2017 Shanghai International Professional Lighting Audio Show

- Oct 14, 2017 -

Shanghai International Professional Lighting Fair is Asia's leading professional audio, lighting, entertainment and large-scale activities of the technology industry business platform. The exhibition is organized by the Frankfurt Exhibition and the Shanghai International Exhibition Center to showcase the latest professional audio and lighting equipment and technology, conference systems, laser technology and equipment, LED and LED display, stage and special effects technology, truss systems, broadcast equipment, AV integration Systems and parts and accessories. Over the same period a series of live demonstrations, seminars and forums to enhance the professional lighting industry in China in the production, technology, marketing and promotion of all aspects of the standard, to create the industry ideal business and communication platform.

2013 Shanghai International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition won the Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association awarded the "Shanghai International Brand Exhibition" honor certificate, which further show the past ten years of hard work to be recognized.

The industry's highly acclaimed Asian professional lighting, audio, entertainment and large-scale event technology industry event - Shanghai International Professional Lighting Fair (Prolight + Sound Shanghai) will be held October 11, 2017 held. (N1 - N3), the exhibition area will reach 38,000 square meters, usher in more than 500 brands and pilot enterprises. The first set of recording and production area, accurate response to market demand, display high-end products, including output devices, pickup and monitoring equipment, audio processing equipment and external and functional equipment. In addition, the same period of innovation, will be innovative ideas and focus on new technologies, diversified solutions for the focus, launched a series of thematic forums, training courses, product promotion and live demonstrations and other activities for the industry to bring the latest industry information, Market trends, to build a full range of communication platform.

Professional audio equipment, systems and accessories


Audio accessories and wire materials


DJ equipment


Power amplifier system


Public broadcasting equipment

VOD on demand system

Other audio equipment

Professional lighting equipment, systems and accessories

Architectural lighting

Laser technology


Various light source, lighting accessories

Dimming equipment

outdoor lighting

Stage lighting system

Other lighting and related equipment

Stage equipment and systems

Flight Case

Manual or electric hoist

Turntable, lift platform, activity platform

Projection and display technology

Stage effects

Stage decoration material, curtains

Various types of trusses and hanging devices

Other stage equipment

Audio-visual and transmission equipment

Television and radio equipment

conference system

Audio and video network system

Other audio-visual and transmission equipment

Prospective Industry Research Institute of professional audio lighting industry research group that, as China's economic and social progress gradually forward, concerned about the manufacturing industry, environmental protection and energy-saving calls rising, the state will introduce policies to plan the entire professional audio lighting equipment manufacturing industry, which will So that professional audio lighting equipment manufacturing is facing a strong innovation pressure. The future, in many industrial products design and manufacturing technology application level, intelligent, network, digital and wireless is the industry's overall development trend, the professional lighting and audio industry, based on the network architecture of digital control, wireless signal transmission and system The overall control of the intelligent, will gradually occupy the mainstream of technology applications.

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