Stage Lighting Design Basis Design process

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Design based on editing

According to the existing national standards, norms, and with reference to the internationally accepted norms. The concept of basic technical basis, here for reference and equivalent. (Including characteristic parameter requirements standard, characteristic parameter measurement method standard, electrical design specification, safety requirements, etc.)

"Hall sound reinforcement system acoustic characteristics of indicators" GYJ25-86;

"Hall of the sound characteristics of the measurement method" GB / T4959-1995;

"Preferred mating value for acoustic system equipment interconnection" GB14197-93;

"Objective evaluation of the hall language intelligibility RASTI law" GB / T14476-93;

"Hall reverberation time measurement specification" GBJ76-84;

Code for Design of Electrical Design for Civil Buildings JGJ / T16-92.

"Conference system of electricity and its audio performance requirements" GB / T15381-94

Architectural design;

"Theater Design Code" JGJ57-2000

"Civil building lighting design standards" GBJ133-90

Code for fire protection design of high - rise civil buildings GBJ45-82

Code for fire protection in building design

Technical indicators editor

The auditing characteristics of the hall are carried out according to the requirements of the national first grade characteristic index. details as follows:

Level 1 Specifications Requirement:

Maximum sound pressure level: greater than or equal to 110dB;

Transmission frequency characteristics: 100 ~ 6300Hz average sound pressure level of 0dB, in this range to allow +/- 4dB, 50Hz-10000Hz to allow +4 ~ -8dB;

Sound gain: -8dB, 125Hz ~ 4000Hz;

Sound field unevenness: less than or equal to 8dB, 1000 ~ 4000Hz;

Total noise level: less than or equal to 30dB (A).

Power supply requires editing

In order to ensure the high quality operation of the sound system, the power supply of the PA system is as follows:

⑴. The power supply of the PA system should be separated from the lighting power supply, and the power supply should be treated by the regulator equipment.

⑵. PA system power supply transformer group should be with the lighting, air conditioning and other large current supply power transformer transformer group separately.

⑶. PA system power supply capacity AC 220V / 10 kVA, conditional, the best two-way power supply, the main and standby automatically switch.

⑷. Power lines and sound pipelines should be avoided in parallel, if it can not be overcome, the interval shall not be less than 50cm.

To sum up, my company in your stage equipment design and product selection, will always be rigorous professional means, a serious and responsible attitude for your unit design that is scientific and reasonable and economical and practical program. At the same time, we hope that you can put forward our valuable comments and suggestions.

performance characteristics, As the light position from the stage far away, so the light selection of the factory production of 2KW spotlights 16 and 2KW back to light 20; spotlight projection distance from the long light; back light projection angle wide spot suitable for large area shop Light to enhance the stage illumination; and the installation of the surface light color changer for changing the light color contrast stage story scene.

2) on the stage to do two top light, to illuminate the top of the characters and part of the scene light, the choice of 12 2KW spotlight, 12 2KW soft light. Spotlight light effect highlights the characteristics of characters and objects; soft light to soften the essence of objects and objects to restore the color; at the same time with the use of marshalling group changes in the application, can produce different lighting effects.

3) side light is located on both sides of the stage, used to describe and suppress the characters and objects of the left and right contour of the shadow area, selected 2KW spotlight 6 and 2KW back light 6. Use the spotlight and back light hard spot to make the outline more prominent, more delicate.

4) two backlit set in the top light rear, a total of 24 sets of 1KW PAR beam lights (cheese lights) and 8 2KW back light to use their bright light highlights the characters and objects in the overall sense of contours.

5) to make up for the surface light, the top light, side light and backlight on the characters and objects outline the lack of contrast caused by the dark side, improve clarity, set in the stage and slap in the face, flow light. The distance from the stage far from the use of six 2KW spotlights and 6 2KW back light points around; flow of light with 8 2KW back light, with a mobile bracket placed on the left and right sides of the stage to add the light of the light In place.

6) In order to make the stage show true reproduction, set the stage background lights, selected eight 1250W sky light, eight 1250W to the lights, to achieve uniform background light effect.

7) In order to avoid the stage performance bland, especially for the part of the lamp equipped with a professional color changer, with the dimming console group of timely use, will make the performance to achieve a significant effect.

Above the lighting system configuration, refer to: JGJ57-2000, GB / 14076-93, GYJ45-92, GBTXXX, GB500116-98 and other relevant national industry standards.

Hanging machine according to your drawings, combined with the lighting system, and according to your actual construction of the construction of the hanging equipment configuration was designed as follows:

1) will be a benchmark 1: located on the inside of the mouth, for the display of conference slogans, highlighting the theme of the meeting (also can play to avoid the stage into the audience within the scope of the role).

2) stage screen 1: located in the logo, the curtain in the form of uniform telescopic, stepless speed off the open, uniform speed off, butterfly screen, etc., we choose for you is the average speed off Type curtain system; the curtain is the stage of the portal, but also the stage one of the main curtain facilities. It is mainly used for the opening and closing of the performance of the opening and closing, and sometimes used as a venue to use.

3) the stage of the next post 1: the main foundation with the same screen, the choice of the electric off the secondary system; as the main stage of the curtain, its role is mainly used for solo, singing, solo and other forms of performance, In a variety of drama, opera fragments, the use of his opening and closing to replace the scenery and props.

4) backdrop (sky) 1: type of boom-type boom, the string-type, fixed and so on. Selected a fixed backdrop, the sky is for the performance of the slide show with the screen. In the performance, according to the development of the plot, the replacement of different scenery or scenery, in the slide under the transformation, so that the audience has a feeling of immersive.

5) stage light pole 5: light pole used to install the stage lighting to meet the different performances when the lamp replacement, saving time and effort, convenient and quick. On the stage at the top of the top 2 pole, 2 anti-beam, the background light pole 1 Road.

6) Stage side light is very important in the stage lighting, its position is installed in the side lighthouse, set in the stage on the left and right side of the table over.

7) Edge of the road 3, along the curtain 3: for hanging along the edge of the screen, the edge is the stage on both sides of the curtain, it plays to cover the audience on both sides of the stage line of sight, is to add spectators to the stage Beauty design, while enhancing the audience on the stage of the three-dimensional. Along the stage as the stage along the mouth, blocking the audience over the stage of sight, thus setting off the stage of the beautiful.

8) King 14 Road: King pole for hanging scene gable, for the stage of the necessary mechanical equipment (props), according to the specific circumstances of the use of the show will show the results of the vivid.

Above the hanging system configuration, refer to: JGJ57-2000, GB / 14076-93, GYJ45-92, GBTXXX, GB500116-98, SJ2112XX and other relevant national industry standards.

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