Lighting group and lighting console selection

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Stage and dance floor lighting grouping and lighting control equipment matching, is a combination of art and technology key issues.


1, lighting group.


Before the grouping of the selected lamps to be classified, grouping from the artistic concept to consider, such as color matching, the distribution of light and suitable for the expression of what atmosphere, and then will be suitable for simultaneous lighting (or color ) Are grouped together in a group, with a switch (or a light console, a set of contacts of the lamp) to control. Grouping must also take into account the safety issues, from the technical calculation to ensure that after the parallel lighting of the total current (power) can not exceed the control switch or contact rated current value. Practice has proved that in the small and medium-sized song and dance halls, the light group can reach more than a dozen groups, twenty groups, you can have a strong expression and change; large dance halls, theaters, due to the complex stage lighting, Dozens or even hundreds of road lighting group to meet the requirements.


2, light control equipment selection.


The lighting control equipment commonly used in the dance halls includes power switch, multi-way switch board (such as 12 way), walking machine (such as 4), multi-channel console (such as 16 lights console), multi- 24-channel dimming console) and specifically with the computer lights supporting the circuit controller and so on. They each have their own characteristics, each suitable for controlling different types of lamps and suitable for different occasions.


ower switch has a good arc and protection performance, rated current from 10A, 15A, 20A, up to several hundred An, forming a series. Power switch is not frequent on and off occasions, and more for the main switch or regional switch, such as dance floor, stage lights switch, air conditioner, exhaust fan switch, also used for some infrequent effect of light (such as chasing light, neon, Group of computer lights) switch.


Multi-channel switch board each rated power is generally 1500-2000W. It is suitable for the control of various types of lamps with their own changes, such as various types of turn lights, voice control lights and all kinds of frequent operation of the lamps (such as purple tube, hood, etc.). Multi-way walker is actually a simple program controller, suitable for controlling some of the changes according to the fixed procedures of the lamps, such as string lights, snake tube lights, rainbow hose lights and stage ladder on the group turns light decorative lights The.


Light console both manual jog (touch switch) and program-controlled, voice and other functions, which is widely used in low-grade to high-end all kinds of entertainment. Beijing Rui Li Xiang and the light console of the jogging function can be used to replace the combination of switch board, control a variety of changes with their own functions and the need for frequent operation of the lamps. The program control and voice control functions of the light console can be used to control some lamps that do not have the function of change, and the control device can only change the effect, such as the "rain lamp" group with different patterns and different colors. It is worth noting that the program-controlled function should not be used to control a variety of turn lights, scanning lights and strobe lights themselves with a rotating function of the lamp.


Dimming console is a higher level of the program console, in addition to with on-off control function, the other set a number of thyristor dimming function, it is also known as multi-channel dimmer / usually use its dimming function control stage, Some of the dance floor to be dimmed and do not have their own changes in the function of the lamps, in order to create a different atmosphere.

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