Theater stage lighting debugging tips

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Theater stage lighting debugging tips

The success of theater lighting design is based on the proper handling of stage lighting. The stage lighting not only lightens the actor, allows the audience to see the facial expressions, expressions and movements, but more importantly, fully utilizes the lighting technology and mobilizes the lighting operation to strengthen the artistic effects and make the audience feel immersed.


Stage Lighting Design Principles

1. Create a complete free space for stage lighting and adapt to all lighting requirements.

2. In order to enable the system to continue to operate, appropriate increase in reserve and expansion space.

3.The system's anti-jamming capability and safety are important design indicators.

4.Energy-efficient and cool-light new lamps were introduced into the system design.

5.DMX512 digital signal network technology was introduced into all aspects of system design.

Stage lighting

1.General lighting: refers to the top light and the extended stage as a part of the top light hanging lighting ring, as well as the lighting on the grape frame, the flyover.

2.Intensive lighting: Low-angle surface light, inner (outside) side light, turntable flow light, and the low pressure for music lights installed in orchestra, such as surface light, ear light, column light, side light, foot light, flowing light, and extended stage. socket.

3. Decorative lighting: refers to the sky light, floor drain and laser effects used on the stage, chasing light, mobile music fountains and various types of computer lights.

Stage lighting control system structure module

Human Machine Interface Module

The function of the man-machine interface module is mainly to receive the control instructions of the control personnel, and generally can be realized with a simple industrial control panel. After receiving the instruction, the module does not translate the instruction and transmits the key information directly to the master module through the RS485 bus.

Master module

The master computer is the core part of the entire lighting control system and is responsible for the connection between the upper control interface and the underlying hardware control module. The master computer is translated after receiving the key information sent by the control module to form a binary control instruction; then the master control unit forms a complete frame of data according to the received instruction and the related control module address, and transmits the data through the RS485 bus. On the downstream bus, each underlying control module then acquires its own data by address matching.

Bottom control module

The bottom level control module is a hardware device that directly controls the stage lighting action. Since the number of stage lights is generally relatively large, the number of control modules is generally between 10 and 20. All control modules are linked to the same bus and are programmed independently of each other. When the master sends data to the bus, all control modules receive data information and parse out their own instructions and execute them according to the address information contained in the frame structure.

The three major modules of the theater communicate with each other using the RS485 bus and transmit data at a fixed baud rate. The main function of the stage lighting control system control module is two aspects: First, communication with the master control machine, receiving instructions from the upper level. The second is to control the hardware circuit to control the lighting action according to the instructions. For complex traditional stage lighting systems, due to the lighting involved in the character and stage scenery and the different lighting styling required, the debugging in this area includes the lighting hue, color, color temperature, brightness, projection range, scene of the dimmer, and sequence. The editing and other aspects of the program are not easily debugged by general practical engineering. Like sound systems, they need to be completed with a lot of serious debugging.

Theater stage lighting debugging tips

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