Stage design

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Stage design

The stage is the space provided for the performance of the actors, it can make the audience's attention focused on the actor's performance and get the desired viewing effect. The stage is usually composed of one or more platforms, some of which can be lifted. One of the main components of the theater building. Refers to the auditorium in front of the venue. The stage of the ancient amphitheater is mostly stretched out of the auditorium, or below the auditorium (such as the stage of the ancient Greek fan-shaped theater), or above the auditorium (such as the Chinese temple) for viewers from three sides The The stage of the indoor theater is usually on the audience, there are frame stage, out of the stage, the center stage.



Stage design is the "stage" as the subject of the design, more detailed to the stage equipment, lighting, curtains, sound, performance props, suspension and replacement bracket system, costumes, makeup as the subject of the design.


And display design is the same thing is the subject matter are "supporting role", by the "performance activities" to become the protagonist. In addition, the stage design also has the characteristics of the plot with the degree of time. In the stage design of the classification of the essence can be divided into open field, mobile stage, indoor stage three, and on the stage design development, the West and China also have different types appear in the West, the Renaissance Stage design has a greater technological breakthroughs, including: frame-style stage, perspective set, false perspective, fast (rotating) replacement of the side system, etc., not only to drama and opera as the core of the "stage" design, Design the main work content, but also by the Renaissance movement, so that this stage design from Italy quickly spread throughout the Western world. In terms of the contents of the stage design, there are three main audiences, the stage, the background of the three major parts of the audience, including seats, audio environment, perspective field, approach appearance path, physical environment; stage, including lighting, , The performance of props, suspension and replacement bracket system, costumes, makeup, etc.; background, including dress up, martial arts field (band), crossing the channel, the basic props Chen Fang, and ready to play space and so on. So the stage design needs the ability to include: the performance activities (or theater performances) knowledge, stage painting, props production (art technology), stage lighting, props and clothing style evolution of knowledge, music and drama knowledge, sound Control of knowledge and so on.


Stage machinery


One of the most important indicators of stage machinery is safe and reliable, all kinds of stage machinery must ensure that at any time is absolutely safe and reliable.

The reliability of stage machinery design, the current study of very little. Reliability design theory is based on a large number of experimental data, different use of different requirements of the reliability of the reliability of the equipment is based on its importance, job requirements and maintenance difficulties and other factors to consider the comprehensive consideration. The use of stage machinery is not high, the load rate is low, the life design has certain requirements, and the reliability of the design is demanding, because once the problem may cause serious security incidents or greater economic losses. Stage machinery must have a higher reliability, the probability of failure should be between 0.1 to 1.0%. Due to the lack of necessary experimental data and specific in-depth research, the reliability design theory has no specific application in the stage mechanical design. Studies have shown that although only the safety factor can not fully reflect the level of reliability, but in the stage mechanical parts design parameters as a random variable processing, the lack of sufficient data. Therefore, the design parameters as a sure amount, with the strength of the safety factor or the use of stress as the basis for discrimination, by selecting the appropriate safety factor to approximate the reliability of its work requirements, is still the current stage mechanical design of the dominant method. As the calculation results and the actual situation has a certain deviation, it must be calculated to allow the bearing capacity of the necessary components of the safety margin, which is to determine the basic starting point of safety factor. In general, the stage machinery should also propose design life indicators. Life expectancy as a unit of life is not applicable to the stage machinery, and the life of the work hours is more realistic, 8000 ~ 10000 hours of working life should be the basis of stage mechanical design data.


The safety indicators of stage machinery mainly include three aspects: equipment safety, personal safety and electrical safety. Moreover, these three factors are interrelated, interact and sometimes inseparable.


Stage type


Frame stage


The framed stage means that the viewer is on the side of the stage and the rest of the stage is obscured by the object for the preparation of the actor and the technician. The earliest permanent frame-type stage was built in Italy in the Palmerian family in 1618.


Stretched out the stage


The difference between the stretch stage and the frame stage is that a part of the stage protrudes forward to the audience, and the three sides of the part are exposed to the audience.


Round ring stage


The circular stage refers to the audience around the stage. Usually the circular stage is located in the center of the theater. The audience can enjoy the show at close range. Also known as the central stage.


