DMX512 Controller Components

- Jun 12, 2017 -

1. RGB Module

The RGB module is an important part of the DMX512 controller, and it is an important guarantee for the normal use of the equipment. In addition, a PWM module is used in the central part of the controller, which can record and compare different color schemes, then choose the color scheme that best suits the application of the device.

2. Key module

The key module of the controller is mainly used to help the controller to input the parameters, which is an important part of the device. Key modules should be as concise as possible, because the cumbersome keys can not effectively improve the input efficiency of parameters.

3. Advanced Design Standards

DMX512 controller equipment using advanced industrial EIA-485 Interface design, technology is very mature and stable, in order to work efficiency while also ensuring the safety of equipment.

4. DMX Lighting System Application

At present, DMX lighting system has been widely used in the field of LED control, technology has been very mature and reliable, the use of the lighting system LED products in the market has been widely used, has been favored by many consumers.

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