LED Lamp Controller Brief Introduction

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Intelligent lighting Controller, also known as programmable lighting controller, that is, the controller's lighting program can be modified according to the user's needs, for example, the speed, time, pattern, synchronization and asynchronous, and so on, and has good scalability, according to the needs of the user to carry out multiple control Board combination synchronization, asynchronous operation to achieve higher requirements.

The controller uses stable and reliable 51 single-chip microcomputer as the hardware control core, and with the upper computer software editor to modify the lighting, download the program, and upgrade to the computer USB interface communication, greatly improve the convenient use of the controller. In the matching software can be easily edited, under the transfer of a good program (ie, lighting pattern), and has a unique software preview function, easy to modify, debug lighting effect .... A single controller can make the 8-channel output port On-off change combination to achieve the desired effect, but also can be multiple control board combination to control more controllable port (currently can be the largest 24 road, technology expansion will be more controllable).

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