Equipment safety


Equipment safety refers to: the stage of mechanical equipment in the specified working conditions for long-term use is not the ability to produce accidents; in the event of a temporary failure in the technical parameters after the reduction of the ability to continue to work; stage machinery and equipment on the abnormal working conditions Perception, display and alarm. This capability or performance is usually done by the mechanical design itself and the electrical control; consider the ability to eliminate the temporary failure of the stage machine as soon as possible in the performance, so that the failure of the stage machinery can not affect the performance of the normal.


There are many factors involved in the safety of equipment, mainly in the following areas:


Safety factor


All mechanical parts of the selection and design must ensure that the rated load and inertial load under the combined effect of reliable work and a certain security reserves, that is, there is sufficient safety factor. The safety factor is defined as the ratio of the ultimate stress of all materials to the maximum working stress of the part. The maximum working stress of the part should be

Consider the stress generated by the maximum static load and dynamic load (emergency start braking, collision and other inertial loads). For example, the safety factor for hoisting heavy or traction should be greater than or equal to 10; the safety factor of the lifting chain should be greater than or equal to 12; the safety factor of the drive chain should be greater than or equal to 10; all components of the drive system Shall be able to withstand twice the rated load; the initial calculation, the transmission parts and the force of the safety factor should be greater than or equal to 6, the exact calculation of its safety factor should be consistent with the relevant standards or norms of such parts.


Stiffness is suitable


The main force components of the stage machinery should have the appropriate rigidity to meet the needs of the stage performance. Normally, the deflection of the stressed member is less than 1/1000 to 1/800 of the span of the member, and sometimes the absolute value of the deflection is specified, and these components must meet both requirements at the same time. Transmission of the torsional stiffness, the stability of the pressure bar should be consistent with the provisions of the relevant standards. For the lift, in order to obtain sufficient lateral stiffness, the calculated horizontal load is not less than 1/20 of the vertical motion load.


structure size


In order to avoid or reduce the mechanical structure of some parts due to unreasonable size and excessive stress or premature fatigue damage, the design should be given enough attention to its structural size. The diameter of the pulley should be greater than 20 times the diameter of the wire rope, and the diameter of the drive wheel of the friction drive (traction drive) should be greater than the diameter of the wire rope. Diameter of 40 times, etc., all the wire rope accessories and steel wire rope to match the diameter of the wire rope joints can only use those who pass the load is greater than 80% of the wire rope breakage of the joint form, such as: joints, alloy casting casing joints, wedges Type connector, aluminum alloy extrusion casing joints and in line with the provisions and the proper use of the rope rope and so on. The height of the reel shall be greater than 2 times the diameter of the wire rope, and the single roll of the reel shall be left with at least two frictional fixed rings.


Design Points

Professional stage lighting design elements

Stage composition

Architecture, sculpture, painting is the time, space in the plane or three-dimensional to maintain a relatively eternal art. Performing arts as a combination of time and space art requires a space to maintain the relationship - the theater or the venue. Stage artists in the transcendence of space and time together constitute a sound, light, color, shape and other multi-dimensional factors of visual and auditory creative space, and with the time, as well as the plot, the scene and the continuation of the development. Whether it is a dramatic turn of the drama or the performance of the opera song and dance, at the same time, the performance of the light in the audience's vision or in an unknowingly way of light and shade effect changes, changes in the shape of the body or the lighting equipment itself has the function of the Visual effect. To show the image, rendering the color, changing the rhythm and other ways to participate in the performance and the formation of a visual vocabulary of the special stage performance space atmosphere, thus affecting the audience's emotional changes, constitute the scene, the actors, the audience interact with the stage performance consistent with the specific space The


Lift the stage

Design and Application of Hydraulic Rotary Lifting Stage

With the growing rich cultural life, people on the performance of the stage requirements of the increasingly high. In the relatively high-level cultural and entertainment venues, in order to create a lively three-dimensional performance effect, the traditional still stage gradually abandoned, and replaced by the rotation of the stage. I assume a five-star hotel indoor rotation of the stage design work, in the development of design options, taking into account the effective use of the limited space on the scene, as much as possible to reduce the area occupied by the transmission, reliable stage to ensure smooth lifting and rotation , The use of hydraulic transmission. (1) the working principle of the rotation of the stage The stage diameter of 6m, the use of steel welded parts as a base frame, and then to fire materials to be decorated. Stage body weight of about 3500 kg, the design maximum payload 2500 kg, the stage maximum lifting height of 1m, requires a separate control of the stage movements and rotation.


