Slow shake the performance of the bar audio, lighting design principles and product parameters

- Oct 17, 2017 -

First, the basic situation - the layout and function:


The use of the bar area of about 300 square meters, the ground to the ceiling height of about 6 meters, the overall rectangular layout. The stage of the bar was T-shaped, 0.56 meters above the ground, an area of 13 square meters, located in the bar before the site. The bar bar is located at the entrance, it is also a cash register. The auditorium is scattered around the stage and the bar, with seven seats and some seats that can accommodate 6-8 customers alone, and can accommodate about 150 people.


It is to provide customers with drinks, song and dance SHOW, DJ performances; is a slow to shake the main, supplemented by the performance of small and medium-sized bars.


Some of the popular definitions of domestic slow shaking:

, what is slow to shake it: "slow shake" is "slow rock music" short, corresponding to the English SLOW ROCK, it is not generally played very slow rock and roll, but refers to a distinctive feature of the kind of rock music, Slow rock music is a gentle commercial music model, it inherited the rock and roll singer and creator of the works of the framework, but soft the boundaries of rock and roll. "Slow it" is just the rise of a new concept of the bar, the first from Hainan, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places began to popular, quickly popular throughout the country, is one of the most fashionable way of entertainment. The audience is located around the performance area, the sound effect is located around; both can enjoy the stage of the program, but also in their own seat area entertain themselves. Independence, reason, personality - in line with the current young people's consumer psychology. Its style between the pure bar and DISCO dance hall, the music has maintained a warm passion, but also put an end to the noisy noisy. More suitable for urban office workers and fashion men and women consumption.


"slow shake it," the three major signs: exquisite decoration, the trend of music, brand drinks


slow shake the soul: live DJ


slow roll it charges: male 20 yuan tickets (convertible drinks one listen), women free, the hall is not the minimum consumption


slow shake it Why is popular: A, music avant-garde, fashion, exciting, but not too noisy B, low consumption threshold, girls do not spend money can also play C, no dance floor, high safety factor D, The atmosphere is good


Second, the design ideas


According to the local level of consumption, the analysis of its competitors, combined with the investor's capital budget, through field visits and investors to discuss the consensus is:

To build a good place to shake it, making it a popular town of Baiyun District, a popular entertainment location, leading the local entertainment trend, making it one of the more advanced entertainment, limited capital investment, rapid recovery costs:


① carefully decorated, so that it has a theme, taste, fashion.

audio lighting hardware facilities so that customers refreshing, shocking, dazzling fans.

carefully arranged the show, a good attitude, high-level promotion


1, sound design ideas


Sound system design reference standard and reference

JGJ 57-2000 / J67-2001 "Theater Building Design Code" GB / T50314-2000 "Intelligent Building Standard"

GYJ25-86 "Hall sound reinforcement system characteristics indicators"

GB / T 15508-1995 "Acoustic language clarity test method"

GB / T 14476-93 "Fast language transmission index"

JGI / T 7-97 "Acoustic Design and Measurement Specification".

GB / T 14197-93 "Acoustic system equipment interconnection preferred mating value"

GY5055-1995 "sound reinforcement translation system installation engineering construction and acceptance of norms"

GB 50116-98 "fire automatic alarm system design specifications"

GBJ 79-85 "Industrial Enterprise Communication Grounding Design Code" JGJ / T 16-92 "Civil Building Electrical Design Code"

GBJ 232-90,92 "electrical installation installation and acceptance of norms" WH / T18-2003 "performance site sound reinforcement system acoustic characteristics of indicators"


WH / T18-2003 "Acoustic characteristics of sound reinforcement system of performance sites" in the modern music, rock and roll sound reinforcement system Acoustic characteristics of indicators:



