On the computer lights, moving head lights, LED lights, laser lights, etc. are not controlled by the 512 control

- Oct 15, 2017 -

On the computer lights, moving head lights, LED lights, laser lights, etc. are not controlled by the 512 control


The prerequisite is that the fixture can be reset


First, the computer console 512 lights lanterns process

Console ----- signal line ------ signal amplifier (some circumstances can not need) ------- computer lights (other by the 512 signal control of the lamp) of the card seat --- ----- signal line ----- ic sn75176 ---- main chip。


Which can be analyzed


1, the console has a problem. (Although the probability of occurrence is small, but I still have to doubt him)

2, the signal line is open or short circuit (can be measured with a multimeter)

3, the signal amplifier has a problem, (this is generally returned to the factory maintenance)

4, The card on the cartoon seat problems (such as card faucet and card seat bad contact; some lamps and lanterns specifically have a circuit board, there are two voltage regulator diode,

If they are bad pull will also cause uncontrolled

5, the card and the circuit board between the signal lines are poor contact and other issues

6, sn75176ic problem, so that the signal into his input pin is not output to the main chip (cpu)

7, cpu main chip problems, can not accept 512 signals

8, the address code is a problem, or dial horse switch problems are not effective.


There is also a situation

Is connected to the console signal after the lights will not run the rules, unplug the signal line can pull

The signal line is generally connected to pull (signal line in the three small lines) and some behind a switch, turn it can work properly


9, do flow to pay attention to the card seat, inside the wiring circuit, short circuit will cause the lamp is not controlled or run is not normal, interference


Such as: If the three signal lines in the ground line is easy to make the lamp interference


10. Sometimes the connected lights are out of date to add a signal amplifier to the last lantern output section of the fixture. Production method is in the card dragon plug 2-3 feet then a 100 ohm resistance.

Sometimes because the signal line is too long without adding a signal amplifier will cause the lamp in the operation of interference or not synchronized.


Although the signal is not long, but because of excessive bending will produce interference.


If the next with a 192 console 12 sets of 250 moving head lights connected to the last two sets of lamps will be unable to control, when the console directly skip the first 1,2 connected to the first three when the lamp On the normal pull, or in the console behind a signal amplifier will not appear such a situation,



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