The stage consists of the table 4, the shaft 3, the ring gear 2, the roller assembly 1, the hydraulic motor 5, the key 6, the base plate 7, the base 8 and the drive hydraulic cylinders which are distributed below the base. When the four telescopic hydraulic cylinders are simultaneously raised, push the base and stage up vertically along the guide rail. The rotational movement of the stage is achieved by driving the ring gear 2 independently of the hydraulic motor. In order to effectively reduce the friction torque, in the base and the table between the layout of the roller components to ensure that the hydraulic motor can be more light to drive the stage rotation.


(2) hydraulic system design

1 hydraulic system composition and working principle

The composition of the hydraulic system is shown in Fig. The working process is as follows:


Stage lift: After the pump motor starts, the dual oil pump 1 starts to work, but the large flow pump and the small flow pump are in the unloading state. When the stage rises, the electromagnet YA6 is energized, the lifting circuit is pressurized, and the hydraulic oil output by the large flow pump enters the four hydraulic cylinders without rods through the four pilot valves 12 to 8 through the pilot valves 4 to 8 , Resulting in thrust, to overcome the stage weight and guide rail friction to promote the stage to rise. Due to the large size of the hydraulic cylinder, the stage rising speed is slower (design speed of 0.02m / s), in order to reduce the number of hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the system, do not set the speed control components to be taken by the pump and hydraulic cylinder size Directly to ensure that the design; when the stage to stop rising or reach the maximum stroke, the electromagnet YA6 loss of power, the valve 25 in the left, the main circuit pressure relief. As the hydraulic control valve 12 to 15 locked, the stage to stop in the locked position; stage down, the electromagnets YA5, YA6 power, the system control loop boost, high pressure oil into the pilot check valve 12 ~ 15 pilot Control valve, the hydraulic check valve to open, while YA1 ~ YA4 get electricity, the valve 4 ~ 7 access to the tank, the stage depends on the weight drop. The descending speed can be set by the speed control valves 12 to 15. Synchronous control: the system of four synchronous branch of the same type of components used by the same, the same input flow of each branch, you can better ensure that the four telescopic cylinder synchronous rise, simultaneous decline.


Balance control: To make the four hydraulic cylinders produce the same thrust, the system uses four check valves 16 to 19 to isolate the four branches and then use a relief valve 20 for pressure control to ensure that the branch set pressure the same.


Stage rotation


Taking into account the construction site is limited, in order to save space and improve efficiency, the design used in the double-type pump. Large flow pump is used to drive the stage up and down, the small flow pump is used to drive the hydraulic motor to drive the stage rotation. The two movements can be independently controlled, non-interference. When the pump is started, the valve is depressed by the directional control valve 27; when the front stage of the stage needs to be controlled, the electromagnets YA9 and YA7 are energized and the selector valve 24 is in the left position. The high pressure oil passes through the valve 24 into the hydraulic motor to drive its rotation, passing the motor output shaft gear and the ring gear to transmit the stage to drive the torque. If YA9, YA7 power, the motor drive stage reversal. The check valves 22, 23 and the relief valve 26 form a hydraulic motor overload protection circuit. 2.2 Design of electrical control circuit

