Beam light

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Beam light

The beam light is to focus the light source on a focal point so that the light source is more concentrated and emitted to form a light beam. This kind of light is called beam light, popularly known as spotlight.

Beam light works

Beam lights rely mainly on their unique light sources for fame. Its unique small-calibre cup design and precise focal length positioning principle make its luminous efficiency extremely high.Its extremely high lumen volume also leads to a high heat output, which also leads to an extremely high blasting rate for early-warning 200W beam lights.Therefore, the heat dissipation of this beam lamp is different from that of a conventional computer moving head lamp. The wick is relatively thin, and there is no peripheral isolation layer. Therefore, if the heat is dissipated like a conventional lamp, that is, the greater the heat dissipation, the better the model is. OK, this will cause the ionization arc of the lamp to be constantly ionized and affect the lamp life.If the amount of heat is not enough, the bulb will blow up quickly. Therefore, this beam lamp requires a constant temperature system.

At present, there are two kinds of heat dissipation solutions for domestic manufacturers. One is the traditional heat dissipation, and the better one is the fan to dissipate the light bulb while cooperating with the temperature control switch. Another relatively high-end is software controlled temperature cooling, which relies on software to control the fan's constant temperature. If the fan decelerates or fails, the light bulb will automatically be extinguished and not blown. The latter is better in both ways, even if the former is not fried but has a greater impact on lamp life.

Beamlight, also known as sharpy in English, 300W beam light, 700W beam light, 200W beam light, 230W beam light, 260W beam light, 330W beam light, 1500W beam light series.300W beam lights and 700W beam lights are popular around 2010 and have a certain beam feel. However, in the true sense of the beam lamp, the beam lamp that everyone loves and approves is prevalent from the 200W beam lamp, which prevailed in August 2012 and bloomed in 2012. Since then it has continuously updated the development of 230W beam lights, 260W beam lights, 330W beam lights, 1500W beam lights. And beam pattern combined lighting fixtures. But the mainstream is still 200W beam lights and 230W beam lights.

Beam Light Bulbs Category

Beam light bulbs are mainly based on Philips, here are four categories, one is the original bubble Philips Platinum 5R bubble MSD or more of the original OSRAM 230W, one is a Philips UHP bulb, a class of Taiwan excellent lamp 5R The most used in the market, the last category is a variety of fake bubbles and Philips filtered out of the uneven color temperature and uneven brightness of the bubble.

The original 5R white gold bubble is more than 700 UHP expensive. In addition, the same type of UHP bulbs, bubble pressure is different, a good manufacturer will measure the bubble pressure, filter once again to ensure the stability and consistency of the bulb.

Beam light function overview

The headlights of computers are mainly changes in the light source, and other channels have similar functions.The beam light continued many of the functions of the previous computer moving head light on the basis of the improved light source.Usually domestic 200W beam lights, 230W beam lights, 260W beam lights, 330W beam lights, etc. are equipped with color wheel (14 colors + white light), pattern plate (17 patterns plus white light), strobe (0-12/20 Times per second), focusing, atomization, prisms (mostly a single eight prisms, some prisms, pentaprisms, gradient mirrors), and other functions are mostly fine-tuned XY axis speed.

Note that here we need to specifically point out that some manufacturers' prisms are equipped with a prism movement function. The original intention of this function is that the beam lamp is a concentrating lamp. On the one hand, the beam sensation is strengthened, but the fullness of the pattern is affected. Yan Li degrees.Therefore, if equipped with a prism zoom function, you can make the pattern more loose, especially for some wedding users, to do hotel indoor performances, 7 meters high, patterns hit the ground, they will gather together, there is no sense of hierarchy and Independence.If only a single beam is used, the viewer will say that the luminaire is too dazzling, and the prism magnification effect will come in handy. Prism magnification (adjustment of dispersion) and focus (adjustment of sharpness) can make the pattern clear and beautiful visual impact within a short distance.

7r 230w moving head rainbow effect.png7r moving head 8 prism and 16 prism effect.JPGbeam 230w 7r beam effect.png

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