GrandMA 3D User manual in Chinese

- Oct 09, 2017 -

GrandMA 3D  User  manual  in  Chinese


1 Introduction:


Grandma 3D is a unique new user interface, 3D visualization creates a stage layout that combines the range of products with grandma products. Series I and series second station support.

The software is designed as a lighting designer's preprogrammed tool. It simplifies the process of creating a display to save time and money.

Grandma 3D includes a basic graphic element library. Use multiple windows front / side / top view to open and update at the same time. All stage elements are positioned in the X / Y / Z direction, and may also be rotated around the various axes. Customize the surface texture of these elements, you can import bitmap format, or may choose from a library.

Lanterns, lanterns or mobile lights can be simply retrieved by the grandmother console or electronic transfer of the grandmother onPC every projection file. There is no need to set the DMX line, DMX address or a single device mode of operation, because these details have been pre-adjusted in the grandma.


When switching to 3D rendering mode, Grandma 3D software becomes extremely powerful visual real-time rendering facilities.


All drawing elements, devices and lanterns with surface texture, as a virtual reality. All the features. Install street lights remote control connection grandmother desk and onPC lifelike action, color and image display. While the viewing angle can be changed just to completely control the zoom, position the virtual camera around and move around. Or just switch to another pre-defined camera position and start a new move from there.


Several glasses fixture parameters, such as apex, color (color uniform mix) and patterns can be displayed. You can insert a simple assignment of a color bitmap file to the location of the relevant fixture for the custom pattern.


Later you can receive all the data displayed from the grandmother's desk or onPC "online" displayed in real time rendering. It can also record live and convert it into a standard video compression format. These files can be easily viewed by any individual or even with the standard media player software on the computer or MAC and sent by e-mail.


2 system requirements


IBM® compatible PC or notebook 2GHz processor, at least 1 GB RAM Ethernet card High speed hardware acceleration 3D graphics card: - At least 512 MB of video memory, such as NVIDEA9800 GTX

  -> = 3.0 vertex shader - pixel shader> = 3.0 1024 x 768 pixels or higher resolution 500 MB free disk space on hard disk Microsoft Windows® XP (recommended) or Windows Vista® operating system Latest service pack Microsoft DirectX® Version 9 or above grandma console or grandma onPC (series 1 or 2 support)


3 installation


The version of the actual application can be downloaded from the MA Lighting Technical Support website: TUwww.malighting.deUTH Please download the file to a temporary folder and run the "Install" (gMAvideo_xxx.exe) program.


3.1 version of the grandmother's desk or grandma onPC


- Information box (menu -

For example: grandMA3D_ [1] [6.0] _v6.1.0.0 1 GMA2 stream version, this figure corresponds to the grandmother 2 onPC (the right-hand grandma3D.exe - version - comment) For example: Stream version 6.0g A1 flow version, this figure corresponds to the grandmother 1 onc stream version grandma 3D v6.1.0.0 version grandma onPC software can run on the same PC or external PC connection via Ethernet.


3.2 IP address


IP address is what makes the Internet and the most modern network work. This is a way to determine a unique set of numbers (IP addresses) for the computer. One

IP address

   A set of four digits. Each number can have a value between 0 and 255. Through the Windows system settings of the network settings, you can set the IP will not be ignored. 3D Grandma If the settings are changed, you must reboot. New will not be ignored and read

  Reboot 3D



Your PC and console must have their own IP address settings correct. The first three sets of numbers must be the same, and the last set must be different. E.g:

Grandma Console IP Address: PC and Grandma 3D IP Address: Set the IP address of the desk, please refer to the desk user manual. note:


Grandma's default IP address is (PC for local host address). In this case, the application running on the grandma's 3D onPC can connect to the same computer.


To set the network address on the external network, such as selecting 192.168.0.x. If 3D Grandma Grandma 1 mode reboot is necessary. If the 3D Grandma Grandma 2 mode works, you have to restart the application after the change. IP address.


The actual IP address session window is as follows:


You can change the IP address through the menu item: "File - Setup - Network".

3.3 Grandma desk connection


Please confirm that the program version of the grandmother's desk is in compliance with the specifications.

: Grandma desk or grandmother onPC version.

For communication, you have a grand MA console or another computer connected to the PC running Grandma



To do this, you can directly cross the cable with two RJ-45 connectors or through a network switch.