Analysis of the stage work process, in order to achieve the operation of the hydraulic system control, the action of the electrical components of the cycle. Design of electrical control circuit diagram according to the electrical component action cycle table. Press the rising button SB3, the middle relay K1 is energized and self-locking, the electromagnet YA6 is energized, the selector valve 25 is left and the stage is raised. The stage rises to the end of the stroke to press the stroke switch ST, the intermediate relay K1 is de-energized, the direction of the valve 25 is the normal position, and the hydraulic system is boosted. At this point the hydraulic check valve 12 to 15 cut off, hydraulic cylinders G1 ~ G4 no rod cavity in the hydraulic oil can not be discharged back to the tank, in the holding state, to maintain the stage where the static. Press the drop button SB4, the intermediate relay K2 is energized and self-locking, and K1 is energized, the electromagnets YA5, YA6, YA1 ~ YA4 are energized, the high pressure oil enters the hydraulic check valve 12 Pilot valve, hydraulic check valve open, the hydraulic cylinder in the control valve 8 ~ 11 under the control of the slow decline. Stage movements and rotation can be flexible maneuver control, running at any time to stay. Press the button SB7, hydraulic cylinder control circuit power failure, the stage stay in place; press the button SB8, hydraulic motor control circuit failure, the stage stops rotating. Control line set in the contact contact KM1 to ensure that the pump after the start of the control of the hydraulic valve, to achieve the motor start and hydraulic control interlocking purposes.


(3) hydraulic system maintenance and troubleshooting

The stage mechanical transmission device is relatively simple, as long as the regular lubrication of the gear pair and guide rail to prevent foreign material into, can guarantee high reliability. The hydraulic system is relatively complex, affecting the normal operation of many factors, so the active maintenance and preventive maintenance of the hydraulic system, you can make the hydraulic rotation of the stage to maintain a good technical state. Rotary lift stage hydraulic control components and electrical components work environment is relatively poor, active maintenance and preventive maintenance of the focus of the reliability of these components. Should always check the working principle of the solenoid valve and the spool sliding is flexible, timely elimination of the phenomenon of block. Regularly clean up the surrounding environment such as iron and other debris, to prevent the control spool was stuck. To check the electrical components such as short circuit and other hidden dangers, cleaning dust, remove the oil, to protect the electrical components of normal work. Oil filter cartridge after work 250h, should be checked, for cleaning or replacement. The hydraulic tank should remove moisture and impurities from the bottom of the tank every 3 months and replace all hydraulic oil every other year (or at least 2000h).


Hydraulic rotation of the stage after nearly two years of operation, stable performance. During the period there was a small fault, the failure of the performance of the pump after the start to hear abnormal sound, the stage lift is not flexible. Operation after the rise of the button, sometimes the stage does not respond, sometimes after a long time can rise, but the speed is very slow. Fall when the same failure, and accompanied by stage jitter phenomenon. We analyze, cause abnormal phenomenon of this phenomenon may be due to oil pump vacuum or piston pump damage caused by internal parts. But the piston pump working time is not long, the problem is most likely to occur in the oil pump lack of oil. And the oil pump may be insufficient to suck the oil filter plug or suction pipe leak caused by insufficient oil supply. Consider the hydraulic system installation space is small, open the tank to check more difficult, we will hydraulic valve 27 into the oil hose, start the motor and found that intermittent oil discharge, and then stop the oil. Fuel tank instructions normal, open the tank after careful observation of the suction pipe without abnormal phenomenon. Decisive replacement filter, try to run the normal discharge, the operation stage up the button, the stage can rise normally, but the stage still can not normally complete the action down. The reason for this failure is most likely to occur in the directional control valves 4 to 7 and the speed regulating valves 8 to 11. When the stage is lowered, the push rod of the directional control valve 4 to 7 is pushed and the stage can be lowered normally when it is found that the push rod of the directional control valve 6 is pushed. Check the solenoid valve of the selector valve 6 and find that the wiring head is loose and the contact is bad. Fastening the terminal screws, troubleshooting. Night pressure lifting the stage is an active cultural and entertainment life, improve and enrich the performance of the important facilities, the author in the establishment of the overall program and the hydraulic system, electrical control system design, careful demonstration, scientific design. The design of the overall structure is simple, high stability of the hydraulic system to ensure the stability of the stage operation, safety and reliability requirements. At the same time, it introduces the diagnosis and maintenance process of a typical fault of the hydraulic system, and puts forward the measures of effective maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic system, which provides guidance for the users to use the rotary lifting stage.


