the computer to find the

Area 1: Press Browse, enter the computer to find the folder you want to add the light library

Area 2: Displays the name of the library file that can be added

Area 3: Add Add Key, Add All Join All.

Area 4: Remove Remove (Remove) button, Remove All Remove all (delete all) key

Area 5: Displays the names of the licensed library files that have been added

Area 6: Build Cache Make Lighthouse File Close Close

The process is as follows:

Press the Browse button, enter the computer to find the folder you want to add the library, in the area 2 to select the file to join

Press Add to add a single, press Add All to join all the files in area 2. In area 5 you can see the files that have been added

At this point you can delete one or all of the files (Remove key, delete a single), (Remove All key to delete all).

After confirming that the above operation is done, press the area 6 (Build Cache key) 2: Displays the name of the library file that can be added

Area 3: Add Add Key, Add All Join All.

Area 4: Remove Remove (Remove) button, Remove All Remove all (delete all) key

Area 5: Displays the names of the licensed library files that have been added

Area 6: Build Cache Make Lighthouse File Close Close

The process is as follows:

Press the Browse button, enter the computer to find the folder you want to add the library, in the area 2 to select the file to join

Press Add to add a single, press Add All to join all the files in area 2. In area 5 you can see the files that have been added

At this point you can delete one or all of the files (Remove key, delete a single), (Remove All key to delete all).

After confirming that the above operation is done, press the area 6 (Build Cache key)

he software defaults to the A disk, you can press the area 8 Browse to change the address of the disk

After selecting the area by 8 OK button to generate the file, the file name is P2000PER.CMP

Note: If you choose too many light library files, the resulting file can not be solidified to more than 96KB to the dimmer. As shown below


Note: If you choose too many light library files, the resulting file can not be solidified to more than 96KB to the dimmer.

After completing the above operation, copy the P2000PER.CMP file to a floppy disk


Open the console and insert the floppy disk into the console floppy drive

Turn the key to the SYSTEM position, press the G (Utilities) key, and then press the D (Cache Personality Files) key

The console at this time to open the file to read, and then check the file with or without error, all the problem after the console will prompt you press EXIT exit

Automatic restart. At this point, you can check whether the operation is successful by matching the power headlamps.

Note: The original lamp library of the console will be covered by the newly solidated lighthouse.


2. Can you tell me about the time shaking his head on the application of the computer lights? What HTP and LTP, HTP is the DIMMER switch time, and LTP is what level ....... time is it? The time between them I always tune well in 2004 there are 6 times adjustable I was dizzy Oh


The application and explanation of the six time in 2004:

Table of time editing can be applied to the material of the default and programming and connection tracking inside, and can directly affect the time to set a programming example:

The key to the programming state (Program), enter the programming mode



Press the C key to enter the EDIT TIMES menu. Tip Select the CHASE or MEMORY fader that you want to edit,



You can also directly enter or press the corresponding button, select the time to enter the six options: [attachment = 2404]

Softbut A [WAIT IN])

Softbut B [WAIT OUT] (Softbutton B [WAIT OUT])

Softbut C [FADE IN])

Softbut D [Fadement] (Softbutton D [FADE OUT])

Softbut E [LTP decay] (Softbutton E [LTP FADE])

Softbut F [LTP WAIT]

Softbutton G [LIND = ON / OFF])

Enter waiting time

This is the total amount of time before the start of a step to the beginning of the fade.

Come out waiting time


This is the total amount of time before the start of a fade into its fade out.

Fade in time

Fade in time is the time spent when the work is consumed in the HTP channel fade.

Fade out time

Fade out the time is when the stop is consumed when the HTP channel fades out.

LTP decay time

LTP decay is used in all decay LTP channels to complete their cross decay time.

LTP waiting time

This is the time before the start of a step to the beginning of a LTP decay.


Connected or not connected

Is for the automatic connection tracking step, from one step to the next continuous run. If you do not connect to any step, the tracking will stop at the point where you do not connect, and you will have to press the ADD button or the GO button to restart the trace.

You must use the GO key to restart the connection trace.

