Stage lighting control network design

- Oct 06, 2017 -

The lighting equipment system is one of the most important equipment systems of the theater and television station. The lighting control system is the key to the design of the lighting equipment system. Whether the scheme design is safe, advanced, perfect and applicable, the equipment selection is stable, reliable and advanced Affecting the integrity of the entire project and engineering quality.


In recent years, network technology has been applied to theater, television lighting system, and to the industry to show its new application prospects. Network cabling solutions have had a strong impact on traditional DMX cabling solutions. In many of the new large-scale lighting control project tender documents, the description of the technical requirements of the network has become an indispensable content.


In the early years, the purpose of applying the network technology in the lighting control system was mainly focused on how the new technology of network lighting control was more reliable and effective in ensuring the normal performance of the performance activities than the traditional DMX wiring lighting control technology. In the design of the new technology used in the network cabling DMX transmission and dimming data in the use of the network hot backup synchronization technology.


In recent years, due to the further maturity of network technology, domestic and foreign manufacturers of network lighting control equipment continue to enrich and improve, have appeared in the network interface lamps, network dimmers, network dimmers, network video cameras and other forms Of the network lighting monitoring equipment.


The emergence of all-fiber lighting control network, for the lighting control room, dimmer room, office, equipment layer, boom area and other lighting control system to build a major gigabit of the "information highway" network platform, A large number of lighting control, monitoring, management of a variety of signals in the various lighting between the network equipment quickly two-way transmission. And lighting control and system management related software came into being. Lighting engineers, system designers, managers and owners began to focus on: in the design of lighting control network system in the process, in addition to light control system to ensure absolute safety, reliable performance activities, but also consider more with the light Network system related management issues.


The following basic design principles are the author in considering the network lighting control system design some of the experience for the reader reference.


1. highlight the theater and studio functions and features, light control system to ensure absolute safety, reliable performance, studio activities for the most fundamental requirements.


2. On the basis of the fundamental requirements, we emphasize the extremely important role played by the lighting control network system in theater, studio technology management, business management and safe electricity management.


3. The use of new technologies, new technology, so that the lighting control equipment, technical level and performance, parameters reached the international advanced level.


4. Lighting control equipment functional practicality, advanced technology, the use of security, operational reliability, ease of maintenance, investment economy.


5. The new system must be compatible with all brands and new and old lighting equipment access. Meet the needs of users is the fundamental purpose of the design.An advanced, practical and high-quality theater, television studio lighting control system must be a system to ensure the safety of the studio, a system with high-tech management level, a system synchronized with international standards, a new vendor and a user Form and sustainable development system.


First, a system to ensure the safety of the studio


The most fundamental task of the TV studio lighting control system is to ensure the reliability and convenience of the lighting control operation of each studio. From the theater, television studio lighting control system of technical requirements, in the system design, we recommend the following aspects of the important measures.


1. Network dual-machine hot backup system, the main equipment (such as dimming console, dimming cabinet, etc.) with a network of dual-system hot backup or dual-system hot backup trigger advanced features to ensure that the system in the studio lighting control Absolute reliability.


2. fiber trunk line

Theater, studio between the main equipment, the same subnet between each studio, each subnet and the total control room with fiber between the main line to pass the light control system between the equipment control and monitoring, feedback information. Fiber has the following advantages: good electromagnetic insulation performance; no external radiation signal; suitable for long-distance information transmission and require a high degree of security occasions; fiber transmission signal attenuation is smaller: more secure data transmission. Fiber bandwidth is wide, the data transmission capacity of up to Gigabit, to ensure the smooth flow of data information highway; optical fiber communication is a very mature advanced technology, optical fiber communication equipment easier maintenance;


The use of optical fiber temperature range, by the temperature, the seasonal changes in the impact of small, and long service life. So the use of optical fiber as the trunk of the transmission program on the theater, television studio lighting control system provides a strong guarantee of reliability.


