Stage light basic knowledge of the whole Raiders

- Sep 20, 2017 -

First, the stage light commonly used light bit.

To do a good job of professional stage lights configuration, we must first understand the stage light commonly used light. This is an important part of the proper selection of configuration.


1, surface light: from the top of the audience to the front of the stage to the light, the main role for the character front lighting and the whole basic light


2. Slap: located on both sides of the mouth, oblique cast on the stage of light, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary surface light, strengthen the facial lighting, increase the characters, the three-dimensional scene.


3. Column light (also known as side light): from both sides of the mouth of the projection of light, mainly for people or scenery on both sides of the lighting, increase the sense of three-dimensional, silhouette.


4. The top light: from the stage above the stage to the light, from front to back into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light ... ..., mainly for the stage of general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and there are many Scene, props of fixed-point irradiation, mainly by the top light to solve.


5. Backlight: from the stage reverse projection of light (such as the top light, bridge light and other reverse exposure), can be sketched out the characters, King said the outline, enhance the sense of three-dimensional and transparent, but also as a specific light source.


6. Bridge light: the stage on both sides of the bridge to the stage of the light, mainly for auxiliary column light, enhance the three-dimensional sense, but also for other light inconvenience projection position, but also as a specific light source


7. Footlight: the light projected from the table on the stage to the stage, mainly to assist the light and eliminate the shadows formed by the face and the jaw of the high light.


8. Heaven and earth light: from the top of the sky and below the sky to the light, mainly for the curtain lighting and color changes.


9. 9, the flow of light: located on both sides of the stage on the flow lighthouse, the main auxiliary bridge light, add the stage on both sides of the light or other specific light.


10. Follow  light: from the audience or other locations need to use the light bit, mainly used to track the actors to perform or highlight a particular light, but also for the host, is a close-up of the stage art, play a finishing touch effect


Second, commonly used lamps and features.


1.Spotlight: the stage lighting is the most widely used one of the main light, the current market 1KW, 2KW, to the most widely used 2KW It illuminates the light concentration, the edge of the contour is more clear, can highlight a local, can also enlarge the spot lighting a region, as the main stage of the light source, commonly used in light, slap in the face, side light and other light.


2.Soft light: soft and symmetrical, both to highlight a certain part, and no blunt spot, easy to connect a few lights, the common are 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW and so on. Used for column light, flow light and other close light.


3.Backlight: it is a reflection of the lamp, which is characterized by light hard, high illumination and long range, is a both economic and efficient light, common mainly 0.5KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc. , To use the most 2KW.


4.Astigmatism: light diffuse, are said, the projection area is large, divided into astigmatism and astigmatism, common 0.5KW, 1KW, 1.25KW, 2KW, etc., for the curtain, can also be used for the theater rostrum Universal lighting.


5.Modeling light: the principle between the chasing light and spotlight, is a special lighting, mainly for the characters and scenery modeling projection.


6.Foot light (also known as light): light soft, wide area. Mainly as to the King, Net King cloth light, cloth color, but also in the mouth position assisted surface lighting.


7.Beam lamp (also known as downlight): the current use of a more extensive, such as PAR46, PAR64 and other models. Can be used for people and the scene of the various aspects of lighting, can also be installed directly on the stage, exposed to the audience, the formation of light array, for stage decoration and lighting dual role.


8.Cast lights and sky effect lights: the stage can be formed on the whole screen, and a variety of special effects, such as: wind, rain, mine, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds, etc.


9.Computer light: This is a DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal control of intelligent lighting, its light color, spot, illumination are better than the above conventional lamps is developed in recent years, a smart lighting, often installed in the light, the top light , The stage after the stage and other positions, the operation of the color, shape, plans, etc. can be programmed to run the program. Due to the different power size, the use of the stage to be different. General low-power computer lights, only suitable for ballroom use. On the stage of low-power computer lights light, spot is often the stage spotlight, back to light and so on, so in the selection to pay special attention


10.Follow the light: the stage lighting fixtures, characterized by high brightness, the use of lens imaging, can show a clear spot, by adjusting the focal length, but also change the spot virtual reality. There are activities Guanglan, you can easily change the color, the lamp body can run freely and so on. At present, there are many varieties of market, labeling methods are not the same as the power of the standard such as: 1KW halogen tungsten light source, 1KW dysprosium light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source, but also to the distance as the standard chasing light Light (light intensity at a certain distance, illumination), such as 8-10m chasing light, 15-30m chasing light, 30-50m chasing light, 50-80m chasing light, etc., and in function is divided into: Mechanical tracking light, the focus, light bar, color are finished manually; the other for the computer chasing light, the focus, light bar, color, adjust the color temperature are automatically pushed through the push and electrical appliances, so in Selection must be carefully selected for a variety of indicators.