Enter a decay or wait time



You can use this soft keyboard to enter a different time for each timer

3. How does the mock table and the lights connect to the computer?

On how to achieve a computer 2 monitor to simulate the console and scene display software, separate display and synchronization operation method:


Do not have two computers, a computer monitor on the line, the premise is to have a separate computer graphics card (and support dual display, as long as there are dual output are friends, some is a VGI is a DVI output interface, some double DVI output), the following specific about how to set up:


The two monitors are connected to the two cards on the mouth, refresh the desktop right to open the menu selection properties, select the option; as shown below, if there have been two display display, then directly into the third step


Choose: advanced into the menu, and then select your graphics menu, select the first drop-down and choose: install dual-band display (advanced), if not this, then hey, unfortunately your video card does not support, And then the system will prompt you to re-start the computer, ok again。


After the restart the computer will detect your graphics card output of the other driver is not installed, so you have to install, the graphics card CD-ROM drive and then specify the installation right after the right election properties - set, will see And the first step is not the same figure, that is, more than one and two display of the map


And then in the display of the drop-down option to choose another monitor (also can be directly on the No. 2 display) color and resolution settings, and finally the following Windows desktop will be extended to the monitor in front of the check box marked with a check, And then point to the high-level selection of the video card to see the contents of the first item also changed it means OK friends


Good next to your pearl simulator Visualiser scene display software to open and pull the main display (No. 1) on the far right, you will find another secondary display (2) will appear part of the software screen, right, then With the mouse and then move the software completely on the right, only to the main display on the disappearance of the secondary display on the complete display of your software can be maximized, (if you want to pull back the method is the same, as long as the cursor to the right See your cursor on another monitor can also show the operation of the Oh you will not be so benzene it) can it!


The last step is to put your Pearl 2004 Simulator simulator console in the main display run to maximize the control can be controlled after it! Oh is not very simple ah,

4. Where are the two software downloaded, if you buy how much money

Love the rich official website http://www.avolites.org.uk/ there is the next


5. That computer is parallel or serial output, is not it also add a converter what things then XLR three core or five core socket and then link the computer lights

  Pearl 2004 Simulator simulator is to simulate the operation of the real console, and Visualiser is the scene of the scene and the lamp light effect, just these two together on the line, no need to even the real computer lights, because there are really control You have to simulator to control the lights? Console with the computer needs to encrypt the dog and the converter, is connected to the convenience of your browsing the scene software for easy programming during the day



6. Why can I only choose two computer lights on the simulation desk, recorded lights can only go two steps, dimmer can only record 30 Road. Visualiser can not take other lights, how to adjust it

It is impossible, or you are on both sides of the mating problems are inconsistent, because the simulator in addition to the key operation on a little difference, the other function is no different! You check your console adapter, sometimes with the ADD button Did not wait until the success of the tips on the allocation of a light, resulting in the previous one did not match the success, or use the console to check and use the ADD key to select the lights are no information, then proved to be not connected with a good fixture, recorded CHASE Two steps is not possible, if the console is familiar with the words should know some settings and changes, it is recommended to carefully look at the manual, Visualiser has a lot of light library, you can freely choose (provided that the console and the choice of the lamp model , The address code is consistent)


7. I would like to ask the avolites of the lighthouse ye ye? I want to make a few domestic lights, TMD Oh! I play a few old domestic lights do not have to do in the line, the old can not find the lighthouse, and sometimes I find some foreign light library instead, some lines do not, good headache! Some domestic lights for the same, 6 7 is the level, some are 7 8, I have to be crazy to really take a rocket launcher gave rushed, there is a problem is that some domestic light factory for the light library can use Can not use the table built-in procedures, imported lights can be

Light library preparation method: first use Notepad to open a light library file (*. R20) open as shown below



Position 1 at the beginning of a semicolon (;) can not be changed for each action comment

Position 2 This bit shows the name of the lamp and the number of channels when mating

Position 3 This bit is the number of DMX channels occupied by the scanner (level 540 level 270)

Position 4 this bit for the type of lamp (1 for the lens scanning lights, 2 for the shaking head computer lights) behind the two digits for the horizontal and vertical scanning degree

Position 5 this bit is the maximum number of mating DMX (512 minus the number of channels) means 512 minus the number of channels you now do, than you do now the lamp is 31 channels is 481, if it is 12 A channel is 500 such a calculation


