What Are The Functions Of LED Control Devices

- Jun 12, 2017 -

The product has the error control, namely it can carry on the erroneous examination to the data that transmits, if discovers the mistake, can use the error to check the code place, then transmits again, this can better ensure that the inside data is accurate, also reduces the staff's work.

Data exchange is also a major function, the use of bus, can be exchanged, of course, there is a prerequisite is to set up a good data register in the controller, so as to achieve effective data exchange function.

Status description, state description is mainly on the state of the product description, for example, if the product is being sent in the process, then you can see that its working status is to transport, so as to help staff to understand the actual progress of the work, effective procedures, improve work efficiency and economic benefits.

In addition, the LED controller can also identify the address, each device in the system has an address, and the controller can easily identify the device address.

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