Third, the stage lighting color changer


The design of the color changing device greatly simplifies the number of stage lamps, reduces the labor intensity of the lighting workers, and saves the amount of investment. Therefore, it is an indispensable instrument for the current stage configuration. At present, Color changer and electric and color changer two.


Stage mechanical color changer: its design is simple, the price is low, for the 20th century, 80 ~ 90 mid-mainstream products, the current close to the elimination.

2, the stage computer color changer: in recent years developed a new color changer, which uses the international standard DMX-512 signal output, can be controlled by the special control Lu, can also be connected to the computer dimming console use, it has more Mode, high precision, large capacity, distance control and other characteristics, as the current market color changer of the mainstream products.


Fourth, lighting control equipment

Current market dimmers, mainly analog dimmers and digital dimmers, are characterized by.

Analog dimmer: the use of analog dimming technology, the output signal is 0-10V one to one output. General analog dimmer design is simple, less controller channel, dimming curve is poor, but the market price is low, easy to learn to master, for the 20th century, the late 70s to the mid-90s mainstream products. There are 3 Road, 6 Road, 9 Road, 12 Road, 18 Road, 24 Road, 60 Road, 120 Road, etc., each power more than 8KW, but there are 2KW, 4KW, the number of roads as one machine, The number of split machine.


Digital dimmer: use the tone machine technology for the DM512 digital signal. Digital dimming console easy to use (especially the big loop), its dimming function, backup function, marshalling function, dimming curve are better than analog dimming console, the performance price is reasonable, very popular with users. Commonly there are 12 Road, 36 Road, 72 Road, 120 Road, 240 Road, 1000 Road, etc., each way more than 2KW, 4KW, 6KW, 8KW and so on. In the understanding of the lamp, lamp features and control equipment and color changer, you can according to their own characteristics, the use of the size of the size, with lights simple, according to local conditions to design the correct use of the program


Theater stage lighting configuration

Theater stage, there are a variety of stage, there are ordinary frame stage, there are stretched out the stage, there are island stage, there are also called the black box of the stage, because the stage in different forms, so the configuration requirements of the lamps are not the same. For the sake of convenience, I only talk about the general frame of the ordinary stage, this stage, whether in the past or now rebuilt and the new theater are more, so talk about this stage of the lamp configuration is even more necessary and necessary.


Stage (refers to the frame stage, later are the same) due to the performance of the different lighting requirements will be different. So we must be clear before using the lights in this stage to play what repertoire, so the configuration of the lamps will have a more clear goals and intentions. If the stage is located in the performance of the traditional opera, ballet-based, then the configuration of the lamp must be in accordance with the requirements of opera, ballet to configure. Such as large-scale song and dance, miscellaneous and other special programs based on the light in addition to the basic requirements of the configuration, according to the specific program requirements, to add special lights and lighting configuration, so it is more difficult to narrative clearly. So I am here only to talk about the stage of the basic lighting of the stage configuration, according to this configuration, can meet the general, such as opera, ballet, ballet, drama, opera and other local drama requirements.


Before configuring the fixture, you should first understand the type of fixtures and their main functions and uses. I am here to briefly introduce the performance of some lamps for the configuration of the lamp configuration.


1. Spotlight - in the stage with the spotlight is used in front of the light bulb condenser lamp, this lamp can adjust the spot size, out of the beam is more concentrated, next to the diffuse light is relatively small, power 0.5W to 5KW Variety, the focal length of a long, medium and short points, depending on the distance from the need to be selected.


2. Rib lights - or soft light, but in the television industry, said the lights for the spotlight. In order to distinguish the above-mentioned flat convex spotlight scattered and softer, so use up the diffuse area is large, sometimes in order to control the diffuse light in front of the mirror to add the title page over the block, which is characterized by large area of light, not like poly Music lights have a clear feeling of light, closer, power 1KW, 2KW and so on.


