Stage lighting Lamp type

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Lamp type editing

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Stage layout editing

In the case of frame-type stage, the stage lighting type is divided into: light, slap, top light, column light, side light 1 (bridge light, cage), side light 2 (high flow, low flow), backlight, (Heaven and earth row), feet light.

People on the stage as a benchmark

Face light: installed on the stage outside the top of the screen, the audience hall at the top of the lights, points together, two, three, behind the box light, the central spotlight also have a similar effect.

Device and use: mainly to the front stage of the stage (such as the curtain line after 8-10m), for people to shape or constitute the three-dimensional effect on the stage.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight, back light;

Side lights: lights in the theater upstairs on both sides of the lighting, light from both sides to the stage performance area

Device and use: for the light fill light

Equipped with lamps: with the light;

Slap in the face, placed in the stage on the left and right sides of the screen near the mouth of the location, the light from the side to the stage performance area.

Device and use: similar to the surface light, was crossed around the stage, used to strengthen the stage sets, props and characters of the three-dimensional.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight, back light;

Top light: the top of the stage lamps, generally installed in the lifting hanger, mainly used in the stage in the field after the cloth light, from the mouth are: one, two, three, four;

Device and use: to the stage after the performance area, mainly for the need for strong light from the top of the occasion.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight, back light, astigmatism;

Column light: installed in the stage fake mouth inside, from the inside of the mouth cast light to the performance area, can be divided into a column of light, two column light. Also known as the inner ear light.

Device and use: to make up for light, slap in the face.

Equipped with lamps: low power condenser, soft light;

Foot: the stage inside the lips, oblique on the actor and the curtains

Device and use: make up the surface is too steep, to eliminate the actor in front of the shadow, closing the curtain, change the screen color.

Equipped with lamps: spotlight;

Side light: the stage on both sides of the bridge, from both sides of the high side of the stage, can be divided into a side light, two side light, three to side light. Also known as bridge light

Device and use: lighting actor face auxiliary lighting, and can strengthen the level of scenery

Equipped with lamps: spotlight;

Day light: installed in the top of the sky before the curtain, specifically the curtains

Device and use: for the sky set, the general distance from the sky 2-6m, change the sky color and background, sub-row, two rows, three rows.

Equipped with lamps: astigmatism, floodlights;

To light: the front of the sky below, live a special row of ditch, backlit light to the sky

Device and use: distance from the sky 1-2m, for the performance of the horizon, horizontal lines, alpine sunrise and other special effects

Equipped with lamps: astigmatism, floodlights;

Flow light: the stage on both sides with lighthouse, can flow at any time lamps

Device and use: to strengthen the atmosphere, the angle can be temporarily mobilized, the lamp height of about 2m, the general power larger. From the side of the actor.

Equipped with lamps: condenser, back light, soft light.

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