Centralized Control Of Digital Lighting In Outdoor Performance Stage

- Jun 12, 2017 -

At present, large-scale outdoor performance activities: such as the Square party, large and medium-sized personal concerts and indoor large and medium-sized stage plays (including studios) used in the professional lighting equipment, such as digital dimming Taiwan, computer lamp control, digital silicon box, computer effect lights, computer color change lights, chasing light computer color, laser lights, and so on, most of them have adopted digital control. And how these devices connect with each other to achieve accurate control, the realization of stage lighting overall scheduling, is to make the vast number of lighting control headaches.

Modern stage lighting designers put forward a new management idea for stage lighting--unified management, centralized control. is to connect the multiple functional effects of digital lighting equipment by a digital dimming console. For example, we put the digital dimming silicon box, digital color converter, computer effect lights, computer color change lights, digital smoke machine, digital bubble machine, etc. are connected to a computer console, controlled by a lighting division. Practice has proved to be feasible. This involves the well-known DMX 512 signal transmission system in the industry.

DMX is an acronym for Digital MULTIPIEX. Translated into digital multiplexing Protocol, the United States Academy of Theatre Technology (Usitt) definition, has been the world's production stage equipment manufacturers recognized and complied with, as a widely used digital lighting data protocol; that is to say, every controlled unit in this link must conform to the requirements of this Protocol in order to achieve centralized control.

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