2016 DMC World DJ Champion Contest - China's Successful Conclusion

- Oct 09, 2017 -

August 6, although the temperature is still high in Shanghai, but in Shanghai Pudong Kerry City, DMC World DJ Champions Competition China Finals is in the hot staged. This is the DMC in China after three years of re-heavy return to the first game. The competition is sponsored by the UK DMC Contest China Partner SAMPLE SPACE Hing Hing Culture Communication Co., Ltd., sponsored by NEXT DJ, KP Street, Pioneer DJ, CASIO and other professional brands.


After a series of four sub-division qualifying round of the fierce screening, by the sub-division of the top players composed of a total of 12 DJ participated in the finals. DMC China championship will be on behalf of the Chinese DJ to London, England, to participate in the world DMC DJ contest finals. The finalists in the China Finals are very gorgeous: the organizers invited DJ Kentaro from Japan, who is the only Asian champion and world record holder of the DMC World DJ championship since 2002. At the same time from Germany DMC and ITF DJ contest three championship Kid Fresh. There are three DJs from China: Cavia, China DMC Champion in 2008, major guest speakers, one of DMC China's project leaders. LJ, 12 years DMC China champion. HBD, 09 and 10 years to participate and won the absolute advantage of the DMC World DJ Competition in China champion.


In the evening, the game scene full of people. Although the summer, but the scene organizers warm heart to provide the iced cocktails and cooling equipment, there are dining car next to the sale of creative snacks, people feel cool and cordial street culture.


After the players have finished the Sound Check, the game officially began. 12 players to draw lots, and then take turns to play. In their respective 6 minutes of showtime, the players of the exhibition fist, the respective DJ rubbing disc skills and music ideas together to the extreme, high burst the atmosphere of the scene. The strength of the players difficult to compete, the audience sentiment climax after another.


After two hours of intense competition, by the judges after careful evaluation and final statistics after the election of the top three list also came to the hands of the host. Let's take a look at the top three of the 2016DMC World DJ Champion China Division:

Champion is from Beijing's DJ Jamming

The runner-up is from Hong Kong DJ SODA

Third place is from Shanghai local DJ Jay-K


They and other players together to show the audience today, China's high level of DJ rubbing disc skills and DJ culture, not only for everyone to bring a different style of selection, rubbing disc skills is also people dazzled, the whole game is a Multi-channel audiovisual feast. DJ Jamming will also be on behalf of China in mid-September to London to participate in the world DMC finals. Let us wish him a good result, and the Chinese DJ culture to the world stage. After six months of intense preparations for the 2016 DMC World DJ Champions Competition in China this session is also a successful conclusion. We see today's Chinese DJ's outstanding performance, but also let us look forward to their better future, but also hope that the future of China's DJ culture and electronic culture can appear more in the world stage.

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