3. A variety of signal interfaces:


All fixed-type dimmers or mobile dimmable silicon boxes have DMX signal interface, RJ45 network interface and SC multi-mode fiber optic network interface, allowing a variety of control signals at the same time access. That is, in addition to being able to receive the control room master DMX signal can also access from other control room control, backup or central monitoring network DMX signal. So that the system can be very convenient according to the needs of the program using a variety of hot backup, long-range, multi-directional and centralized control of the implementation of control to ensure that program activities foolproof.


4. Dimmer electrical parameter feedback function:


All fixed-type dimmers or mobile dimmable silicon boxes are available with feedback electrical parameters. Software and authorization codes can be used to monitor each silicon block module in each cabinet or in a flow-controlled silicon case at any location on the lighting control network Status: such as open circuit, short circuit, load, temperature, current and other status and set it, with automatic alarm function, to guide the maintenance staff quickly troubleshooting.


5. All device feedback control status function


All lighting-related equipment in the system has feedback control status function. All devices in the dimming system can be monitored and set up at any location on the lighting control network. When a device error (such as a DMX node does not work), immediately alarm. Instruct the operator to work in a timely manner before the accident occurs.


6. UPS delay power supply system in all the console and the main network knowledge with UPS delay power supply, can guarantee the system's high anti-interference ability and control data in the power outage protection.


7. Compatible with all brand equipment

The system will be equipped with DMX network input / output interface, compatible with all brands of dimmers, silicon boxes and other new and old equipment access.


8. Save the scene function

Dimming cabinet has the function of saving the scene, in the case of controller failure, keep at least the last scene of the light state, to ensure that the program recording.


9. Other requirements:

All dimmable console input and output (I \ 0) interface with optical isolation protection function, dimmer, dimmer all circuit boards using surface welding technology (SMT) production. A variety of signal interfaces using military quality products, and has a hot-swappable function.


Second, a system with high-tech management level

Based on the fundamental task of "ensuring the reliability of lighting control operation of the studio", the design scheme makes use of the powerful function and advanced nature of the lighting network technology to make the theater and television studio lighting control system become the industry intelligence Of the network management and can continue to upgrade the model system.


Combined with the theater, television studio lighting control system in the technical management, business management and security management of the specific needs of the power, we put a number of different studio and theater lighting control system according to the use of functions and geographical into a number of control sub Network, set up one

Central monitoring room, with fiber as the network trunk line, with fiber switches and routers and other network equipment to link the various subnets, thus forming a "theater, television studio lighting control all-fiber Ethernet system."


According to the specific needs of different projects for the theater, television studio design of the "lighting control network system integrated management software", the purpose is to make the system in the studio of technical management, business management and security management, etc. for the Lighting division and manager to provide a very rich value-added services. The following is the "lighting control network system integrated management software" some of the main functions.


1. Dimmer Information: Dimmer Information: Monitor and process real-time and historical data on the electrical parameters (such as current, voltage, temperature and switch, etc.) of each circuit light in all network dimmers. Real-time reporting errors or produce a series of technical analysis charts or technical reports, such as the use of a lamp in a year, the actual average life of a certain type of light bulb, the power consumption of a performance, etc. " "


2. Dimming console integrated monitoring and management Video Link:

Managers can use this system to make it easy to understand the real-time operation of all dimmers in the network. Including the operator's personal information, live, rehearsal, group, centralized control, effect, the current position of the light wheel, the user input commands. Any changes in the operation of the dimmer console can be monitored in real time on multiple PCs. All of these live dimming stations and operator-related operating technical data, recorded in the system monitoring server dome operation database, is the TV studio and the theater of important technical and historical information. By manipulating these operational technical data through software, you can produce a series of technical analysis charts or technical reports, such as the use of a console in a studio within a year of analysis; can repeat a performance of the operation process, which can be analyzed Out of a lighting division of the operating habits; in the event of an accident, you can also through the operation of the dome of the database analysis, whether the accident is related to operational misconduct and other technical conclusions and so on.


