Development Trend Of Stage Lighting Industry

- Jun 12, 2017 -

In recent years, the rapid development of the economy, for the development of culture and art has created an unprecedented opportunity for the performing arts industry in such a context to flourish and grow, electronic technology, computer technology, network technology and material technology and other disciplines of the great progress, for the development of the lighting of the Performing arts provides opportunities for the rapid development of stage lighting technology, computer lights have gradually become the mainstream of the performing arts industry lamps, performance continues to improve, products need to innovate to meet market demand.

For the realization of intelligent, humanized control equipment, remote control equipment, Cai Yi high-end digital computer lamp embedded software system development, for the stage lighting intelligent control provides a new concept, the realization of the lighting in the master-slave control between the communication, console remote monitoring and management of lamps and lanterns, no power parameter settings, a variety of protocol compatible, lamp address remote control, fan intelligent speed control, lamp work time, bulb current intelligent adjustment, intelligent lamp error detection.

The application of the Intelligent control technology provides a comprehensive monitoring and remote control function for lighting operators. Greatly reduce the stage lighting application project workload, improve the stage lighting installation engineering efficiency, it is a profound change in stage lighting, it will be more, larger scope to create and inspire a new industry application mode.

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