Taboo and operating skills of stage lighting

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Taboo and operating skills of stage lighting

As the saying goes, no rules are hard to achieve.Therefore, the lighting control, there can be no arbitrary, because the lighting control has its own operating practices and techniques, otherwise, it will lead to bulbs, lamps, lighting control station damage, or even cause a fire, causing serious damage.


The following is a misconduct often encountered in the actual work, pointed out here, for reference.


1. In the cold state of the lamp, suddenly shining (full) light, the result may cause the bulbs "pop" sound burst; or cause the bulb tungsten fuse.

(1) As the bulb in the production process, the glass bulb inevitably uneven thickness, resulting in uneven heating phenomenon. When you push the light bulb suddenly, it will cause the glass bulb of the light bulb to heat up instantly, just as it is like filling an empty glass with hot boiling water in your life.

(2) When the lamp is exhausted, the lamp absorbs the water molecules in the air while it is being cooled by heat, and the water molecules will stay on the glass bulb of the lamp. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the water molecules on the glass, as if in the hot pan water injection the same effect, light bulb explosion is a matter of course.

(3) Suddenly push the light, it will cause an instant impact current (increase), so it is easy to dissolve the tungsten filament lamp. Operation skills: When the bulb is in a cold state (before the beginning of the opening), push the fader of the console only a little (often said the calendering state), so that the bulb is slightly bright, so that it is in a preheated state, so that The heat evenly, while evaporating condensation in the bulb glass water molecules, preheat a few minutes, and then push the light a little, and then warm a few minutes before the light can be completely shining.2. Do not push the dimming console fader state, and then open the silicon box power. The result is the same as the above, both of which can damage the bulb. Dimmable console should be all the faders in the closed state, open the silicon box in the line power.

3. Avoid switching equipment, the light console and silicon box power supply order reversed. Turn on the power, you must first turn on the power of the light console, and then open the power of the silicon box; turn off the power, first off the power of the silicon case, turn off the power of the light console,If you reverse the order of operations, it will cause all the lights to blink, which will affect the lamp life.4. Avoid bulbs in the light bulbs, big shake shaking lamps. Bulb tungsten will break or fall off.


After the light bulb is lit up, the temperature gradually increases and the tungsten filament will soften accordingly. At the same time, the tungsten filament sags correspondingly due to the gravitation of the tungsten filament (especially if the tungsten filament is not in the bulb) , Shake the lamps at this time big action, but also wait until the lights completely cooled before they can be removed.


5. Avoid replacing the light bulb, the direct contact with the light bulb, which will affect the bulb's finish, and the other hidden dangers is the explosion led bulb.

(1) Friction between the finger grease and the glass surface of the lamp leaves "scars", affecting the bulb's lightness and clarity.

(2) If there is perspiration on your finger, the finger and the light bulb "intimate" contact, the sweat salt molecules will absorb the water molecules in the air, once the light bulb on the water, when the bulb heats up, it is easy to burst.

Operational skills: When replacing the lamp, be sure to wear gloves and then touch the lamp. If you do not have a glove, wrap it with sponge, plastic paper or soft tissue, and install it again. Be sure to remove these wrappings after installation to avoid a fire hazard when pushing on the lamp.


6. Avoid exposure to the light speed of light too much focus. Too much focus will be in a short time will be mounted on the light color paper lighter color, loss of color, what is more, the color paper baked a hole. If the lamps and lanterns direct distance and flammable items too close, it is not possible to be a bit natural.

Operational skills: When adjusting the light beam irradiation, tune a little astigmatism as well, if it is not enough illumination, can add lamps

7. Do not install the color changer at the same time forgot to install protective mesh cover, protective mesh cover is to prevent the explosion of light bulb wounding and burns items like the back light there is no 2 pendulum slot, inside a file is equipped with protective net Cover used, and the outer one is used to install the color changer, and some PAR lamps have a fixed protective nets, which is not quite good?

8. Remember to make the light source lamps and flammable curtain distance is too "intimacy." Years ago, during a performance in a school in the northeast, the fire caused hundreds of deaths and injuries because of the light lighting the curtains.Therefore, it is important that the light be kept at a constant distance from the curtain. 300W lamp direct direction and curtain distance of not less than 3cm, lamp side, the tail and the curtain (static state) the distance of not less than 2m, if the curtain swing amplitude is large, it may be close to the lamps, the best in the lamps And the middle of the screen to set up a metal isolation network to prevent the curtain on the lamp and cause a fire. More than 500W lamps and lanterns, the distance between the direct screen 5m, the side, the tail and the curtain away from the 3m.

9. Do not exceed the power of the installed lights over the manufacturer's power. The power carried by each circuit on the light box is detailed in the instructions. Generally each loop has a power of 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. Take 6KW as an example, the silicon controlled rectifier in silicon box, also known as solid state relay, is 60A. Calculate the available power is 13.2KW. Anyway, there is such a big power space. You can install more than 6KW of light on this circuit It's The author believes that only consider the current generated by the bulb in the blink moment, so consider the problem is one-sided. Besides manufacturers will not have such a high-power SCR for no reason, there is a certain truth in it. Say an example.