To determine the merits of the sound system, you should first observe the location of the acoustic environment in which it is conducive to play the performance of the position, the speaker pulled a certain distance, the listener and two speakers were equilateral triangle. The left and right channel balance button in the middle position, turn off the general equipment has a frequency equalization device. From small to large turn on the volume knob, until the maximum to open, listen to the noise in the static how. And then put yourself in a variety of equipment on the familiar CD CD, slowly turn on the volume, listen to a sound is fixed; by moving around to determine the corresponding characteristics of the system to increase the volume to the ears just did not feel uncomfortable so far, Choose the software drums and cello and other sensory expression of the bass to see whether it is strong and powerful, not muddy, not light, put away and live; use of human voice to determine the performance of the midrange, the level should be clear, neither depressed Do not render, round and rich; the use of overtone rich violin and metal percussion instrument sound to determine the equipment of the treble to fine smooth, bright and transparent, positioning accuracy is better; with combat music (such as broken glass, etc.) State, dynamic, damping characteristics; with the symphony to determine the sound field, momentum and the overall frequency balance and depth and sense of the scene; with a large volume of listening to the base power margin and dynamic range; with a very small volume to determine the performance of low output ability.


Stage big screen


The curtain is the curtain between the auditorium and the stage. It is the main hall of the stage and the main curtain of the stage. It is mainly used for opening and closing at the beginning and the end of the conference or the performance.


Located in the frame stage on the inside of the stage, between the frame stage and the fake port. The curtain has a variety of closed forms, such as: open, lift, cascade type, one-sided open and close and pull-type and so on.


Audio equipment


Audio equipment sound quality: in the sound quality evaluation, balance and nature is that we should pursue the goal, some people sound quality is mistaken for bass and treble rendering. No wonder some operators in the display of their goods often bass and treble button spin to the extreme, so that people know how to understand a fresh, lost balance and nature, but also cover up some shortcomings. In fact, in the enthusiasts in the spread of such a view; bass easy to find, treble hard to find, midrange is rare.


A power amplifier is a device that converts an audio voltage signal into an audio signal and drives the speaker to sound. Power amplifiers play a very important role in sound reinforcement, if there is no power amplifier, the speaker can not sound, there is no sound at all.


Digital light

Centralized Control and Application of Digital Lighting


With the digital technology in the rapid development of all walks of life, professional stage lighting field has gradually entered a comprehensive digital era.


At present, large-scale outdoor outdoor activities: such as square party, large and medium-sized personal concerts and indoor large and medium-sized stage play (including studio) used professional lighting equipment, such as digital dimmers, computer lights control, digital silicon box , Computer effects lights, computer color lights, follow the light computer color changer, laser lights, etc., the vast majority have adopted a digital control. And how to connect these devices between how to achieve accurate control, to achieve the overall scheduling of the stage lighting is to make the majority of the light control are headaches. Modern stage lighting designers have put forward a new management philosophy for stage lighting - unified management, centralized control. Is to put more than one function of different digital lighting equipment connected by a digital dimmer control. For example, we have digital dimmable silicon box, digital color changer, computer effect lights, computer color change lights, digital smoke machine, digital bubble machine and so on all connected in a computer console, by a lighting division to control. Practice proved to be feasible. Here are concerned about the industry are well known DMX512 signal transmission system.

DMX is an abbreviation for DigitalMultipiex. (USITT), has been recognized and respected by the world's production stage equipment manufacturers as a widely used digital light data protocol; that is, in this link Of each controlled unit must meet the requirements of this agreement in order to achieve centralized control.


DMX is RS422 / RS485 serial transmission based on the data transfer rate of 250Kbit / s maximum loop control for the 512 (of course there are 1024 \ 2048 loop, but it is based on the complex from the 512). Due to the high transmission rate of DMX signal and the special needs of the application environment, DMX signal line, signal transfer interface and the signal transmission between the various units have strict requirements to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission.


DMX allows an effective transmission distance of 250m. The condition is to use high-quality signal lines, and in the construction should be placed in a separate shield tank; if the mobile performance or external interference serious place, to reduce the length of the signal line to shorten the transmission distance. If the engineering requirements of the signal line transmission distance greater than 250m, should be installed in line with the 512 protocol signal amplifier. Usually a DMX512 interface can drive up to 32 digital devices; if the receiver uses DMX487 integrated block to receive the signal, then a DMX output interface can drive 128 digital devices.