Position 6 as shown above

A: This bit for the channel in the number of keyboards (1 to 20)

B: This bit is defined by the A or B wheel control (A is 1, B is 61)

C: This bit is channel mode (H = HTP L = LTP S = 16Bit)

D: This bit is the channel in the first channel of the fixture

E: 100 represents the maximum output 1N for the normal mode (usually this bit is not changed)

F: the attributes of the channel (refer to item 6A, item 8)

G: usually this bit is not changed

H: The name of the channel will be displayed on the LCD screen on the A B


I: This bit data is used to clear the data for that channelwheel


6B Location: This bit shows the definition of the strobe channel. In fact, how many channels the scanner will occupy

The above is the lighthouse system to do the necessary place to modify, and sometimes met the domestic computer lights without lights to modify their own lighthouse to meet the urgent needs


8. 2004 can be equipped with conventional lights I know but there is one thing I do not understand is that it has 2048 channels can be equipped with 2048 addresses but only 240 putt can only be equipped with 24 addresses with more ah? I see people with a lot of like a knock number, I do not know for operation


Conventional lamps are made of silicon. And the number of lamps does not matter. Because the table of a light path can be equipped with any number of silicon number ah, no problem, for example: with a conventional light when knocking a silicon click on the blue swop button, and then click on that swop button that you want to match With the number of, as long as no more than 2048 silicon road. For example: I use two putters (two light path), each with 10 sets of silicon into the right, according to the number of each silicon four or four PAR lights, then now is 20x4 = 80 lights only two push Pole on the OK


9. Will you have any two pearl table together with the use, to achieve it



Use the line to connect the midi out of the main station to the midi in of the secondary station


Respectively, the two console keys to the system state, press the C key in the user setting in the main console set to "Master", the sub-console set to "Slive vice"


10. I now use 20 shaking his head light 2 silicon box, I said according to the instructions, press the PATCH button, and then press B to select the lamp, enter my starting position code 40, and then left hand hold on the 1st Blue button and then press the No. 20 button to shake the head light mated, and now I would like to swap the 24 dimming channel on the console side of the putter (31-60) do not know how to operate


Press the PATCH button and then press the A key, and then use the keyboard to enter your starting address code of the silicon box, hold down the AVO multi-function keys do not put the blue button to the above


11. Will I put the 3-channel disc light on the dimming channel 31-33, 31 for the COLOR, 32 for the GOBO, 33 for the DIMMER, I push the COLOR channel every time, the data from 0 to 255, and can not With the fader changes, either 255, or 0, the other two channels is right, how is this

12. Set the channel dimming curve (PATCH button and then press the A key and then press the B key to modify, the default is: Curve = Linear), if not enough, then suggested to use the form of lantern library to match, talk about the three-channel Lighthouse changes and practices, the following is a definition of a domestic color light lamp driver file, because it can not find the description, only through the way with dimmer get its channel properties:


1. There are three channels

2. Channel 1 is color, and when the Level value of the channel reaches a certain value, the color slice can rotate itself, and the different range values have different speeds. I define this channel property as color2

3. Channel 2 is the color, when the level value of 30%, that is, DMX value of 77 when the light began to open, and a white light. From 30% to 70% of this range of different values have different colors. I define this channel with two properties, Iris and color1

4. Channel 3 is Dimmer dimming and is directly defined as dimmer. The range is 0-255


Lamp driver files are as follows:

12. I would like to be a fixed point of light, with the recording putter to control is the front and rear of the lamp is pushed by the number of how much to push, pull back and forth in place do not need to push a little bit in place

To do before and after the words, then the following practice, and now take a light as an example:

(The left and right and the right and the last point of the stage)

These four positions were stored CUE to 1/2/3/4 putt;

2. Then press the C key to the right of the CUE (2) and the final CUE (4) into the Edit Time menu to modify the Mode option to 2

So the light will move as you push the speed


Will the 2004 lock?