Sound reinforcement system indoor level

Sound reinforcement system indoor two

Maximum sound pressure level /db

80HZ-8000HZ range of the average sound pressure level 109db

80HZ-8000HZ range of the average sound pressure level 109db

Midband transmission characteristicsF01~F02

To 80HZ-8000HZ the average sound pressure level of 0db

Allows plus or minus 4db in this band

The average sound pressure level of 100HZ-6300HZ is 0db

Allows plus or minus 4db in this band

Low frequency transmission characteristics


In the 40Hz-80HZ upper limit curve slope: 0db / oct,

Lower limit curve slope: 3db / oct

In the 50Hz-100HZ upper limit curve slope: 0db / oct,

Lower limit curve slope: 3db / oct

High frequency transmission characteristics

F02 ~ FH

In the 8000Hz-12500HZ upper limit curve slope: -3db / oct,

Lower limit curve slope: -6db / oct

In the 6300Hz-1000HZ upper limit curve slope: -3db / oct,

Lower limit curve slope: -6db / oct

Sound gain / db

80HZ-8000HZ average -6db

125HZ-5000HZ average -8db

Sound field unevenness / db





Distortion / (%)



Total voice level

≦ NR25 voice evaluation curve

≦ NR30 voice evaluation curve

System total voice

≦ NR20 voice evaluation curve

≦ NR25 voice evaluation curve


Sound design of the specific circumstances:

According to the structure and function of the site, we propose that the sound reinforcement system be divided into two parts: one is the performance of sound reinforcement, the second is the disco sound reinforcement. Mainly on stage, bar and auditorium. In the left and right position on the stage, hanging the sensitivity, the power of the larger speakers, hanging in the rear of the audience placed in the sound of sound speakers.


In order to enable the two to achieve a unified sound quality and compatibility complementarity, we from the speaker power, transmission distance, diffusion angle, shape and hanging mode and other considerations - in the performance of sound reinforcement, recommended PSH-153 third Frequency speaker as the main sound reinforcement; in the discs high sound reinforcement; recommended PSH-153 three-way speakers and AD-112 two-way speaker at the same time sound reinforcement. Low frequency speakers Recommended: AD718B speakers. - the main sound reinforcement speakers hanging on the stage around the left, fill the sound of speakers hanging behind the audience, bass decentralized display.


2, lighting design ideas:

Light system design reference standard and reference


JGJ57-2000 "Theater Building Design Code" WH0202-1995 "Stage Lighting Code Code and Drafting Rules"


GYJ45-92 "TV studio lighting system design specifications" JGJ / T16-92 "civil building electrical design specifications"

GBJ 16 - 92 (revised in 1995) "Code for Fire Protection in Building Design"


GB / T50314-2000 "intelligent building design standards"

GB / T50311-2000 "building and building complex wiring engineering design specifications"


GB / T50312-2000 "building and building complex wiring system engineering acceptance"

GB50259-96 "electrical installation installation electrical lighting installation and acceptance of norms"

GB50169-92 "electrical installation engineering grounding device construction quality acceptance norms"

GB / T7002-86 "cast light lighting test"

GB7000.14-2000 "Ventilation type lighting safety requirements"


GB7000.15-2000 "stage lighting, television, film and photography places (indoor and outdoor) with lighting safety requirements"


GB / 14076-93 "film and television stage lighting general technical conditions" (reference)

GB / T14218-93 "electronic dimming equipment performance parameters and test methods" (reference)

Sound design of the specific circumstances:


Entertainment lighting equipment for a long time, the use of high. So before the program, we give the light selection of the first standard is: the use of lamps. Are durable, to ensure quality, is one of the few domestic products in the lamp. The second standard is: light console channel, compatibility is good, easy to operate! (We recommend the use of *** photoelectric company's lighting products)


This design of the lighting program to optimize the design based on the laying of basic light, abandoned in the past with conventional lights to shop to shop the traditional practice, the direct use of computer lights to do the effect. Just a computer light console. You can operate all the lights. Not only save manpower. But also improve the grade:

Slow to shake it six meters high, in order to ensure adequate brightness, to ensure that every corner of the entertainment lighting, to ensure the stage of the performing arts lighting - we recommend the use of 1200W computer soft light and 575w computer shaking his head dyeing lights as the main lighting Lamps. It is recommended to use 100mw green light mirror laser light and 600mw full color laser and 1500W strobe light as auxiliary lamps:


① over the audience area, scattered hanging 10 100mw green light mirror laser light. The top of the stage hangs 4 1200W computer dyed lights.