3.Back light - this lamp in front of no lens, the light completely by the rear of the larger mirror injection, with the same 2KW bulb, the brightness than the light to light, so the stage to show a strong light source and brightness when used. Its effect is better than other lamps, characterized by a strong beam, but the dimming should pay attention to its focus, it is not appropriate to focus on the color paper or curtains, so easy to cause burning, while in the dimming center often appear black heart , In order to avoid the black heart, in front of the center of the lamp plus a ring baffle, the shot of the spot is not easy to Shoulong. Now a new coating in the reflective bowl on the line back to the line to reduce the light in front of the temperature, the use of good results, the name of the cold light super spotlight, the actual structure of the lamp and the same light




3. Imaging lights - or forming lights, ellipsoid spotlights. The beam angle can be selected according to the needs of a variety of applications, the main feature is like a slide can be cut into the square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or cast a variety of patterns required for the pattern, power 1KW, 2KW Optional configuration


4. Simple light - also known as PAR lamp, or beam lamp, its structure is installed in the cylinder with a mirror bulb is also useful reflective bowl with bromine tungsten, the main feature is the injection of a more fixed beam, beam angle wide and wide, Size can not be adjusted.

5. Day light - high-power astigmatism, used to illuminate the curtain from the top down, requiring bright and balanced, large area of exposure


6. Ground light - high power of the astigmatism, used to put on the stage, the lower part of the curtain light up, with the day row of light exposure light, up and down evenly.


7. Scattered light bar - long strip, divided into multiple cells, generally can be divided into three or four colors, each with incandescent bulb power in 200W or so, requiring a variety of colors from the phase of uniform, a large area of the curtain or screen use , Can also be used as a large area of the balance of the use of light, a variety of colors can also be used at the same time, call out a different color beam.


8. General astigmatism lamps - such as iodine tungsten lamps and ordinary floodlights, are mainly uniformly illuminated a region, or some scenery


The lamps and lanterns described above are the basic lamps used for the general stage, but other types of lamps should be arranged in the form of the repertoire. In addition to the basic lighting, the use of downlights, computer lights, hose lights, to board lights, a variety of effects lamps, and even configure the smoke, dry ice machine, strobe lights, laser and projection slides, and supporting the use of For the post-cast light, the reduction of light spots, special seamless plastic screen, etc., in this one is not an example. stage lighting configuration

Stage lighting configuration, to mouth for the boundary outside the mouth and the mouth of the two parts

1. the mouth outside the general sub-surface light, slap in the face, package box (floor), long distance chasing room. 1. According to the size of the theater stage, there is a surface of light, two surface light, and even three noodles. The configuration of the spot light should be based on the distance between the different, configure the different set of spotlight, imaging lights, the power should be more than 2KW. The first surface of the light from the mouth closer, you can also add some 2KW rib lights, back to light. A surface light and two road light on the left, middle and right position should be equipped with focal length suitable for the pursuit of light for the light, you can follow the light to control their own individual brightness and color change.


2. Slap in the mouth on both sides of the symmetrical settings, according to the stage of the theater stage, each side of the head can be set up one or two, configuration lamps to spotlight-based, you can configure a small amount of imaging lights, rib lights, Very close, the use of rib lights, the diffuse light is often near the walls shine very bright, affecting the atmosphere of some scenes, it should be less preferred. Left and right each should be set in the slap in the face of a set of light for the light of any control role.


3. Feet generally in the mouth outside the edge of the pool, set foot light bad, built-in four-color scattered light, color control, the length of slightly less than the platform width


4. Long distance chasing room, usually in the audience hall on the back of each side of a set of gas discharge lights such as xenon lamp, all control by the pursuit of light personnel operation, such as can not set a dedicated light room, often in the floor on both sides After the district set up light bit.


5. Box (floor) light, according to the theater situation can be in the box (floor) left, middle and right, set the lamp position to configure a number of spotlight, such as conditions are not allowed, you can not set

Second, the mouth of the general counterfeit counterfeit side of the side (left and right column light), fake mouth on the film (a suspension bridge), two Three, four, five, day, side row, left and right flow, left and right side of the light (around the cage), a cage, two cage, three cage, four cage, five cage Etc., according to the size of the stage size, some facilities on the less, such as the top light will be based on the depth of the stage, scenic distribution to determine the number of appropriate

Left and right side of the light (cage), but also according to the size of the stage, or even how much to consider the investment set or not. Some stage in the sky after the stage or anti-projection requirements, it should also be based on the stage size, investment, and the main performance of what repertoire to consider, if this is the case of lighting configuration should of course be planned, In order to support the us


1.Fake side of the side of the board (left and right column light) configuration spotlight, rib lights, chasing light, a small amount of imaging lights, in addition to special, the general symmetrical.


2.(A suspension bridge) configuration scattered light bar lights, spotlights, rib lights, imaging lights, and chasing light


3.Two light configuration scattered light bar lights, spotlights, rib lights, downlights.