The system must be upgraded to the 2004V1.1 version, the key to the Program state, in the numeric keypad knock four digits for the password, then press the B key to determine the lock, unlock the same way, but this way as long as the re-switch the console is invalid If you really do not want to let others move the table as long as the program after the key to the RUN state after the key pull out the right, anyway, no matter how can not change and can not destroy your program


14. How will the pearl connection WYSIWYG, the use of computer preview effect

YG does not support the pearl simulator and console direct connection! Only use his own scene display software: Visualiser, connect WYSIWYG words must use wyg-it hardware converter to achieve, WYSIWYG official website has wyg-it details Introduction and use of methods and prices, but the current domestic may not buy


15. How to modify the already prepared scenes (CUE)

CUE and Chase changes are different, CUE changes can be deleted after the re-editing, you can also modify the original cover to modify the original CUE, CHASE modify the use of UNFOLD key to start gradually modified. The operation is as follow


Point the UNFOLD key to select the blue ADD button to modify the program corresponding to the re-entry area. The first few blue ADD keys on the repeat area will be lit (how many keys will be selected when the selected Chase will be on ) To prove that all the selected Chase steps are activated, LED menu appears the following function options, Record (Edit) Edit Times (Insert) Delete (delete) Previous 15 Steps (15 steps) Next 15Steps ( After 15 steps), so you can modify the step to modify or delete or insert, or directly push to modify the step of the ADD choose a good light to modify the point after the A key and then point that the ADD cover that step


16. I would like to ask the program putter 12 13 14 15 I can not remember is to press the c key or B key, enter by enter, 12 fader lights began to flash, this function is what function? How to use it


This is the theater mode, put a CUE together to set the diagnostic function and time, etc. to accurately track and track almost, but the theater mode 12 putter into the total control (similar to the GO key), 13 change (Similar to the GO + key), 14 change the next CUE function (similar to the GO-key), 15 into the LTP or HTP switch selection, press the B key to enter after the relevant editing and storage methods and modify , Please refer to the instructions

17. Will the 2004 panel on the DMX in and Visualiser specific how to use



DMX in the mouth is the use of computer simulator software to control the output to the console (also optional DMX signal converter and dongle, computer - simulator - DMX signal converter --- output signal to the console - -), that is, with the computer's simulator to control the real console!



Visualiser is the computer simulation display scene software and real console together, can operate the console while the computer can see the changes in the effect! To achieve the function is: to meet the daytime programming can not see the light beam can see Computer display of the scene software to see the lights of the action changes and location, etc., which is the most important role, which is too short for a long time programming large performance regardless of day and night can be very useful programming! Another is the live performance When you can see the changes and pay attention to the emergence of the problem!)



serial port is connected to the external graphics board, buy a table can be optional graphics board, usually few people to match it


18. How to control the color changeer


There are two ways:


According to the method of connecting conventional lamps can be made, but if the conventional lamps and color changers are in a console, must be connected separately, this method is not convenient, only suitable for emergency use


You can go to the AVOLITES website to download the color of the special light library (Color Scroller plus Dimmer), temporary use with a floppy disk, often can be used to cure the console more convenient, when the first adapter to the normal The SWOP button on the lamp, and then the corresponding number of color changer corresponding to the conventional lamp silicon number is also connected to the SWOP button (a SWOP button can only be connected with a color changer address code, but can With "N" multiple silicon numbers). This method is very easy to use, like a two-channel color lights, the biggest advantage is that the color changer is the LTP channel, when you put the replay putter when the color changer step in place, conventional lamps can be gradually The When you pull down the putter, the conventional fixtures can fade away the color changer but keep the current color unchanged, and it's a lot easier than the previous method


19. table can not read the floppy disk is a bad thing


Several cases:


Your light library file is correct copy to the disk,


Whether your floppy disk is damaged, change the disk to see


Sometimes a time to read can not read out and then read into, read more than a few times, this situation often encountered, the light library file correct case to do two disk repeatedly try to line,


The above situation is normal, then there is a problem with the floppy drive, spend 100 to buy a soft drive for OK

20. Where to set the direction in which the Fixtures are moving in the opposite direction


If it is programmed in the application of the direct point of the blue function key FAN (fan) to the XY axis of the reverse movement, if you want to align the XY axis of the lamp then PATCH then press the F key and then press the A key and then select To reverse the light and to modify the XY axis on the line


21. How to make material in 2004


Make the material: select the light - do the parameters --- press the STORE PALETTE key, --- according to the gray button to be saved on the color / pattern / location can be done


