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- Sep 10, 2017 -

Design common sense editor

The usual light of the stage lights

To do a good job of professional stage lights configuration, we must first understand the stage light commonly used light. This is an important part of the proper selection of configuration. 1, surface light: from the top of the audience to the front of the stage to the light, the main role for the character front lighting and the whole basic light patch.

2, slap in the mouth: located on both sides of the mouth, oblique cast in the stage of light, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary surface light, strengthen the facial lighting, increase the characters,

3, column light (also known as side light): from both sides of the mouth of the projection of light, mainly for people or scenery on both sides of the lighting, increase the three-dimensional sense of silhouette.

4, the top light: from the stage above the stage to the light, from front to back into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light ... ... and so on, mainly for the stage of general lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and A lot of scenery, props of fixed-point irradiation, mainly by the top light to solve.

5, backlight: from the stage reverse projection of light (such as the top light, bridge light and other reverse exposure), can be sketched out the characters, King said the outline, enhance the three-dimensional and transparent sense, but also as a specific light source.

6, bridge light: on both sides of the stage at the bridge to the stage of the light, mainly used to assist the column light, enhance the three-dimensional, but also for other light inconvenience projection position, but also as a specific light source.

7, foot: from the Taiwan side of the bench to the stage projection of the light, the main auxiliary surface lighting and eliminate the high light due to face light exposure

Stage lighting

Stage lighting

The shadow of the face and the jaw.

8, heaven and earth light: from the top of the sky and below the sky to the light, mainly for the curtain of lighting and color changes.

9, flow light: located on both sides of the stage flow lighthouse, the main auxiliary bridge light, add the stage on both sides of the light or other specific light.

10, chasing light: from the audience or other locations need to use the light bit, mainly used to track the actors or highlight a particular light, but also for the host, is the stage art close-up, play the role of finishing touch.

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