3. Offline Editing Offline Edict Software:

Dimming platform Offline editing system is a set of multi-functional special control and monitoring software It has the same interface with the real dimming console, support the Chinese and English interface, can be achieved in a number of ordinary desktop or portable computer. Can be used in different studios at the same time using some of the following functions:


Can be used as a practical, standalone, portable dimming console (main dimming station).

Can be used as the main console of the network backup dimming console, to achieve "full tracking hot backup."


Can be very convenient to achieve centralized, multi-directional and remote control and other control methods.


You can transfer off-site editing data (in the office or at home) to the dimming station via the network: including field, centralized control, group, effect, wiring, dimming curve and so on.


Can monitor the status of the network dimmer in real time (Dimmer Information): including port status, total current, total voltage, error alarm, every way the current, switch, temperature, brightness.


4. lighting effect design software WYSIYYG "Weisi":


At present the most typical lighting effect design software is Canada CAST company WYSIYYG "Weisi" (What You See Is What you Get WYSIWYG) software. "Weiss", for the theater, television, dance halls and other places of lighting design, lighting director, lighting control. Designers can design lighting diagrams through "Weiss" and produce all the required wiring diagrams, fixtures, and color schemes. "Weisi" has a preview and rendering capabilities and has a layer set, the scene layout design function. With a number of class library: conventional lamps, all kinds of sports lights, all kinds of poles, hanger, color, pattern, performers, structure, and can update the download at any time, can also introduce other lighting equipment library or custom lighting equipment The "Weisi" to provide the design of the instrument report and related data statistics, to provide information for the equipment. Between the "Weiss" module and the dimmer station can be two-way Ethernet communication connection. Has a field editor function that is achieved by recording the lighting elements and lighting faces either in different combinations or by selecting the optical path and assigning the brightness.Weiss "can also support real-time monitoring of the lighting field during execution, which can be displayed using 3D or 2D graphics.CAST company WYSIYYG" Weiss "software The famous Registered Partner Developer Program (RWD) is an important one (13), which includes Compulite (Israel), ETC (USA), Flying Pig (Europe), HDL (China), High End (USA), the United States, And Strand (UK) .WYSIWYG "Weisi" software can be directly installed all the RWD program manufacturers to produce network dashboard, offline editor, and WYSIWYG "Weisi" console software seamless connection to achieve The integration of design and control


5. Dimming network equipment management system:

Application of dimming network equipment management system, managers can set up all the lighting equipment (including DMX node, network distribution cabinet, network dimming cabinet, network dimming station, network workstation, network Camera, etc.), such as the operating parameters

IP address, DMX address, lighting circuit preheat value, dimming curve settings.Can also be arranged on the computer a number of studio use schedule, effective control of all network DMX node work to prevent some unauthorized use occurred. You can also monitor all devices in the dimming system in real time. If any of the devices fails, the system will send an alarm.


6. Multimedia monitoring and command system:


Multimedia monitoring and command system The use of fiber-optic network to provide sufficient bandwidth information channel, in each subnet can use a number of web cameras, with monitoring software, managers can at any point in the network, at a glance to monitor multiple key Workplace (such as dimmer room, equipment layer, audience area, stage area and other key areas) video images, to achieve "full closed loop" lighting control.


Audio intercom system can also access the optical fiber network, to achieve television broadcast activities of the network command and dispatch.


7. Lighting equipment using the file management system:


The lighting device uses the file management system to manage the use of all devices in the network, run on a common desktop or portable computer, with Windows as the operating system, with the following features:

Save and manage the purchase of all equipment, manufacturers information, warranty status. Record the maintenance history of each device.

Real-time record the start time of each device, turn off time, the operator and other information.


Automatically record the error history of each device.


8. Light network system safe electricity management system

Safety Power Management One of the important components of the lighting control system management. In this program, the safety control of the lighting control system is mainly the use of optical fiber network monitoring of the studio dimming cabinet, power distribution cabinet and the cabinet of the important parameters of safe electricity, in the abnormal situation, the monitoring device will automatically alarm , Direct the duty officer to deal with the accident quickly.