4.Three light configuration scattered light bar lights, spotlights, rib lights, back light, downlights.


5.Four light configuration scattered light bar lights, spotlights, rib lights, back light, downlights


6.Five light configuration scattered light bar lights, spotlights, rib lights, back light, downlights.


7.The rear row of disposable lights.


8.To arrange the row of lights.


9.Flow configuration flow lighthouse, spotlight, rib lights, flat lights and so on.


10.Left and right side light (light cage) configuration spotlight, rib lights, imaging lights, back light. Some of the theater stage top light is not configured astigmatism lights, and switch to the row of iodine tungsten astigmatism use. The way the fixtures are arranged can be changed as needed, but the performance of the various fixtures should be taken into account. So that it can give full play to its function for my use, so perfect


Theme: stage lighting design

(A) stage lighting design requirements:

1, stage lighting should have four basic elements: visual, realistic, aesthetic, performance.


2.the lights have four controllable properties: brightness, color, distribution and movement (referring to changes in light).


3.the use of these properties of light can achieve four purposes: clarity, combination, shape display, atmosphere


4.the stage lighting design to take full account of the scope of the area of activity, but also according to the need for my logical principles used in the design. In general, the performance area should be 12 meters -16 meters, 10 meters wide and 12 meters deep size area to make the actors feel: performance freely; lighting design to meet the large area of cloth, to avoid the light of the blind spot, the light layout of the actors And the audience is a language, the plot of the occurrence and emotional changes can be expressed through the light.

Lighting designers should make full use of the light of the vocabulary to the actors and the audience to express emotional meaning, in the hearts of the audience to produce the sound of the sound of sound victorious stage effect. And then by adjusting the lighting angle and color, you can change the visual effects of people, so that thin fat, so that fat become thin, so that the dwarf becomes high son, so that the child into a dwarf. To the audience a beauty of the United States and Canada to enjoy the art, this important task to complete the good and bad, and cloth light, with color accuracy is directly related.


Light color is the basis of the stage of the performance of space art modeling, light color plastic effect can not only emphasize the character's performance, the time of the event, the atmosphere of the season and the environment, and light color can enhance the performance of the actual situation,Help emotional infection, causing people to associate. If there is no light color effect, you can say that the stage performance will be overshadowed.

Successful lighting performance is always unique to its bright and dark means to show the environment and highlight the characters, is particularly important to Jingtuo people. For example, the handling of lightning effects is good or bad, directly affecting the performance of the results, and thus to carefully appreciate the director's tips, the idea of a variety of lightning in the image, as well as light and shade, the strength of change, play with the plot, deal with


To this end, on the one hand, through the means of stage lighting performance space, that is limited in the stage space to help the performance of the script required unlimited space; the other hand, with the progress of theatrical performances, in the continuation of time, the use of light (The flow), the change of the color of the screen, the change of the color (the contrast of the color before and after), and the change of the performance area (light area). These means of expression can be called the stage lighting rhythm processing.


Two) stage lighting design concept:


Stage lighting in the art of stage art in the creation of a very important position, we light and color as an important means of stage lighting. Through the stage of light and color, play the role of stage lighting,

Complete the function of light vocabulary. We choose the light color in the stage lighting design from the time, space angle to choose from the light source point of view to choose from the scenery, props, clothing, make-up point of view to choose. From the drama plot, the psychological changes to choose. The stage of light and color, you can on the stage to the people as the center of the premise, to create a new image, new ideas, new world.


The dance floor lighting system is the focus of the dance hall lighting design. General evaluation of a dance hall lighting grade and artistic level, mainly based on the dance floor of the lighting system level. The lamp shed is located at the top of the dance floor, its function is mainly used for hanging calendar calendar, at the same time itself has a certain artistic style, from the role of rendering the atmosphere.


Lamp shed usually use 50mmX50mmX5mm angle welded steel mesh structure, the grid size is about 1mX1m or so, depending on the size of the light shed. Such as lamps and more need to be in the grid and then covered with barbed wire. Angle or barbed wire are coated with red red (anti-rust paint) and then painted black paint to prevent corrosion. The ceiling of the ceiling should also be painted with black, can reduce the lamp shed in the non-bright steel pipe along the grid laying, the introduction of a lamp can wear metal hose (snakeskin tube). All the trunking, pipe, hose, etc. are also painted black paint. In recent years, popular lamp shed with steel pipe shape and instead of angle steel, and only painted red anti-rust paint and not painted black paint, is a more rugged and more contemporary style. The size and shape of the lamp shed with different times and different functions of the dance hall and popular with our diverse structure.

