Process design requirements for stage lighting system

- Jun 12, 2017 -

1. The process design and equipment configuration of the system have the function of using the integrated theater, and can rotate the lighting operation scheme of various operas in a short time.

2. The design of the system can be quickly converted from one illumination scheme to another, and the conversion time is completed within 2 hours.

3. The system allows for the use of all types of lamps and other supplementary equipment configured.

4. The system is designed with sufficient security and storage capacity, and the whole system can carry out continuous diagnostic examination on the main console without interrupting the main power supply.

5. The equipment in this system fully accords with the technical requirements of stage background noise, and the noise of all lighting equipment is not higher than that of NR25, and the noise of the test point 1M effect is not less than 30dB.

6. The system's ability to expand is intended to be reserved at the beginning of the design of the system, such as the power Silicon control capacity, network capacity, the future capital adequacy or new technology appearance, so that the system is not due to the lack of design and large area modification or update, to save money and quickly adapt to changing needs.

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