The usual light position of stage lighting

- Jun 12, 2017 -

1. Surface light: From the top of the audience to the stage of light, the main role for the character of the front lighting and the entire basic light spread.

2. Slap: Located on both sides of the platform, oblique to the stage of light, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary surface light, enhance facial lighting, increase the three-dimensional character, scenery.

3. Column light (also known as Side light): The light projecting from both sides of the Taiwan mouth is mainly used for two side illumination of characters or scenery, which increases the sense of three-dimensional and contour.

4. Top light: From the stage above the light to the stage, from the front to the back into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of light ... And so on, mainly for the stage of universal lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and have a lot of scenery, props of the Sentinel irradiation, mainly by the top light to solve.

5. Backlight: From the reverse direction of the stage projection of light (such as top light, Chiang, such as reverse irradiation), can be sketched out characters, scene of the contour, enhance the sense of three-dimensional and transparent, but also as a specific light source.

6. Bridge Light: In the stage on both sides of the flyover to the stage of light, mainly for the auxiliary column light, enhance the three-dimensional sense, but also for other optical positions inconvenient projection of the azimuth, can also be used as a specific light source.

7. Foot Light: The light that is projected on the stage from the front of Taiwan, the main auxiliary surface light illumination and the elimination of the stage lighting due to high illumination such as surface light

A shadow formed by the face and jaw.

8. Heaven and Earth Row Light: From the sky above and below the canopy to the light, mainly for the canopy lighting and color changes.

9. Mobile Light: Located on both sides of the stage of the mobile light frame, the main auxiliary bridge light, to complement the stage side light or other specific light.

10. Chasing light: From the auditorium or other positions required light level, mainly used to track performers or highlight a particular light, but also for the host, is a feature of the art of the pen, play a finishing touch role.

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