DMX Lighting Control System

- Jun 12, 2017 -

DMX Lighting control system for the stage lighting is not unfamiliar, for led Neon works very little contact, many led Neon lights project because the controller can not access DMX lighting control system and forced to give up, because DMX's output device is the great control rate of the silicon box, load matching is the bulb, for the LED switching power supply neon light electronic transformers can not be dimming control, so many customers can only do separate control system to control led and neon.

General custom-made multifunctional controller to solve, if the number of more controller placement also have problems, dimmer use is not familiar with the DMX control system synchronization to achieve a unified scene, in order to resolve this contradiction, the LED neon customers specifically designed to meet the DMX specifications can access the DMX system controller, the controller does not need program memory, by the DMX lamp console to unify the control program changes.

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