Analysis On The Development Prospect Of LED Lighting Stage Lighting Market

- Oct 06, 2017 -

 Analysis on the Development Prospect of LED Lighting Stage Lighting Market

Energy efficient, shiny bright, long life, easy to use "and other advantages for a new generation of light source LED future * large extent to replace the traditional lighting used in the stage lighting created a great possibility. After the Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Dayun The opening ceremony of the international event, the most vivid stage lighting effect of the focus of the exercise again, enough to shocked the Heaven. 2012, 2013 Spring Festival Evening with LED completed a large-scale performing light show, LED lights will be a unique stage Charm pushed to the general public in front of play to the **.


LED lamps in the color performance is better than the traditional light source. At present, LED applications in the stage lighting, will be used will be red, green, blue three-color LED tube combination of use, mixed to form a white light mode. Compared with incandescent lamps, LED luminous efficiency is more than twice as high as that of incandescent lamps. The use of light-emitting diodes is characterized by its small size and low temperature, using a more efficient optical path design, the use of light flux The rate is much higher than the incandescent stage fixtures. As well as the same luminous flux, incandescent lamps than LED lamps power several times better. Therefore, the smaller power of LED lamps can be achieved on the stage of the required light intensity requirements.


"The interior of the LED's optical design is called a design, the condenser cup is designed for the second design, and the combination of the condenser cup module is designed for the third time" - once someone has made an evaluation. At present, the more common LED beam lights are used special condenser cup, LED light-emitting diodes installed in the transparent cup. But the LED tube and the condenser cup into a module, the luminous flux is not enough, in this case, the solution is to be a combination of the same module once again, let it become a flat LED array. A light of more than 100 watts of LED lamps, equivalent to the brightness of hundreds of watts of tungsten filament incandescent lamps. So through a large number of LED light, resulting in the stage needs of the light, has been able to meet the needs of the stage and meet the energy-saving effect.


Review the color used in the previous stage lighting, are used in the white light before the lights with color filter paper or other color filter method. This shortcoming is that a large number of unwanted shades are blocked, the shade of the emitted light is quite weakened, and because of the characteristics of the human eye, the visible spectrum at both ends of the red and blue and purple is particularly insensitive, a lot of people sensitive light was blocked, The luminous efficiency of the lamp is even lower. For example, in order to prevent the color filter from fading at high temperature, the color filter passes through a large amount of infrared components in the spectrum, while the blue color filter passes through the short wavelength of blue light, and some long wavelength red light passes. Therefore, through the incandescent lamp before the blue filter method to get the blue light is not only weakened, the color is not pure, out of the actual effect is not satisfactory.


With the incandescent lamp in front of the lamp by adding blue color filter to get blue light is not the same, when the LED needs a certain color, only reduce the unwanted spectrum issued, and send the desired spectrum of light can be. Because the LED light blue light equivalent to the power is greater than ten times the incandescent lamp with blue color paper brightness. Therefore, the LED lights in the actual use of the color is too bright bright, in order to reduce the saturation of the shade, and even some with white light LED beads to produce elegant shade.


LED luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp, lighting efficiency than ordinary incandescent lamp high, shade efficiency is much higher, so, lighting designers have found that LED lighting for the stage to produce the desired color Light, can give full play to the strengths of LED.


Since the last century Blu-ray, white and high-brightness LED has emerged since its luminous efficiency continues to increase, tens of thousands of hours of life, fast switching, dimming convenience, shiny bright, energy saving and environmental protection and other advantages began to attract the attention of the industry. However, although the LED stage lighting in practice, showing a clear advantage, but so far failed to be popular in the stage performances, factors from many aspects, including: high prices, variety of single, mixed quality and so on.


Even so, with the continued development of the industry, technological breakthroughs, the application of the promotion, LED light efficiency is also rising, prices continue to decline. The emergence of new modular die, but also to a single LED tube (module) power continues to increase. Through the continuous efforts of the industry research and development, new optical design breakthroughs, the development of new lighting, product single situation is also expected to further reverse. Control software improvements, but also makes the use of LED stage lighting more convenient. These gradual changes, are reflected in the LED lighting applications in the stage prospects.

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