Stage lighting Function Role editing classification

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Feature editing

Function: ① make the stage picture clearer: so that the audience can see what or the stage of certain corners do not see the audience (present). ② to enhance the performance of the stage performance: in line with the needs of the story, so that the background appears natural, the plot to play to set off, suggesting and induce the role of regulating the atmosphere (actors, the audience). Stage light use principle:  strength (referring to the brightness of light): must have enough light, so that the audience can see the color, appearance and details. ② distribution: including the use of light distribution and the direction of the direction of the distribution of the stage, the main body must be with the supporting and background and significantly different (color) can be distinguished brightness. ③ color: rely on color paper, computer color, etc. to meet the needs of the story. ④ changes: according to the plot needs, so that the light color, brightness, movement to change. In the specific use of the stage lighting, in the reduction of a light source, should do a good job to enhance the preparation of the next light, in addition to the special needs of the plot. So as to avoid the black sound, so as not to affect the work of the cast and crew.

Role editing

Stage lighting in the role of modern stage performances: ① lighting performances, so that the audience to see the actors and scenes of the image; ② guide the audience line of sight; ③ shape the characters, contrast emotions and show the stage illusion; ④ create the space needed for the play ; ⑤ rendering the atmosphere; ⑥ display, empty conversion, highlight the conflict of drama and strengthen the stage rhythm, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes with the stage stunt.

Modern stage drama "Tai Wai house" by the Shenzhen Meiya culture media to build the stage lighting in the performance of the intensity of light, color, lighting distribution, lighting, and so have a greater plasticity and controllability. The artistic effect of the stage lighting is with the progress of the show, the stage atmosphere of the continuous transformation and show.

Classification editor

Stage lighting according to the optical structure can be divided into floodlights, spotlights and slide three; according to the stage of the installation of the surface and there are light, slap in the face, foot light, column light, the top row of light, day light, Light of the points. A floodlight system is a lamp that can emit uniform and gentle light and illuminate a certain direction of light. Separate floodlights, jacking lights, footlights and curtain lights are generally used for lighting the sky, painting scenery or play area. Condensation system refers to the light can be issued and can control the scope of the light range. Generally with the principle of refraction, through the lens cast a different spot. Such as soft with thread

Stage lighting

Stage lighting

The lens can produce the edge of the soft spot. The use of reflective optical structure to obtain the effect of light received back light. Slide system is in front of the spotlight and then add a set of objective lens to cast light imaging. This slide can be divided into: ① the use of slide imaging cast slides; ② through the rotation of the disc chain to the clouds, water, fire and other activities cast on the scene of the cast slides; ③ the use of long focal length objective So that a small spot clear imaging. Highlight the protagonist of the image of the follow-up light; ④ ellipsoid concave mirror called modeling lights.

The stage lighting control system must be able to effectively control and deploy all the lamps and produce harmonized artistic effects. It consists of power distribution board, dimmer and the main console of three parts.

Stage lighting design based on the script, director requirements and stage art of the overall idea of artistic ideas, drawing cloth layout, and the specific arrangements for technical work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modeling methods to adapt to different styles of performance, if the performance requirements to show the realist style, while others require the creation of abstract, freehand or metaphorical mood.

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