Grandma second console RJ-45 cable or switch grandma 3D computer


If you are using a network switch, periodically patch the network cable to connect the PC to the switch. The cable is connected to the desktop. Start the desk and load the show on the desk Start a new session Start the grandmother's 3D application and attend the meeting or invite the 3D application from the desk to connect to the desktop and get the currently displayed data. The reception will be visualized.

If you do not get a connection to the desktop, make sure that 3D Grandma has the correct IP resolution in the '3.2'IP address and the corresponding pattern description: Grandma 1 or Grandma 2 set accurate.


3.4 grandma or grandma2 mode

Grandma 3D series 1 and series 2 game console support. There are patterns that are required to switch between these modes. This can be done via the menu item "File - Reboot Series X"

Mode. "On the stage, the session window and the actual mode are displayed

  Information box (menu - help- information).


Note: The series 1 grandMA3D (.sl_ file) shows that the file can not be imported! The visual milk series of the first show connected to the desk and fixtures and their posts will be visualized. The environment must be re-imported through the import function .3 ds file (menu "file import") or rebuild if no .3 ds file exists.


4 data management


This section describes how to work with desk and 3D visualization data management. Helpdesk and visualization software can work independently. Each package can be operated independently. If they are in the MA network session connected to the desk to get the master and three to become a conversation slave. The data changed in 3D to the desk and vice versa. 3D and desk use the same file format Grandma 2 mode program file (.gz file)


Note: In Grandma 1 mode (Series 1 desk and 0.3 D1 showfile), the environment (stage equipment such as trusses, people ...) is only stored in three dimensions.


4.1 master / slave


The MA console or onPC is always the master of the meeting. Only when 3D starts as independent, it will be the main. If the desk connection and the session start in the 3D 3D display file will be transferred to the table, then this becomes the main. Therefore, the synchronization of the desk and the 3D data is guaranteed. Connect three possible states to the heart of the status bar. Flicker indicates the communication between the heart's desk and grandmother's 3D.


The heart is broken and red: no connection is established for a session


The heart is flashing green: 3D grandmother has joined from a conversation


The heart is flashing blue:


 Grandma 3D has a main function of the meeting. Create a session Grandma 3D can be used to transfer all the data, display a table or onPC.


Note: Start a new session (create) session where the founder covers all other members of the data.That is, if you set up a new session of all the data, by the grandmother 3D station will be covered!


Because the 3D file contains all the data, it may be useful to use 3D as a backup. Because 3D is the beginning of the backup show as the main station and the desk was invited to attend the meeting.


4.2 coordinate system


Grandma 3D geometry allows you to define and manipulate objects in 3D space. It uses a geometric system architecture, defined as the XY of the ground area Plane Z

The height of the shaft.


All objects along the world or their own object axis (if the object has a moveable or rotated)


Has been rotating) as the chapter

'6.3.1 Stage View.' You can switch between the world axis or the object via the toolbar button or keyboard, as shown in the following list:



The element symbol described in the 3D view



The object can be rotated along the world


5,  quick start


This chapter is a quick tutorial on how to start a session and connect to the 3D at the desk.


6, plan the surface


The following screen appears after starting the program. Normally, the windows are arranged in the following layout:


Menu Bar



Main tool



Window 3D Object Asset Stage Camera


Tools for Windows Media Data Materials


Status Bar

Arrange your own layout

Window and drag it while holding the left

Mouse button. One, Guide to diamonds

appear. Diamond arrows

Show the possible location. Mobile

Need a pointer to the new location

"Diamond guide and release

Mouse button.

You can save or load these settings

Separate files via menu item: "View

Window layout - save ... / load ...

Menu item: "view - window

Its default position for all windows.

When not in use can 'Automatically hide '

Through the window of the pushpin.


6.1 menu bar


Underlined character tag with "ALT" key, press the keyboard shortcut key.

The new display will create a new show. Load the display ... load from an existing file, such as show "showname.gz". Save the display with the given file name to save the current program. Save the display as a new file name to save the current program. Import Import 3D model. This pattern for example will be added to the showfile. At the moment .3 DS format (called 3D Studio Max in 3ds Max). See: 8 3D Modeling and Importing.



In this dialog box opens the Grandma 3D Settings dialog box,

微信图片_20171009091517.png you can change the settings for several output modes and get the information used by the plugin. You can also change the IP.


Three-dimensional address. Reboot Reboot in Grandma of MA1 mode 3D connection with grandma 1 grandMA1 network network restart with grandMA2 in MA2 mode to restart grandma 3D. Network Exit Leave Grandma 3D program.


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