② we recommend the stage over the welding fixed a lighthouse, light shelf on the main hanging 16 575W computer shaking head pattern lights and 16 1200W computer soft light for color, through the console to its programming, control color, brightness, Angle, pattern, with different periods of acting and slow shake needs. Night sky, with a large area of soft light staining. Use a uniform color to dim. So that the customer in the slow shake the process will be good mood to keep the whole night.


rear of the stage, in the 3-meter-high position placed a 600mw full-color laser light, through the two 3000W heavy cigarette machine to create smoke, full-color laser can give customers a stunning, fantastic effect , To mobilize and stimulate customer sentiment.


Third, the equipment selection list


Slow Swing Performance Bar Audio Configuration List







Main sound reinforcement part

Main sound reinforcement speaker



3 frequency speakers: 1 1.75 inch BMS4552 treble +1 only 8 inch midrange +1 only 15 inch bass, sensitivity 102db


Power amplifier



8 Europe 2 × 800W 4 Europe 2 × 1200W


Auxiliary sound reinforcement speaker



1 only 1.7 inch German BMS4544 treble +1 only 12 inch 100 heart bass, rated power 500W, sensitivity 99db


Power amplifier



8 Europe 2 × 800W 4 Europe 2 × 1200W





Unit composition: 2 18-inch bass, rated power 1000W, sensitivity 106DB


Power amplifier



8 Europe 2 × 1600W 4 Europe 2 × 2100W


Back to listen to speakers



1 only 1.7 inch German BMS4544 treble +1 only 12 inch 100 heart bass, rated power 500W, sensitivity 96db


Power amplifier



8 Europe 2 × 800W 4 Europe 2 × 1200W




At the office








24 road 4 group mixer


Audio processor



Binary speaker system, protection and distribution of linear array speakers and subwoofer signal






Double 31-band balance, control back to listen to the speaker and fill sound box signal


wireless microphone




Wireless Microphone WMS 40PRO FLEXX / D880


Wired microphone



Wired microphone











CD player

First peak


Professional CD player


DJ Mixer

First peak


Four mixers



First peak



Amplifier cabinet

Made in China


Double shock


Power sequencer

Made in China

20 amps eight-way power sequencers with light


Wire plug


Installation and commissioning costs



Slow swing show it light configuration list


product name





575W computer shaking head pattern lights





Computer lights imported bubble





575W computer shaking his head dyed light





Computer lights imported bubble





1200W computer soft light for color lights





1500W King Kong strobe light





King Kong Strobe Light Controller




100mw space laser light

LT-6(green )




600mw full color animation laser light





Fixture console










High power smoke device 





Heavy oil





Professional headlamp hook

Stage light hook




Wire connector costs

Installation and commissioning costs


Fourth, the system signal connection diagram:



Five, slow shake the speaker plane diagram



Slow up the light plane




Six, related products and technical parameters of its application:


Miqi 24 Road 4 marshalling console


Key Features:

Onyx 24.4 and 32.4 consoles are upgraded products of Mackie's old analog consoles SR24.4 and 32.4. The 24-and 32-input channels are also retained; significant improvements have been made in the design of speakerphone, circuit structure, Perkins EQ, etc., while the built-in configurable stereo compression / limiter section has been added; child. Greatly enhance the system's applicability and cost-effective.


Main output / selection and compression level meter


Double 12-segment LED level meter, showing the left and right road main output, the bottom of the green and yellow large LED, used to display the current "cut into the listening" state, green said fader before the PFL selected, yellow fader AFL election listen. Another set of dual 12-segment LED meter, shows the built-in signal compression, respectively, shows the input signal level and gain attenuation.