If a DMX512 system equipment more than 32, it is necessary to install the signal distributor, its role is the signal isolation, signal distribution, signal amplification. A signal splitter with 2 to 6 output ports (4 to 8 output ports), a signal input port, a loop interface, it can meet the small and medium stage or studio lighting system signal distribution; If you are in a larger square (such as a stadium), you will need to install multiple signal dispensers to meet your system needs.


In the practice of the stage, like this in the multi-unit centralized control of the link in the DMX512 protocol installed in line with the signal distributor, in addition to the signal amplification, to extend the role of impeach control in the distance, there is a benefit is: If a lighting device fails (such as leakage, short circuit, etc.), the distributor has a photoelectric isolation device, can effectively protect the lighting equipment in the link. In a DMX link with multiple device units, the signal interface of the last lighting device should be fitted with a "terminal plug" as an impedance match to eliminate clutter reflection in the signal transmission and to purify the signal components. At this time to ensure that the DMX512 system signal transmission is an important part of the normal. "Terminal plug" of the specific connection is as follows: in a five-core XLR plug between the 2 to 3 feet welding a 90 ~ 120Ω1 / 4W small metal film resistors, the impedance of the size should refer to the instructions of the dimmer. After doing it, plug it into the signal output of the last device. There are also some digital lighting equipment itself has a terminal switch, this device if the end of the entire link, the switch should be set to the allowed position, or should be moved to an invalid location. The DMX protocol requires a five-pin plug-in in the link. In the construction only three core, namely: 1,2,3 core, 4,5 core empty. At present, most of the imported lighting systems are equipped with five-core interface.


In summary, do a good job of large-scale lighting system centralized control, the need for construction personnel clear concept, standard installation to ensure reliable operation of the system. So as to ensure that large-scale variety show, major meetings and other live lighting effect of the smooth play.


Set boom

The ceiling is an indispensable device for modern theaters. It is mainly used for hanging seat sets, props, lights, curtains and performance acrobatics.


Light boom

The lamp boom is also an indispensable device for modern theaters, and its main role is to hang lighting fixtures, as well as special cases for other purposes.




The counterfeit port can also be called "mobile station mouth", behind the stage stage of the frame stage, the horizontal movement of the vertical cabinet on both sides and the up and down movement of the horizontal frame can change the size of the frame and make the screen wide and high The ratio has changed.


Lifting music pool


The music is the place where the band is playing, the ladder is a modern stage commonly used mechanical equipment, set in front of the stage, can have different height changes, the formation of various forms of use, the use of music pool movements, you can expand the audience hall, expand the stage, The There are many kinds of lifting and lowering of the elevator, the mechanical scissors brace way smooth, low noise. And through the trimming structure to achieve the trip to enlarge, so that the foundation pit is shallow, can save investment.


Stage design


Asia's largest water stage theater ----- personalized theater-style stage machinery


Background introduction

The First World Grand Theater is the main venue of the First World Leisure Expo, which is mainly responsible for the World Leisure Congress, song and dance performances and tourism real performances. This is China's largest indoor water stage,


Audience seats more than 3,000 seats, water stage area of 4900 square meters

The challenges it faces

1, how to use the water stage? How does the ship and submarine go?

2, large waterfalls, water curtain how to make?

3, how to fire, water explosion and other effects left space?

4, the water stage and dry Taiwan how clever use?



Jiahe full use of the water stage space, the maximum play water on the magic of the performance of the arts, in the water stage produced a lot of stage machinery, to solve the different changes in space.

And "light speed" synchronized turntable ------ classic repertoire stage machinery



The turntable is tailor-made for the original musical "The Song of the Film". The play is to commemorate the Chinese film one hundred years of activities and creation, choreography design Mr. Ye Jin Tian. Double ring turntable diameter of 9 meters and 14 meters, requiring the future of the global tour.



1, the activities of removable, requiring installation time of 24 hours or less.

2, with all the motor, steel frame equipment thickness of 300mm.

3, the fastest rotation speed of 2.2 m / s.

4, movement positioning, synchronization accuracy 10mm.

5, fully automated control.

Jiahe technology Jiahe solution:

1, the feasibility of the technology to determine the maturity of the entire system. The use of the company mature advanced two-way extrusion self-sliding friction drive form to determine the power system.


2, to determine the form of steel structure disassembly and mechanical transmission.

