LED stage lights

- Jun 19, 2018 -

LED stage lights

LED stage lighting is a type of stage lighting. It is a new kind of lighting that uses LED lamp beads as a light source for stage lighting. With the improvement of LED technology and cost reduction, LED technology lights will be used in stage lighting industry. More and more important role.

According to the purpose of use, LED stage lights are commonly used in stage lighting. First, the stage performance, 1 .LED par light, similar to the shape of the long downlight, the volume should be small, according to the specifications of a sub-par 64, par 56, par 46, par 38, Pa 36 and so on, 2 .LED pattern effect lights, LED lights and patterns of technology applications, also known as lanterns, common LED lanterns, LED magic lights, LED three-jawed fish.3 .LED moving head light, it does not have the pattern color effect of the traditional moving head light, it is the LED par light with more abundant scanning effect.4.LED flicker, generally using low power lamp beads.5.LED display screens, stage performances, and bars are the most common and are also widely used in outdoor public places, advertisements, and so on.

Second, stage lighting,1.LED flood light, wash wall light, soft light, generally use high-power LED lamp beads, round, bar, square shape.2.LED spectator lights are used for stage lighting, and four eyes and eight eyes are common.

Third, stage decoration and effects,1.LED light strips, light strips, xenon bulbs, waterfall light bulbs, tree light bulbs, and guardrail tubes are generally used in stage performances for decorative purposes, and more are used as urban lighting projects.2.LED floor tiles, common in bars, dance halls, large-scale evenings. 3LED stage curtains, also known as the star curtain, LED lamp beads and the latest application of the stage curtain.4.LED imitation, common imitation of fruits, animals, and other graphics.

The composition of LED stage lights is similar to that of LED lighting fixtures. The main components are: shell, LED lamp beads, secondary optics, LED driver power supply, DIP switch, heat sink, housing, mounting bracket, etc.

The performance of LED stage lighting is closely integrated with LED technology. The color is rich, and red, green and blue colors can mix 16.7 million different colors.Low power, low drive voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy savings. Safe, no radiation, no ultraviolet light. With high lifespan, the theoretical service life can reach 100,000 hours. Compared with the traditional stage lighting, LED stage lights have high prices in the market in 2014.

The most common applications for color change and color mixing, LED par lamps, spotlights, wall washers, are often used on large stage performances, evening parties, concerts, outdoor performances, urban lighting projects, building decoration, and more. The application of pattern lights, lanterns, magic lanterns, chrysanthemum lamps, are most often used for indoor performances, entertainment venues, such as bars, discos, dance halls, KTV rooms, etc.The application of decorative effects, light strips, light strips, neon lights, starry curtains, etc., are often used for holiday decorations, building decoration, stage performances, etc.

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