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LED par light, an LED lighting fixture. Par light's name originated in the foreign par can, the meaning of the spotlight, LED par light and than the traditional par light ratio, with more rich color effects, three-color lamp beads mixed color effect up to 16.7 million kinds.

Par light in English is PAR light, full name is "Parabolic Aluminum Reflector dish-shaped aluminum reflection", refers to the metal halide lamp encapsulated in the reflector cup

LED par light parameters

High power LEDpar64

Product Name: High Power LED Par Light 64

Technical Parameters

Light source: Ultra-brightness LED, 24/36pcs x 1W/3W LEDs (red: 8/12, green: 8/12, blue: 8/12), 6-10 million hours of life.

Divergence angle: 35 degrees / 25 degrees / 60 degrees

Color: 16.7 million colors, the program through the lamp base LED control

Panel control

Dimming/Strobe: Electronic dimming from 0-100% (no discoloration)

White or color strobe, frequency 1-13Hz

Product Specifications: 220×220×320mm

Net weight: 1.5kg

Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degrees;

Maximum lamp body temperature: 60 degrees

Control: USITT DMX-512 protocol 4 channels

Control mode: DMX, auto trigger

Operating mode: master-slave synchronization, stand-alone self-propelled, voice-activated

Data Input/Output: 3-pin cartridge

Input voltage: 100-120V or 220-240V, AC, 50-60HZ

Maximum power: 30/120W

Light body color: white/black

LED Par Light 64

Par light type

Waterproof LED Par Light, Die-cast Aluminum LED Par Light, 54W LED Par Light,

24WLED par light, 36W LED par light, 108W LED par light

162WLED Par light

Application places: discos, dance halls, weddings, bars, nightclubs and various large-scale performance venues

1, this lamp can be installed in any position, and the distance between light and people or others should be more than 1 meter, please also make sure that the light lock, should make enough

Enough security precautions.

2.Make a certain voltage and frequency to adapt to the power supply, and connect it to the correct light, then turn it on.

Maintenance Make sure that the power is off, if you want to turn on or keep light.Keep light dry, it will keep the light output if you often clean

The light can also be extended Please use professional glass cleaner to clean it. Don't use alcohol or chemical liquid to clean it, and please clean the vacuum cleaner light at least once a year.

Warning Be sure to install it carefully.

Do not place this product near water or other liquids.

Please do not install in a high temperature environment. The distance between the lamp and other objects should be at least 0.5 meters.

Please do not look directly at the light, otherwise it will damage your eyes.

Before turning on the maintenance light, make sure that the power is turned off.

If the LED is damaged, it must be repaired by a professional technician.

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