This is the most intense debate and the most complex aspects of the engineers, when the engineers argue from time to time, Jiahe the most practical, the traditional practice is the sample, this is the two stage by real 1: 1 production at the same time. For the design to judge, thinking.

This is a steel roller and positioning guide

It is because of the ever-increasing design and the most appropriate and dexterous technology that makes the turntable now better.

Now set up turntable just a short eight hours. The fastest speed can reach 2.8m / s, slow rotation when the noise 42db, high-speed noise 55db.


3, automatic control technology

This is the core of the entire turntable technology. Is also the real meaning of the stage automation control:

(1) the console can be placed anywhere in the theater, take the stage next to the director can quickly meet the latest requirements of the show. Because the console and the scene only a thin line connection.

(2) all built-in scene, in order to choose the scene to run.

(3) (3) the state of motion can be real-time monitoring, turntable position detection. To prevent cumulative error.

(4) (4) can be arbitrarily set the movement angle, the required time. In this time to arrive accurately.

(5) (5) new, adapted, add any scene just a short ten seconds to complete.

(6) (6) In the performance, the props will be delayed due to the movement of the start time, automatic operation after the operator can manually accelerate the use of accelerated to ensure the final arrival time accurate.

(7) fast and easy to respond, to ensure that no rehearsal when the rehearsal.

Stage lighting

Stage remote spotlight

The lamp adopts the aspheric flat convex optical lens, the light transmittance reaches 92%, the uniformity of the spot is high, and the illumination distribution curve of the lamp projection is smooth and is the continuous sine wave change. To solve the common spherical bulb light when the center of the problem of dark spots, so that the stage effect is more perfect. Similar spotlight projection distance of 30m, the spot diameter of 2.5m when the illumination 500Lux or so, and the center will have dark spots, while the spherical lamps in the same conditions can reach 900Lux, and spot uniformity. Can better solve the problem of long-range light cast.


Stage art society

At the beginning of January 1981, the China Stage Art Institute was established in Beijing and was known as the "International Center Art Organization (OISTAT) China Center", which was approved by the Central Ministry of Civil Affairs (No. 4258), under the national academic department organization. Over the past 25 years, it has become an academic center for united national stage art workers and an international academic community.


Learn the existing Chinese members more than 3,500 people (the number of re-registered), and overseas honorary members and group members of the 20 units.


Learn to organize various academic events, professional training courses, and organize various exhibitions every year. Mainly in 1982 held in Beijing in the first national dance show; in 2000 to participate in Taiwan, "2000 Chinese theater theater visual arts exhibition and academic seminar" in December 2003 held in Nanjing, "China's second stage art exhibition" ; In September 2004, held in Hangzhou, "2004 Chinese area stage art seminar and excellent stage art exhibition".

Learn to award the annual "China Stage Art Academy Award", in recognition of the introduction of outstanding works and excellent stage art creators.


Learn to edit and publish the journal "stage artist", two years each year, has become a theoretical study of the academic field and the exchange of contact window. The school has published a large stage art album "Chinese stage art 1949-1982", "Chinese stage art 1983--1999", "China second stage art exhibition", and the stage art professional album, books more than ten Species. In 1984, with the approval of Deputy Prime Minister YAO Yilin, joined the International Stage Art Organization (OISTAT) and conducted extensive exchanges, held in Beijing in 1994 held by the 14 countries and regions to participate in the international choreography and works invited exhibition. Has five times to participate in the biennial Prague International Dance Exhibition (PQ) and so on.


Learn the first president of Sun Haoran, two, three president Xue Dianjie, four or five president Liu Yuan Sheng, the incumbent (sixth) president Cai Touliang. There are seven professional committees in the office, creative research department, academic publishing department, organization contact department, foreign exchange department, and opera art, lighting, sound, scenery technology, clothing makeup, TV art and theater technology. Learn the first president of Sun Haoran, two, three president Xue Dianjie, four or five president Liu Yuan Sheng, the incumbent (sixth) president Cai Touliang. There are seven professional committees in the office, creative research department, academic publishing department, organization contact department, foreign exchange department, and opera art, lighting, sound, scenery technology, clothing makeup, TV art and theater technology.



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