DMX512 Design Standard

- Jun 12, 2017 -

DMX512 is designed around the industrial standard EIA-485 interface, the EIA-485 belongs to the interface, voltage, current, etc. "Electricity" end.

The system is based on the downward symmetry sent along the shielded conductor twisted pair, which ensures that the resulting interference will act on two of signals as well, thus, a consistent digital alignment is ensured and the conductor used should be a suitable data conductor consisting of a or two twisted, foil and woven sieves, and the symmetrical audio conductor will not be able to do this.

Normally, as with any network segment, there should be two terminals at both ends of the wire, the lighting console is usually at one end and the other should only have a 120 resistor, and the EIA485 specification only supports a daisy chain or a serial network of up to 32 "unit loads" on each segment, the manufacturer claims that each segment can be up to 1000m, but, to be specific, the role of repeaters should take into account either 700m or 800m, which prevents environmental anomalies.

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