Early common lamp shed area and dance floor the same size, shape round, square, long


Square, polygons, etc., in addition to hanging on a few main lights (such as the universe lights, dome lights and the like turn the lights), the other densely covered with other lined lights, such as rain, condenser, border lights, Downlights, etc., was popular view that the number of lights on the lamp shed enough to be enough style. Fine analysis of this approach has several shortcomings; A distribution of a large number of off lights, will only greatly increase the power consumption, lighting effects are not obvious


B lamps more bulb damage rate is higher, increase the cost of the ballroom and maintenance staff maintenance workload. C hanging lamps will increase the weight of the lamp shed too much load, to stabilize the lamp, the cost increases. D As the lamp shed area, the cost of the lamp shed is also large, and the shed is generally not installed ceiling and sound-absorbing material, a direct impact on the acoustic characteristics of the dance hall, resulting in sound effects worse. In recent years, with the modern people to improve the level of appreciation, the concept has been updated, lamp shed area tends to miniaturization, the shape of the irregular, the number of lamps and less, more use of computer lights and mirror action lamps, Better, and the lamphouse is simple.

2, lamps and lanterns.


The distribution of lamps in the light shed should be more uniform distribution of light spots and cover the whole dance floor for the principle. The color changes and dynamic changes in the lighting should be able to satisfy the overall service for the music, dance services, the style of the ballroom and the artistic effect. Therefore, the selection of lamps should be varied with patterns, color changes, dynamic and strong as the main features; pattern changes will enhance the beauty, color change makes people lead to passion, dynamic strong people will stimulate the enthusiasm of dancing, to stop the mood can not stop. Early commonly used lights are: sound control stars, diamond lotus lights, chrysanthemum lights, combination pattern lights, border lights, octopus, radar lights, universal lights, devil lights, glass balls, thunderbolt, , Strobe lights, spotlights, rain and so on. h5 |


As a result of a variety of mechanical turn light appearance less beautiful, coupled with more power, noise and high failure rate, in recent years has been gradually a variety of new lens action lights (such as shark headlamps, slow turn star lights, Cartoon pattern lights, etc.) replaced. At the same time a variety of new use of computer lights and laser lights increasingly popular, has been worried about the high-end dance halls of the basic equipment.


As for the spotlight, violet tube, strobe lights, rain lights and glass lamps with rain (or computer lights), etc., with its economy, versatility and good results, regardless of high and low grade dance hall Are still widely used. Spotlight and rain lamp in use can be accompanied by the actual needs of different colors of transparent paper to improve the effect of light and rendering degree. As a foil, there are plastic rainbow tube, snake tube lights, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent hoses, stars, neon lights and so on. This type of lamp can be less power consumption, especially the fluorescent hose without power supply, the use of different colors of the tube can be used for different beginning of the shape, hanging in the appropriate location of the lamp, in the purple tube of light, the emergence of different color patterns , Fluorescent shiny eye-catching, and some fun. Also in the colorful lights

Light should be accompanied by smoke machine, in the role of smoke under the atmosphere rendering more intense, more bright lighting effect.


In summary, the dance hall in the dance floor lighting selection and layout, focusing on the atmosphere of the relaxed, romantic, passion and exaggeration, the installation of lamps and lanterns to pay attention to a variety of varieties and avoid monotonous dull. At the same time pay attention to a variety of lamps should not be lit at the same time, so no effect and power consumption, should be the use of a variety of light control equipment according to dance mood and atmosphere alternately open to produce as much rotation, light and shade and color Changes and other strong contrast effect. Which purple light and strobe light only in the whole background when the light is dark to get significant results. Strobe light is mainly used for "disco" and other rhythmic dance, and can only be used intermittently.


3, the indicator light system indicators, the Ministry of Culture only provides the "standard lower limit of illumination", usually in the design of illumination should be greater than the lower limit, and in actual use in order to create a different atmosphere, you can artificially dim the light, as long as Operators in the use of attention to the use of dimming system so that the illumination should not be lower than the standard lower limit can be. Laser lights, violet lamps, strobe lights of these restricted use of the lamps, the wavelength of radiation and so on into the manufacturers have long been considered always the problem, and some by the operator control, such as strobe lights use time Restrictions and not directly to the human eye and other requirements, but also by the installation and use of the operator to decide, so the lighting system for the problem of debugging problems is relatively simple, just consider the lighting of the position and angle adjustment problem.



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