Avolites History

- Sep 19, 2017 -

In 1975, eight long-time technical staff engaged in mobile performance determined to create their own new silicon box to replace their original use, often need to repair the old silicon box, which is still in production and widely used FD series silicon box The As the series of silicon box was a great success, so they began to produce lighting console.


The console is designed for mobile performance to solve the problems caused by frequent changes in the performance of the site and conditions. Due to the different conditions of each venue, different CUEs need to be reprogrammed, and the new console is Good solution to this problem.


The first console is the 8100 series console, which also set a model for the future console, such as wooden edge, leather jacket, etc., in 1983 and launched the famous QM500 series console.


u QM500 series console has a computer memory and fast button response time, which is relative to the processor at that time is not easy.


In the 1980s, AVOLITES was acquired by a large enterprise group, and in 1991 it became a private enterprise, and the original major shareholder became the current president.


At this time, the use of computer lights began to spread, designers began to create a series of console to meet the lighting designer to control the requirements of computer lights.


u ROLACUE SAPPHIRE was familiar with the QM lighting division to control the computer lights and dimming console, SAPPHIRE is based on the original ROLACUE development, but the addition of a new electronic parts and operating software, the console soon Become the standard of mobile performance.


u AVOLITES adopts an open policy, by observing the operation of the lighting division, inviting the design and operation personnel to the company, drawing on the opinions of the parties and integrating their own ideas, thus creating a large console, diamond II.


ROLACUE SAPPHIRE is designed to have 512 channels to ensure that the number of channels on the console u Unrestricted, in 1991, 512 channels were a huge number compared to 30, 90 or 180 channels of other console, but future developments showed that when each fixture had to occupy 20 channels , The number of channels required for the console is even higher, DIAMOND II put the channel increased to 3072-6 DMX512, although the use of so many channels of the situation is very small.


u users often require a smaller control console, can be placed behind a car, and can be a person handling, so AVOLITES launched PEARL, based on successful SAPPHIRE, but smaller, in 1995 PLASA Release, and soon to be successful, AVOLITES needs to expand its production to meet the huge demand.


u design of the PEARL, the same request to the DIAMOND, very lucky, DIAMOND II was designed for the three most, remove part of the problem is not so, so AVOLITES launched DIAMOND III, DIAMOND II size of the third Second, easy to use in the medium-sized scale, and there are enough to repeat the fader, AVOLITES DIAMOND and PEARL on the integration of technology, reducing the programming part of the size of the console.


In 1995, AVOLITES began to design a new dimmable silicon box, introduced in 1996 the award-winning ART4000 series, in the possession of FD series all the advantages and rugged on the basis of an increase of all-digital features can be set through the front panel Running the built-in program with two DMX inputs and one set of light settings from the front, which is very important for the presentation, which also includes other features including fast start-up time and extremely low Working noise.


u console side has continued to launch the AZURE2000-AVOLITES series of the smallest console, with waterproof function of the panel, especially for wet environments.


1998 ROLACUE SAPPHIRE was redesigned and named as SAPPHIRE2000 more slender, smoother, more streamlined, and added electronic annotation, the total number of channels increased to 2048, (with AZURE, PEARL2000 channel the same).


u The latest console is AZURE2000 SHADOW, based on AZURE2000, but adds easy-to-use buttons.


uART4000 silicon box technology is used to manufacture ART2000 series silicon box.


uART2000 also provides efficient and reliable dimming output, while smaller size, and can be set directly to the power of the fixtures.


Year after year, AVOLITES is constantly innovating and striving to provide the best control solution for the lighting division, allowing the lighting division to create the best artistic effect under budget, environment and time constraints.


In 1996 AVOLITES 4D graphics control board was awarded, the product used to control the computer lights, the latest FOCUS FIRDER more quickly set the preset.


u AVOLITES ART series digital silicon box and PEARL, SAPPHER and DIAMOND console also also award-winning.


u AVOLITES is willing to listen to the needs of users and lighting division, so that control becomes more simple and convenient, we always uphold the open policy to encourage discussion and feedback, it is a variety of feedback from the lighting division, making AVOLITES in today's Lighting, get a high honor, we can react quickly with our technology to ensure that our control technology is always at the forefront.

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