Light shade and its spectral analysis

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Stage show the color of the light is extremely rich and colorful, some lighting division use Grand Lighting stage scenery, original method, very intriguing; some light division to use the shade, large area dyeing, small pieces of color, especially touch audience's eyeball. Color may achieve conversion, the simplest, most practical, the most commonly used method is in the light source (or lamp) before the configuration of a special color filter, you can get a new light color.

Filter color film has two main categories: Color temperature conversion filter (or the color temperature is more positive color filter) and color light filter. The color filter has the optical characteristics of selective absorption of light, such as the absorption of different proportions of the optical spectrum of the visible spectra by the filter media, which changes the spectral relative energy distribution of the light source, and its transmission light stimulates the human eye to induce the light color effect different from the light source. Different color filters have different spectral transmittance curves, which convey their different optical properties of selective absorption.

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