A four-star hotel engineer found that a 60-watt incandescent bulb burned out in a bedside light while repairing a room light, and also found that a 6A fuse that ruled the lamp was blown, as we all know , A 60W incandescent light bulb in the working current 0.27A, that is to say 60W bulb tungsten fuse in the moment, resulting in more than 6A current, excluding positive and negative fuse fuse 1A words, that is, light bulb blown Instantaneous current is 5 times its operating current. Silicon box manufacturers in the design of each circuit of the SCR current is only 2.2 times the actual carrying current, which is too stingy, so use the light console for some time, you will find with the bulb damage Multi-silicon inside the silicon is also breakdown, the light can not turn off or irreconcilable phenomenon is also more and more up.


10. Do not connect the load, resulting in three-phase imbalance. We all know that light power input box, most of the three-phase four-wire system. When connecting the lamp load to the silicon case, it is possible to unbalance the three phases if the lamp load is connected blindly without distribution. Well, when the lights are shining, you will feel the light and shade difference between the lights.

For example, there is an 18-channel dimming console that carries 6KW of power per circuit, 380V of input power, and 1-6 of its circuits in phase C. Not connected to the load before using a multimeter to measure A, B, C, three relative zero line voltage is 220V. Assuming a total of 1-6 circuits connected to the silicon box 36KW light load, 7-12 circuits were connected to a total of 18KW lighting load, 13-18 circuits received a total of 6KW lighting load. In this case all the lights shining bright, and then multimeter measurement, A relative change measure is 200V, C relative change is measured at 220V, which is the phenomenon of three-phase imbalance, this phenomenon tells us that the more the load , The more obvious the voltage drop, the lower the voltage of one phase of the light is higher than the voltage of one phase of the light illumination was significantly lower.


Operational techniques: The total installed power of the lights divided by 3 is equal to the power distributed per phase. Take the example of the power of the number as an example: 600KW divided by 3 is equal to 20KW, that is, 1-6,7-12, 13-18 loop each load 20KW, so that three-phase voltage balance.


11. Do not arbitrarily adjust the light on the rated voltage selector switch. Imported lights next to the power cord to set up a can adjust the rated voltage of the shift switch, there are 110V, 220V240V the 3 block option, if the setting is set to 110V, and the current voltage is 220V, then it will Burn insurance, serious will burn out the power transformer. If you set the profile to 240V, so that it is higher than the current voltage of 20V, this will cause the scanner power supply is insufficient.

I had previously used an early American-made computer scanner light bulb that had 24V, 250W halogen bulbs and a light bulb using Osram in Germany, but the light bulb burned out in less than a week , Such a good bulb only this life? Later, inadvertently measured with a multimeter its supply voltage 240V, while the line voltage between the 390V-400V, this suddenly realized, because the hotel with a special transformer, the voltage is relatively high, so that the light to the lamp power supply The voltage will be higher accordingly, thus shortening the life of the lamp.


Operation skills: select the rated voltage block should be based on local conditions, according to the current supply voltage to select the gear, if the unit has a special transformer, and you use the peak of the light to measure the supply voltage is high, apply to the engineering department will apply The voltage drop on the dedicated transformer is lowered by one block, thus protecting and extending the life of all the bulbs. In addition, when adjusting the voltage of the special transformer block, it is not constant according to the electricity consumption in different seasons, to adjust the voltage. If the unit does not have a dedicated transformer, but by the external transformer-powered, then you have to buy Taiwan 380V high-power power supply, the supply voltage stable within the normal range as well.

12. Remember to use the lights without touching the common zero line. half year ago,

The author in a television studio to help out in the studio is preparing to record the case, the distribution room, someone is installing a new addition of large equipment, the construction side did not promptly notify the recording side, did not pull the gate In this case, loosen the bolts on the public zero line in preparation for parallel connection of the zero line on the equipment. As a result, the lighting engineer used the light bulb without knowing it, causing multiple light bulbs to explode and causing a small transformer A burn in the silicon box.


Reason: When the common zero line is released, the induced potential of the transformer's inductance is brought to the zero line of the luminaire, causing it to generate a circuit to create a high voltage, burn out the bulb and the transformer of the silicon box in the lightly loaded phase.


Operational skills: In the installation of light, in the light of the earth below the junction of the ground to hit a 1.5M iron rod underground, iron rods connected to a 6MM2 copper wire, the other end of the copper wire connected to the lamp Public zero line, so that even if the public zero line off in a short time the case, do not have to worry about burning light bulbs and electrical appliances. In addition, when connected to the public zero line, be sure to bolt the compaction, but also because of cold weather changes, so after a few months but also the bolt tightened again.

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