Stage lighting Design program editor and Process requirements Design Notes and Device Configuration

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Design program editor

Design Principles

Stage lighting system design is to follow the stage art performance and special use of the requirements of the configuration, the purpose is to perform a variety of performing arts reproduction process required lighting technology equipment, according to the system engineering design and configuration, so that the stage lighting system is accurate and satisfactory To serve the art.

1. Create a complete stage of cloth free space, to meet all the requirements of light;

2. In order to enable the system to continue to operate, appropriate increase in reserves and expansion of space;

3. The system's anti-jamming capability and safety as an important design index;

4. High efficiency and energy saving Lenguang new lamps are introduced into the system design;

5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of system design.

Process requirements

1. The system process design and equipment configuration has a comprehensive theater use function, in a short time can rotate a variety of different drama lighting operation program.

2. The system can be designed from a lighting program to another lighting program, the conversion time to complete within 2 hours.

3. The system allows the use of all configurations of various types of lamps and other supplementary equipment.

4. The system is designed with sufficient safety and storage capacity, the entire system without interrupting the main power supply under the premise of the main control station for continuous diagnosis.

5. The equipment in the system is in full accord with the technical requirements of the background noise. In the empty state, the noise of all the lighting equipment and the noise of the ambient environment are not higher than NR25. The noise of the test equipment is not more than 30dB.

6. The expansion capability of the system is intended to be reserved at the beginning of the design of the system, such as power silicon control capacity, network capacity, future funding or new technology, so that the system will not be due to lack of design and large area to modify or update to achieve savings Capital and rapid adaptation to changing needs.

Design Notes

Stage lights arranged in the top of the light, the location of cloth array cloth, the various parts of the stage are cloth light spots, put an end to the dead zone, can be flexible on-demand combination.

1. Top light system design configuration

Top light role is the depth of the stage performance space for the necessary lighting, the top light configuration used in a variety of lamps, greatly improving the light transmission, can be used for the stage top light cloth or dyeing.

A. Configuration lamps are distributed as follows:

Over the stage, a total of 20 dome boom. Where each top of the light with a different number of lamps

B. Lamp arrangement and projection method:

The first top of the top light and surface light convergence starring area, the convergence of attention to the height of the characters in the first top of the light position as fixed light and placement of special effects lighting, and select part of the lamp to enhance the performance of the fulcrum of the lighting; Road to the tenth to the stage after the direct vote, but also vertical down projection, can enhance the stage character modeling and scenery space lighting. Before and after the convergence of light, so that the stage performance area to obtain a more uniform color and brightness.

2. Fixture design configuration

Fixtures are mainly arranged on the stage above the top of the light pole, you can adjust the lamp projection angle, brightness, change the pattern, beam size, color and other functions to ensure that the performance of the computer to meet the changes in lighting requirements.

3. Light color changer design configuration

Installed in some of the lamps on the color changer, the role of stage light, dyeing, color changes, set off the plot, to achieve the effect of colorful.

Device Configuration

Lighting console

2. Adjust the silicon cabinet

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