Techniques And Taboos Of Stage Lighting Control

- Jun 12, 2017 -

In the control of the lights, there can be no arbitrary, because the lighting control has its own operating norms and skills, otherwise, will lead to light bulbs, lamps, lamp console damage, and even cause the occurrence of fire, resulting in serious losses.

Here is the actual work of the common error operation, which points out that lesson.

1. When the bulb is cold, the light is suddenly turned on (full), which may cause the bulb to "snap", or cause the bulb to fuse.

2. Do not put the dimming unit in the full state, and then open the Silicon box power supply. The result is the same as the above results, the two will damage the light bulb, should be the dimming unit all the fader in the shutdown state, the line to open the Silicon box power supply.

3. Avoid the switch equipment, the lamp console and Silicon box power supply order reversal. When you turn on the power supply, turn on the power of the lamp console, turn on the power of the silicon box, turn off the power of the Silicon box, and then turn off the power of the lamp console. If you reverse the order of operations, it will cause all lights to blink, which will affect the life of the lamp.

4. Avoid the light bulb when the light, shaking the lamp, tungsten filament will break or fall off.

5. Do not change the light bulb, direct contact with the light bulb, which will affect the smooth finish of the bulb, and the other hidden harm is caused by the bulb burst.

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