Outdoor Waterproof 350w Led Watermark Light Not Moving Head

Product Name: Outdoor Watermark LOGO Light 1, LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours; 2, waterproof performance is good, the first waterproof grade: IP65, the bottom reaches IP67 completely soaked in water will not affect the normal work of the lamps; 3, 360 degree waterproof design:...

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Product Name: Outdoor Watermark LOGO Light

1, LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours;

2, waterproof performance is good, the first waterproof grade: IP65, the bottom reaches IP67 completely soaked in water will not affect the normal work of the lamps;

3, 360 degree waterproof design: exclusive structure patent property, upside down, side hanging, right can be achieved waterproof, use more convenient;

4, high heat dissipation and low temperature design: exclusive heat dissipation system structure patent property, in addition to hot and cold air circulation heat, the first use of pumping hole heat conduction principle, low temperature during work, good heat dissipation, minimal attenuation of light source, maximize the use of guaranteed light life;

5. The lamps are small in size and light in weight (the whole lamp weight is 19 kilograms). There are two ways for the base and base to choose from, which can reduce the handling and use of light weight.

6, powerful: dual-prism effect disk, double-pattern effect disk, with atomization, strobe and 13 colors for selection; and all patterns can achieve linear zoom or zoom spot adjustment;

7. The lamp adopts large diameter optics with a diameter of 180mm to ensure the appearance of super-thick beam pillars and high-brightness light output effects;

8, the lighting technology elements add more built-in remote control system, you can achieve remote automatic adjustment of the address code, remote control lock or decode function; with a wireless DMX control system, for the use of signal connections far more convenient to use;


power: light source power 350W, total power about 450W .
voltage: AC110V-260V, 50/60Hz
Light source : LED350W light source
Beam angle: parallel beam angle 1°~3°, pattern magnification angle 15-56°
Fixed color: 1 sky blue color piece
Dynamic pattern: 2 rotary water patterns, can customize the customer requirements of water lines and flame effects,
Focus: manual dimming, optical zoom 30 degrees, 2 synchronous motors, a condenser lens, a lens combination.
Optical system: It adopts well-known brands in the industry, Yeehan Optics, it does not fall film, its color is positive, its temperature is high, its transmittance is increased, and its brightness is higher;
Quality Control: Strictly follow the ISO2001:2008 quality management system requirements for process quality control;
Process requirements: selection of high-temperature resistant ironfond wire, transportation parts all with screw fixing agent to strengthen the stability, high-strength oxidation screws, auxiliary material temperature above 500 °C;
Lighting material: Reinforced aluminum alloy, light weight, small size;
IP grade: 65
Lighting weight: product net weight 19KG,
Product size : 32x23x53 cm


Mass production waterproof led moving head lights,350w moving head.

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Why choose us, 5 WHY

The product for the company independent research and development, many projects have applied for national patents, counterfeiting will be held liable

1, Waterproof grade first: one mold forming and car waterproof design, you can work directly in the water, to IP65 waterproof rating, local to IP67; to replace the traditional lamp body two profiles clasp the internal plastic (a long time) Glue can not rely on) and the core components of the bottom box, a long period of time inside the box vulnerable parts wet parts;

2, high corrosion resistance Long life design: thickening aluminum brushed to highlight the high-end and life, instead of the traditional metal and plastic materials, less than a year on the rust or corrosion deformation problems; and all the core components to do all the insulation moisture-proof anti-corrosion treatment , All the core assembly height above the ground 300MM above, all-round to ensure product life;

3, anti-mosquito design: lamp cooling system not only ensure a reasonable cold into, but also to ensure a reasonable hot air out to form a good air circulation system, regardless of the choice of light bulb or LED350W / 450W as a light source, can control the temperature in an ideal state; At the same time the entire lamp design take into account the anti-mosquito design principle, the use of small holes into the wind area, replacing the traditional way of small holes into the air to prevent the outdoor light for a long time outside, mosquitoes and various small animals into the lamp affect the use of Effect or lead to work at any time and other circumstances, such as: blocking the normal light or bite off the internal wire;

4, the storm elf: small size, light weight, powerful, anti-storm ability tough, while achieving 360 degrees waterproof effect, whether it is put, upside down, side hanging can be waterproof, with a waterproof product, outdoor performance No longer worried about the rain, let the storm come more violent!

5, the advanced nature of the operation: This lamp technology plus more elements, XY axis using a new electronic chip positioning system, positioning more accurate, work more stable, smooth; also built-in remote control system, you can remotely adjust the address Code, remote control lock or decode function; Equipped with wireless DMX control system, for the signal connection more convenient place to use more convenient;

6, our waterproof products have:

1) Bulb light source: You can tailor 230W, 280W, 330W, 350W, 440W, 470W beam moving head light and beam pattern lights and 800W energy saving small size long life new: shaking his head for color searchlight products, light source Long service life of 1,800 hours, weighing only 40 kg, beam diameter of 300MM, scanning angle of 270 degrees -540 degrees, a range of 2-5 km;

2) LED light source categories: 300W, 350W, 400W, 450W, 500W, 600W, 800W beam pattern dyeing three-in-one moving head light, moving head light with electronic linear regulation, dyeing moving head light with electronic linear adjustment, LOGO moving head light with electronic linear Adjusting, Water Mark with electronic linear adjustment of outdoor lighting professional category, lighting category, dyeing category, playing LOGO lamps;

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