Main features of DMX512

- Jun 12, 2017 -

1. Adopt the International DMX512 transmission Agreement;

2. Single card can up to 512 channels output, single Taichung control can support 4 pieces of DMX512 control card;

Level 3.256 dimming grayscale;

4. Standard EIA485 interface;

5. Using the combination of balanced drive and differential receiver, the ability of resisting common-mode interference is enhanced, which is good to resist noise.

6. DMX512 card can be used to transfer stage lighting control to touch-mode screen or tablet computer, can do scene preset, simplify operation, etc.

7. Can directly control the use of the same protocol of any dimmer, the formation of a digital dimming control system;

8. Can control all kinds of DMX512 agreement dimmer, Silicon box, controller, even Leng, smoke machine, computer lights and other effects equipment;

9. Can store the lighting scene, may edit the walk the lamp procedure, simultaneously supports the dimming stage to run the manual dimming scene, the gathering control scene, the Walk the lamp procedure.

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