The composition of dimming control system

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Dimming control system is mainly composed of dimming console, dimmer and auxiliary equipment.

Dimming console through the formation of light fixtures to control the brightness and color changes, the lighting Division's artistic conception into reality. Therefore, whether the selection of dimming console is correct has great influence on the art creation of the lighting division.

The dimmer receives the control signal sent by the dimmer control console, according to the control beat, controlling the voltage variation on the two ends of the lamp light source on the stage or in the studio, adjusting the luminous brightness of the luminaire, realizing the orderly distribution of the light intensity in the performance of the sound, thus achieving the design goal of the

It must be pointed out that: dimmer is to control electrical signals through weak electrical signals, equipment selection must fully consider its reliability, anti-jamming and safety indicators.

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