wash moving head

- Jun 22, 2018 -

wash moving head : The product is a new type of LED product and has a wide range of uses. Staining lights mainly include computer shaking head dyeing lamp and LED dyeing lamp

Staining lamp: The product is a new type of LED product and has a wide range of uses. Staining lights mainly include computer shaking head dyeing lamp and LED dyeing lamp

The projection angle of the lens can be adjusted according to customer needs. The smaller the angle, the farther the projection distance is, the more concentrated the light will be, resulting in an infinite color mixing effect. These are incomparable with traditional lamps, saving energy and maintaining stable quality.

Can be used for indoor stage, disco effect, surface light;

It can be used for outdoor mobile performance (waterproof and dustproof performance is excellent, IP reaches 64, can play water park, underwater world), and is installed in any position on the stage;

For the hotel's door to produce unlimited color effect, improve the hotel's grade;

Used for theme parks, antiquities buildings, resorts, and skyscrapers;

The exhibition activities for various products can change the colors according to the different needs of the products, so that the visitors can produce a good visual effect and improve the site environment grade;

For T station show, auto show and so on.

This light adopts advanced appearance design, which makes it unique, sturdy and compact. It also features easy operation, safety and reliability.The small light failure is also a major feature of it. It is not blindly sacrificed for the pursuit of high brightness, but it is to control the light attenuation to 20% (standard service life is 30,000 hours) while ensuring good heat dissipation.

Built-in convection heat transfer, quick heat dissipation, good waterproof design.

There is an independent control system to easily debug the luminaire and the brightness program.

LED light

The LED dyeing lamp can provide RGB color mixing and comprehensive color mixing effects. The color is pure and rich. It is widely used in large-scale variety shows and entertainment venues for color rendering effects. The shell is made of die-cast aluminum and aluminum alloy, and the waterproof grade can reach IP55/65.

Adequate cooling space and unique heat sink design can quickly disperse the heat of the LED. With good ventilation performance, the heat on the heat sink can be completely discharged out of the lamp body to keep the temperature of the lamp below 60°C.

LED power supply part of the die-casting aluminum from the role of rain, smooth appearance with controllable display, easy to operate independently, without the control of the console can also save the previous data. Under the lamp body, 2 power lines and 2 signal lines are input and output. Power lines and signal lines can be connected in series to facilitate simultaneous input signals.

Performance characteristics

8 main colors + 8 mixed colors,

At the same time for high-speed one-way scrolling effect

0-100% mechanical linear dimming (control full shading to full lighting effect)

1-10 times / second ultra-fast stroboscopic adjustment effect

540 degrees horizontal, 270 degrees vertical scanning range,

Smooth, smooth, accurate positioning

Adjustable vertical position speed

Energy (Special effects for fixed-point projection)

Independent electronic linear dimming

Rise, drop color temperature effect, orange, atomization effect

Tri-color mixing effect, colorful colors (adjustable endless color effect)

Tricolor switching speed adjustable (automatically deploy different colors)

Four convection fan cooling, internal optimized air circuit design,

Good heat dissipation,

Built-in overheat protection, trigger high voltage protection, safe and reliable

Accept DMX512 international standard digital signal

Meet various safety standards, IP20 protection level,

Power cord meets CE20/22 standard

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