2017 An Hengli Stage Lighting, Sound System Application And Operation Of Professional Knowledge, Skills Training

- Oct 18, 2017 -

June 14, 2017, An Hengli (International) Co., Ltd. was fortunate to be Dongguan Magnolia Grand Theater Management Committee, Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd. South China Regional Division, Dongguan Poly Magnolia Theater Management Co., Ltd. invitation, in Magnolia The theater has a two-day exchange.

Dongguan Magnolia Grand Theater "world-class, China's top five, South China first, prefecture-level city first." This event, we bring the MA2 dimming console, Clay Paky lighting, WDMX wireless controller, STUDER digital console, SOUNDCRAFT digital mixer, SHURE, the experts, theater, radio, TV, professional groups and colleagues. Wireless systems, JBL speakers, TASCAM and many other products and technical exchanges.

PA system to share, to the G20 summit, "the most memory is Hangzhou" and "see Dunhuang" sound reinforcement system as a case blueprint, in-depth introduced the outdoor, indoor two sets of different sound reinforcement system design concept, the use of features, equipment Selection and other integrated technology applications. Site to build two sets of sound reinforcement system, through the perfect combination with the video and lighting system, the real reduction of the "most memories of Hangzhou" and "see Dunhuang" audio-visual effects, so that the guests experience the experience of integrated multimedia system, The audience like to visit the scene, through the Millennium Dunhuang.

In the large-scale performances and activities, more and more use of the master and backup mirror audio system. To this end, especially for everyone to prepare the master mirror mirror audio system and DANTE network audio development and trends in the explanation and introduction, so that we understand the importance of performance security and DANTE network popularity, so that everyone in the audio system to build When there are many ways to consider.

An Hengli SHURE service team also combined with their own experience and the case, for the presence of teachers to explain the use of the basic system of wireless applications, in the daily use, the installation of wireless systems, the key factors. For the management of the use of wireless systems related personnel to provide theoretical knowledge to explain, in order to improve everyone on the use of SHURE wireless system level, and share some interesting and practical case.

Lighting system, June 14, first with colleagues to share "see Dunhuang" light case analysis, and then brought Clay Paky innovative form of rotating scanning fixtures, as well as the latest Scenius series of top lamps, and based on Scenius Series of ultra-high color rendering on the basis of light, to explain to you the composition of the spectrum, the object color and other related knowledge. Finally, the technician used field equipment to show a light show.

June 15, introduced the MA Lighting dot2 series of related products, including console, flank, decoder and computer-related software. One day dot2 console training, feel the MA powerful system and dot2 streamlined design.

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