Built-in compression / limiting


Can be assigned high-quality analog stereo compression / limiter, with independent noise gate, compression ratio and fast / slow starting control and level meter, can be assigned to the left / right main output fader (for the system Clipping and protection) or marshalling 1/2 or marshalling 3/4 output faders (for composing the grouping signal, such as percussion or background sound).


6x2 matrix

The sub-grouping signal and the main output signal are mixed to generate two independent mixing signals as a recording, a division output, a fill sound, a headphone monitor (IEM) signal, or as an additional auxiliary output.


control function

4 mute marshalling master switch, routing flexible intercom system, with single-channel single-channel output control function, independent 100mm Panasonic main output fader, to provide convenient system function control.


Group control

Four 100mm Panasonic faders provide smooth, accurate marshalling level control. 1 4-segment input level meter, real-time display signal level size. Around it is with the LED display mute and fader post-level keys, the main mixing key and marshalling control knob to help quickly achieve the required control.

Balanced microphone / line direct output

Each onyx console has a DB-25 port (8-way) on the back panel of the Onyx console, and the standard port is Tascam, which is used to route all microphone / line signals to external devices. All of these balanced output signals are taken from the fader and can also be switched to the EQ or EQ via the internal jumper, which is useful for on-site multi-track recording.


Onyx Microphone Preamplifier


Mackie Onyx Microphone Preamplifier with independent 48V phantom power (with power display), gain control switch, 100Hz high-pass filter and polarity switch for high fidelity and professional performance


Perkins EQ

Innovative design, not only reproduce the "British-style mixer," the classic voice, but also has a more powerful filtering and phase control features. The new EQ design improves the Wein Bridge of the British-style mixers in the 1960s and 1970s, both sweet and efficient.


Road flexible auxiliary output

Each Aux output can be set to fader before or after the fader, the control section has a mute Mute and a fader to listen to the AFL Solo function. In the case of conventional front desk / monitor dual function use, each auxiliary output is muted after EQ.


Mono channel control section

The last two channels are used for stereo signal input, such as effect return, stereo electronic synthesizer or other dual playback devices. With 4-segment fixed EQ, 6 auxiliary output and channel control section


2, DBX-260 digital audio processor








A basic sound system is composed of the microphone connected to the mixer, the mixer's output through a lot of peripheral equipment and then sent to the amplifier, the amplifier output connected to the speaker.


In a sound system, the surrounding equipment collocation and edge is the most complex, and a wide range of equipment, including to make the sound becomes strong compressor, enhanced effect of the exciter, modified sound quality equalizer, filter or strengthen some Signal equalizer, the elimination of the whistle of the feedback suppressor, the protection of the speaker unit limiter, adjust the lag time delay of the speaker, compensation room frequency response defect equalizer ... ... so many equipment, the project Business are confused dizziness, not to mention the general user. Less experience of the user, to see more than the stars in the sky display lights, dotted the control keys, inextricably linked, really unable to start, daunting.

DriveRack260 design engineers understand the needs of users, the design of a new generation of peripheral equipment, all of the above functions in one. From now on, from the mixer to the amplifier only between a device, a controller that includes all the basic peripheral functions. Not only that, 260 design also take care of the convenience of the project, built a majority of speakers and power amplifier technical parameters. Projectors simply follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard, select and enter the device model and work status, the rest of the cumbersome tuning work will be done automatically by DriveRack260.


Connected to the RTA-M standard test microphone and turn on the Auto-EQ automatic equalization function, DriveRack260 can automatically adjust the room balance, compensation part of the sound due to poor sound caused by defects. Fast tracking of the feedback suppressor coupled with accurate output limiting protection is the benefit of users and engineers to ensure that the system is stable.