22. talk about the light library file; Macros part of the configuration bar, the company has several domestic lights, there is no way to use the console switch bubble, trouble ah


MACRO defines macros. The macro commands a special set of instructions to allow the fixture to perform specific functions such as resetting, lighting,

; Format:

MACRO "macro name" list of related channels

"Data" data list

"Delay" 1 time



Note: The relevant channel list refers to the channel to be operated, can be multiple, such as: MACRO "RESET" 1 17 where 1 and 17 are the channels to be operated


; "Data list" refers to the data sent to the specified channel, must be hexadecimal

; delay behind 1 is a fixed value, without any meaning, must be entered as 1, "time" that delay time, the unit is 0.1 seconds. Must be hexadecimal.

; The macro ends with MEND


Before making these tasks above, you must confirm that your lamp has this function


24. 2004 table with computer lights, I mated with (0 page), I want to mate (1 page) but not go with, how is it? My lights are 16 channels, the address code can only be allocated to 512


As long as the lighting channel is not out of 512 can be connected, but some of the maximum number of lights to write the number of lights and DMX address code will do the restrictions, because it is impossible with the end of 512, you now 30 16-channel lights With a maximum of 20 to 497, an output control is so slow and very dangerous, it is recommended if there are more than 30 lamps in the case of two output holes (A and B) to match, the safety point


25. My 2004 station now call the built-in procedures found when the empty, the original is there, built-in procedures is not cleared when I accidentally cleared out? If so how do I recover?


Do you use a floppy disk with a floppy disk? Yes, then you use the console in the lighthouse casually with a light to try, I was like this, because you do not have this floppy disk built-in program file: "SG.DAT". If you are connected with the domestic light of the lighthouse is from the floppy disk with the words, that is, the floppy disk in the domestic lighthouse less SG.DAT file, so you can not use the console built-in program;

There are two solutions:

1. copy a SG.DAT file (casually to the official website to download any one light library files are brought) into your domestic lighthouse floppy disk re-allocation can be used

2. to withdraw from the disk, with the console comes with the lighthouse casually with more than one imported lights to any position, compiled Q do not choose the light on the line, it can also be used;

If you are connected with the domestic lights of the lights floppy disk there SG.DAT file, with you can not use, the solution is as follows:

Soft lock the table once, insert the SGDAT file with the domestic lights library floppy disk, the key to the system state, press the G key (Utilities) and then E key (Load Shape File) to reinstall the console built-in program, and then normal connection You can use friends


26. ask the next step is to use the bone when the program is not in the non-stop go it seems to have a function is a light to stop is in that way


Do not call a light to stop, is a press E key to remove the selected Shape (no matter how many of the selected in the run), press the F key is to change the direction of operation, C and D are adjusted function,

Press B to select a currently activated Shape for the current edit (when you select and run multiple Shape overlays, want to select only one of them to edit)

If you do not want to choose a number of Shape overlay effect is cleared, then press the function key Delete and then select the shape you want to delete the corresponding soft key and then enter on the line


27. in the Preset time how to save ah


Preset material is not time to save, you want is slowly cross the gradient of the color and pattern, not immediately change it, it is not the time to save the preset material time, according to the small keyboard on the gray function Key --- --- press F key - select the corresponding material such as COLOR press A key, then G key (return to the previous menu) --- press the G key (Options) --- A key to modify the attenuation, B select the application Of the lamps, after the completion of the exit, you try again OK friends


28. would like to ask, love rich pearl Taiwan U disk can use it? how to use? Before listening to a colleague said he called to go to Singapore to ask agents, agents that love Fu Li Pearl 2004 U disk is easy to upgrade later installed, so it can not be used, but I also heard that domestic pearl U disk can be used Want to know love Ulrich pearl U disk can not use? How to use


The new system version V1.4 upgrade and update can be used U disk, but now the new V1.4 version is not perfect, so love Fitch official has not officially launched,

If you can not wait, then you can also find a U disk format for the 1.44 or 720K floppy format format conversion software, the U disk into a floppy disk format directly into the pearl of the USB port when the floppy disk is also good, at least not Consider the backup disk is easy to bad! There is a way to open the table to change the line to add the USB to default storage backup hardware


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