Stage lighting

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Stage lighting

Stage computer lights, also known as computer lights, are high-tech professional-grade stage lights. They use 

high-power light sources to emit light. Through the effective control and combination of various parts systems such 

as optical systems, mechanical systems, and electrical systems, each color is formed. Comprehensive stage visual 

performance with different, different forms and different actions.Due to the uniqueness of the light source, the 

complexity of the structure and the diversity of effects, the stage computer lights are widely used in large 

stadiums, outdoor performances, theater theaters, and television studios, becoming the mainstream configuration of 

stage lighting applications.

The development of the stage computer light has experienced several stages such as analog signal computer light, 

digital signal computer light, intelligent network computer light and digital computer light. At present, due to 

the complexity and cost of digital scanners, the digital scanners have not yet undergone large-scale technical 

production. The most mature and most widely used stage projectors on the market are smart network scanners.

Analog signal scanner:

Adds the receiving signal circuit board, controls the electrical machinery through the signal, this signal 

originally was an analog signal developed by Martin company, because the control signal has not been unified, has 

been very limited in the control, the use, the maintenance and so on.

The use of digital circuit boards for signal transmission and transfer, the use of internationally common DMX512 

signal control, the signal is characterized by strong signal, control loop, convenient, fast, stable and other 


Smart Network Scanner:

The RDM or Art-Net network control protocol is added to the digital signal scanner, so that the light control 

signal can be transmitted in both directions in the network.

Digital scanners:

Combining the digital display part with the computer light, effect processing of different digital layers to 

achieve the purpose of changing colors and patterns, and more to show the visual stimulating effect of the 

streaming media. Coupled with a media server, there are thousands of effects to choose from so that lighting 

designers and operators can use their imagination.

Main species

Scanning computer light

Scanning computer lights, also known as lens reflection scanning scanners, are characterized by a plane mirror on 

the outside of the lens. The plane lens performs horizontal and vertical movements under the control of the degrees 

of freedom of the two micro-motors on the X-axis and Y-axis. The orientation of the luminaire projected beam 

(reflected beam) is changed by the change in the ray cast angle.

Because the quality of the plane mirror is small, inertia is also small, so scanning the computer lamp is easy to 

start, reverse and quickly regulate, the effect is better than the overall regulation of the lamp. The advantage is 

that due to the lightness of the lens, the beam can be moved quickly and positioned accurately. The disadvantage is 

that the scanning angle is limited and the mirror's attenuation is 5% to 10% of light efficiency.

Moving head type computer light

Moving head type computer lights, also known as lamp body motion type computer lights, are among the more important 

members of the family of computer lights. It appears later than scanning computer lights, but it has developed 

rapidly in recent years, and it has come from behind. It is driven by a high-power motor to make a wide range of 

spatial rotation in horizontal and vertical directions. Compared with scanning scanners, there is more drive power 

and more intense beam motion.

At present, the moving head light has become the mainstream product in the family of computer lights. It can be 

seen in almost all new TV studios, theaters and entertainment venues. The common moving head scanners are mostly 

dual-armed and single-armed. The single-armed moving head scanners have low power and are often used in ballrooms, 

bars and other places.

Moving head computer light features the following:

1, beam scanning angle

2. The light beam is directly emitted by the lamp body, and the brightness is increased by 5%-10% compared with the 

lens scanning scanner.

3, the lamp head needs to swing, the motor is relatively loaded, and the speed is relatively slower than the lens 

scanning computer lamp.

4, the effect of change, powerful.

Fixed computer lights

The fixed computer light is fixedly installed in the designated position, and once the light projection angle is 

fixed, it cannot be arbitrarily changed. The fixed type computer light often has only a simple color change, so it 

is called a color-changing computer light, or simply called a color-changing light.There are two types of color-

changing lamps: spotlight and soft-light, which are distinguished by the diameter of the light outlet of the lamp 

cap; generally, the light outlet is convex and the diameter is small; this is a concentrating type color-changing 

lamp; the light outlet is a thread mirror and the diameter is slightly larger. Soft light color change light.

The fixed-type computer color-changing lamps are generally used as the stage base lighting, replacing conventional 

conventional lamps, and can be installed with any lamp post position to perform a large-area lighting effect.

According to the effect of computer, it can be divided into three types of computerized lamp, computerized lamp and 

imaging computer lamp.

Staining computer lights

The common head dyeing computer light is different from the previously mentioned color-changing light and it 

becomes "stained". It is because the color part of this scanner is composed of a three-primary (CMY) color mixing 

system. By mixing three primary colors, theoretically, infinite colors can be combined.The lamp head adopts a 

threaded lens and has a large projection angle. This type of computer light has large power and rich colors. It 

requires the use of an advanced computer console to complete the dyeing function. The main function of Staining 

Fixtures is to color render the stage or stage.

Pattern computer light

Pattern scanner is the most common kind of scanner. Its function is very powerful, including color, light and 

darkness, combination of pattern changes, pattern rotation, prism effect, soft light effect, aperture shrink, focus 

zoom, strobe, etc. Create a variety of colorful beams and patterns.In terms of appearance, the exit diameter of the 

pattern scanner is much smaller than that of the scanner, so it is easy to distinguish them.The reason why it is 

called a pattern scanner is because there are 1 to 3 sets of pattern wheels that other types of scanners do not 

have in the type of scanner. By combining pattern wheels with each other, a variety of pattern effects can be 

changed. In design, pattern pieces of pattern scanners can be quickly and easily replaced.

The color part of the pattern scanner consists of three basic colors (CYM) or color wheel. The color film is made 

of glass coating color filter material with high temperature resistance and high light transmittance, so that the 

light beam projected by the computer lamp has very high brightness. pure. Colors are usually mixed by three primary 

colors (CYM) or by two color wheels to achieve multiple colors.

Imaging scanner

Imaging scanner is a relatively rare computer lamp. Its appearance is the same as that of a moving head computer 

lamp. In addition to its main functions, the biggest difference is that it combines traditional imaging lamps with 

modern scanner technology, through the motor. Control the change of the corner piece to produce various geometric 

shapes. It is generally used to position light on various characters or scenes in the stage. At some point, imaging scanners can produce amazing results.

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