Related parameters:

Stereo Feedback Suppressor 2 × 12 Fast Tracking Notch Filter

Double 28-band graphic equalizer

Classic dbx compressor

120A subharmonic synthesizer

2 × 3,2 × 4,2 × 5,2 × 6 frequency combination selection

Stereo multi - segment parametric equalizer

Stereo output limiter

Speakers fine-tune the delay

Pink noise generator

Auto-EQ Automatic Room Equalization Compensation

Set the JBL speaker and Crown amplifier Setup Wizard (set navigation elf) function


25 factory preset / 25 user settings program memory

groups of inputs, 6 groups of outputs

RTA-M real-time spectrum analysis recommended microphone input set in the panel, with phantom power


The 24-Bit A / D converter provides a dynamic range greater than 110dB

dbx patented Type IVTMA / D conversion circuit

Illustration LCD display


Technical indicators


Analog input: Enter the number: (1 group) RTA microphone input

(2 groups) line input

Category: Electronic Balance / RF Filter, XLR Mother


Impedance:> 40kΩ


Maximum input level: + 20dBu

Common mode rejection ratio:> 45dB

RTA Microphone Phantom Power: + 15VDC

RTA microphone equivalent input noise: <- 110dBu, 22Hz, -22kHz, 150Ω

Analog output:


Number of outputs: (6 groups) Line output

Category: Electronic Balance / RF Filtering, XLR Corporation

Impedance: 120Ω

Maximum output level: + 20dBu

A / D Features:

Category: dbx Type IV conversion

Dynamic range: 110dB A weight, 107dB no weight

Type IV dynamic range: 123dB, with transient signal, A weight, 22kHz BW

121dB, with transient signal, no weight, 22kHz BW

115dB, with program signal, A weighting, 22kHz BW

Sampling frequency: 48kHz

A / D Features:

Dynamic range: 112dB A weight, 110dB no weight

System Features:

Dynamic range:> 110dB no weight,> 107dB A weighting

THD + noise: 0.002%, + 4dBu, 1kHz, 0dB input gain

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, ± 0.5dB

Channel crosstalk: <- 110dB, generally 120dB

Input to output crosstalk: <- 110dB

Delay: 10ms per output channel (60ms each)


DBX-1231 Equalizer



The dbx12 series meets the needs of most PA projects, with simple and intuitive control. 1231 is: dual channel, 31 segments 1/3 octave of the equalization. While 1215 is: dual channel, 15 segments 2/3 octave. The center frequency of the frequency band is in accordance with the ISO international recognized specifications, + / - 12dB input gain adjustment range, and switchable 40Hz / 18dB octave low-pass filter. Other features include 45mm faders; selectable +/- 15dB lift / decay range for more accurate gain adjustment; XLR, row terminals and 1/4 "TRS balanced interface to suit various mounting Need for balanced input and output for low noise operation, and chassis / signal ground suspension for AC noise. The 12-series intuitive design makes operation easier.


Innovative technology

The dbx12 Series Equalizer has a sophisticated process technology, maintenance-free performance for a variety of long-term applications, magnetic isolation transformers, electronic balanced / unbalanced inputs and servo balanced / unbalanced outputs with input and output RF filters, As well as off-line hard-relay relay bypass and 2-second power-up delay, so that engineers can ensure compatibility with various installations. The product is only selected in the production of the best components, it is 10Hz to 50KHz frequency response, greater than 90dB signal to noise ratio (reference level +40), less than 0.005% total harmonic distortion + noise (1kHz in + 4dBu), and crosstalk between channels from 20Hz to 20kHz greater than -80dB. All of these features are included in a 3u / 2u steel / aluminum chassis. All this unquestionable factor is the reason why the company has been in the field for more than 25 years.




Selectable lift / decay range: +/- 6dB and +/- 15dB

Electronic balance / unbalanced input

Servo balanced / unbalanced output

Input and output are equipped with RF filter

XLR, row terminal and 1/4 "TRS interface


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