180w Spot Led Moving Head Light

Best new upgrade 180w spot led moving head light, with triangular prism, 6-row mirror,frost led moving head. 180W pattern moving head light Electric pressure: AC90-260 v 50-60 hz The total power consumption: 240 w Light source: the 1 * 180 w white LED light source; Up to 50000 hours of life,...

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Best new upgrade 180w spot led moving head light, with triangular prism, 6-row mirror,frost led moving head.

180W pattern moving head light

Electric pressure: AC90-260 v 50-60 hz
The total power consumption: 240 w
Light source: the  1 * 180 w white LED light source;

Up to 50000 hours of life, color temperature 6500 k ultra-low power consumption;
ertical: the resolution of the 16 bit resolution and precision;
540 ° 630 ° and 630 ° vertical scanning with functions of automatic scanning position memory;

Color plate: a color wheel, seven colors, with adjustable speed variable direction rainbow effect;
Pattern plate, a rotating pattern belting leather 7 rotation can be replace pattern piece (optional) glass design and speed is adjustable,
Flow effect, jitter effect and can be clockwise or counterclockwise rotation;
9 1 fixed design belting leather pattern with adjustable speed, flow effect, jitter effect;
Prism plate: a prism rotating dribbling three prism effect with adjustable speed, the variable direction;
Focus: 2 m to infinite electronic focusing function;

The Angle of light: 15 ° projection beam Angle of advanced optical energy efficiency;
Light circle: electronic linear aperture scaling function (optional);
The stroboscopic light: 0-100% and 1 to 18 times/SEC high-speed stroboscopic and linear dimming function LED twinkle with asynchronous and variable speed function;

Control: 16/17 of the DMX control channel, run automatically, master-slave control, online modes to choose from,
3 needle DMX signal connector;
LCD display shows: blue background;
Working environment temperature: 15 ℃ - 45 ℃
Level of lamps and lanterns: IP20 protection grade, 55 decibels in 3 'dB rating

Dimension: 203 x300x437mm
Packing size: 490 x370x375mm
12 KGS gross weight: net weight: 15 KGS

product details



180w led moving head with double spot double prism.


180w led moving head spot effects


180w led moving head workshop


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