MA console basic knowledge and skills

- Dec 09, 2017 -

1) Some basic concepts

a) Selection refers to the current set of selected lamps; just a concept for the convenience of the following description, each interface.

There is no such a specific object;

b) Group can group lamps for easy selection of lights; while World indicates the range of lamps that can be operated in all the interfaces, other lamps will not be visible;

c) Show If you do not save, reload the other show, the operation will be lost;

d) Highlight / Dark Indicates whether the current focus is on the small screen or press to clear the screen (in conjunction with the right of the screen

Lower corner of the pop-up button).


e) B.O. On / Dark Indicates whether the Grand Master is at its maximum.


f) MIB: MoveInBlack is used to do preposition, the corresponding value represents the Cue ID, which Cue should be prepared in advance in the dark for the location of this Cue, if it is negative, indicating the relative position of the forward cue. 0 means preparation as early as possible; Off means no preparation; Late = -1;


2) some key applications

a) Press Please twice to activate all the attributes of the selection;

b) Press At twice in succession, indicating that the dim of selection reaches 100%

c) Pressing the number twice in succession indicates that the selection's dim is off

d) Pressing the minus sign twice in succession indicates a decrease of dim of selection by 10

e) Pressing the plus sign twice means the dim of the selection is increased by 10;

f) Press twice continuously to save the current Show

g) Press Off twice in succession to call up and close various execution program interface

h) "IF" + "please", which means that the light on the current putter is selected;

Press Highlt, indicating that for the current Selection, the DMX output of all the attributes with the highlighted value in the library is redirected to the highlighted value configured in the library; press again to cancel.


After the Set to highlight, you can use Prev (Previous Previous abbreviation) and Next button to select the previous and next lamp in the current Selection, which is convenient for adjusting the lamp. For the Thunderbird X1 console, the Set alternative button Is the mouse + MBTN (the middle of the trackball), the alternative button of Prev is the mouse + LBTN, and the alternative button of Next is the mouse + RBTN.

k) Press Oops, the function of deleting the previous letter in the input box; the other case means Undo function, press again to show the Redo function;

l) Press and hold Oops repeatedly to recall multi-step interface;

m) Press and hold Store to recall the saved options screen;

n) Press YEL + number to switch the lamp properties under the first big screen, such as Dim, Position, Color, Gobo and so on. (Valid only in new software);

o) For a console lacking the scroll wheel, the trackball can be set as the wheel function through the configuration in Setup-> User.

3) on the lamp and its lighting fittings:

a) the order of the attributes attached, and Break;

B) Coarse / Fine / Ultra Indicates the field location of the DMX output value, generally starting from 1, and all values are non-repeatable. Coarse must fill in. The length of a lamp's DMX output is the largest of these three values.

c) Both Default and Highlight values refer to percentages, not absolute values;

d) The Patch value indicates the start address of the DMX output of the lamp, also known as the Universe address, ie the address code, typically as 2.001, up to 255.512, where: · 2: corresponds to the second DMX output · · .001: The output of the first few, the largest 512;


e) Patch addresses of two adjacent lamps are not added directly, but the patch address of the previous station plus the occupied DMX output length. If the first lamp patch = 1.001, DMX output length occupies 20, then the subsequent patch of a patch at least from 1.021. In short, the principle is that DMX outputs of any two lamps are not cross-connectable.


f) Modify Patch interface, you can multi-point connection, that is, with an ID corresponding to more than one lamp;

g) Using Scroller libraries, you can configure regular lights and color changers on the same ID;


4) Preset (preset)

a) Preset is divided into different types. Each type holds the value of the corresponding type attribute, except for All, which corresponds to a single attribute. All save the value of all possible attributes;

b) b) If the preset is applied to some of the lights, the values of those lights' attributes will change and change with the preset.

c) Preset can only save the value of the property, you can also for a specific Selection, can also be specific to the light library, specifically to see the Preset options;

d) How to use Preset:

i) select some lights;

ii) Click on a preset, these values will be applied up;

If you continue to click on other preset, will continue to assign, any property will be set to the last preset. If you click on the All type preset, all the properties are set to this one preset; if no light is selected at the beginning, clicking on a preset will select all the lights that have this property, and if the All type will select all the lights, Click again to apply the preset


5) About Master

About Master Master is generally used to dimming. There are two types of Master in the console: the Grand Master and the Master (hereinafter called the Master).

Grand Master refers to the function of the joystick on the far right of the console. It is used for total dimming. The dim output of all fixtures is influenced by the position of the fader. The value of the dim output is determined as the percentage of max.


Master is the function represented by the second slider to the left of the small screen. Its role is the output of one executor, which is further understood as the output of the current cue of the currently active executor. It recalculates the range of values the lamp should output. If another cue affects the same luminaire at the same time, the output range of these luminaires will be affected by the superposition of two cues, depending on LTP / HTP and effect. For example, two executors act on the same lamp: an LTP putter, setting dim = n; the other putter is effect sine, dim fluctuating from 0-100. If master is x% then the range of final output values will change as: min = n * (1-x%), max = min + 100 * x%. The actual situation to combine executor mode and effect itself to specific treatment.

6) Effect (effect)

a) Effect is to make some of the attributes of lighting changes back and forth within a range of an effect; a Effect can contain multiple changes in different attributes;

b) Effect and selection are a little bit like Preset. Instead of saving the selection, it acts on selection, but only saves the values of the parameters needed to generate this effect. These are:


i) Form: a function of the variation, such as sine, line, etc .;

ii) Rate: frequency of change, unit HZ, how many cycles per second;

iii) Value1: the minimum value of the change;

iv) Value2: the maximum value of the change.

v) Phase: start the phase of change, each lamp can be different, so there will be a delay cycle effect; 0- 360;

vi) vi) Width: Change of perimeter of Form; 0-100%

Effect How to use:

i) select the selection, directly in the property editor, select the effect button, the effect of editing, in this case, all of the lamp phase is the same, and the following different;

ii) ii) Select selection, enter At (not input), select an effect, the system will apply the effect to this selection, but the phase of each lamp is different and evenly distributed, but the order of calculation is the same as the order of lamp selection. Not in accordance with the order of ID.

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