The network control system at the same time for the theater, television safety, fire management department to prepare the authorized data interface, the system produced on all the lighting control system security data will be an important reference for the management.


All the selected dimming cabinets are equipped with perfect electrical parameters of the network feedback function, very convenient dimmer in the circuit lights of the electrical parameters (such as current, voltage, temperature and switch, etc.) real-time feedback to the safe power network Monitoring management system.


Optional dedicated safety monitoring network interface, the power distribution switch off, three-phase voltage, three-phase current, neutral current, contact temperature, distribution cabinet temperature, the temperature inside the room and infrared fire detectors Important parameters will be fed back to the secure electricity network monitoring management system via fiber optic network.


Third, a system that is synchronized with international standards

The lighting control network program mainly implements the DMX-512 standard protocol and the lighting network standard protocol (it is recommended to use the ACN standard of the American ESTA organization and the Art Net standard of Europe) in the control signal standard. That is, in the system of the main lighting equipment (such as dimmers, dimmers) at the same time with DMX and ACN (or Art Net) standard network interface. The DMX-512 standard protocol mainly guarantees that the control signals between the lighting devices are transmitted reliably and reliably. The ACN and ArtNet standard protocols are designed to ensure that the control signals are transmitted reliably and reliably. In the stable and reliable bi-directional transmission system, Communication and feedback TCP / IP protocol signals. It allows different manufacturers of lighting control equipment to communicate with each other and operation. It will play an extremely important role in the technical management of the lighting system, business management and electricity safety management.


Fourth, to create a new manufacturers and users in the form of cooperation and sustainable development of the lighting control system


The design is designed to design a theater, television studio lighting control system as a sustainable upgrade of the model system. All-fiber network cabling system for the theater, television studio lighting control system to create a gigabit-level information highway platform, it will make the lighting control system network infrastructure to maintain a long period of advanced nature.


In recent years, new lighting-related devices with TCP / IP network interfaces (such as network fixtures, network dimmers, network power distribution cabinets, webcams, etc.) have been emerging. Theater and television managers in the future will be based on the new management needs and the development of new lighting equipment on the system function of the expansion, increase or improve (such as a management monitoring interface and the actual needs of the poor, so that the use of equipment is not enough Convenience).


In the case of the control system network structure in the case of manufacturers in order to continue to meet the new needs of users of some of the equipment in the system to improve (most of which will be software features changes), manufacturers will treat these services as a normal after-sales service The


In the traditional DMX studio cabling system, the user's only requirement for the system is to be stable and reliable transmission of light control DMX signal, as long as the equipment is used normally, the user is rarely proposed to improve the existing equipment.

In the future theater, television studio lighting control network system, users and manufacturers will be in a new interactive relationship. In addition to ensuring that their equipment can operate reliably and reliably, the user will continue to propose new value-added services to the system for new management requirements, and the vendor will continue to extend its service in order to meet these new value-added services. This intimate process of cooperation creates a new partnership between the manufacturer and the user, which will enable the theater and television studio lighting control system to become a system that can be continuously developed and continuously upgraded and improved.


Conclusion: It is well known that in recent years the world has undergone a process in which the analogue mobile telephone system has been changed to a digital network mobile telephone system. In this process of change, the mobile subscriber's requirements for mobile systems are transmitted only from the stable and reliable transmission of high quality call signals And gradually upgrade to the mobile system network brought about by the new value-added services, including text messages, MMS, e-mail, browse the web and online banking. It is the mobile users continue to put forward the new value-added service requirements and mobile communication vendors in order to meet the new service requirements of users and constantly improve the system and the introduction of new product line of this new form of interactive cooperation, it is this vendor and user interaction Chase game! To promote the mobile communications industry this huge technological revolution.


Similar to mobile communications, the application of network lighting control systems is creating a new relationship between vendors and users. This new form of cooperation between the manufacturers and users of the lighting control industry will also drive the huge technological revolution in this industry!

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