Chinese Band Are Using What Guards Technology, New Breakthroughs In The Asian Variety Stage

- Nov 30, 2017 -

"Chinese band" are using what Guards technology? New breakthroughs in the Asian variety stage


The large-scale music culture documentary program "Chinese Band" was officially launched on November 9 in Jiangsu Satellite TV. Cui Jian, Tan Weiwei, Chen Weilun, Turtle, KAWA, Moxi, Mosaic and Liujia Di disturbed, Nima and other bands gathered in a luxurious lineup can be described as full.


For the spectators who came to the scene, in addition to the long-awaited band and explosive atmosphere, the "Chinese band" originality of the design also left a deep impression on them, especially the creative use of the program group two Zhang "soft", "hard" large HD screen, in the realization of the visual permeability, but also cleverly increased the level of performance area and diversity, is in recent years Variety stage dance design another breakthrough.


Stage design


In order to create an excellent on-site appeal such as Live House and a festival, the "China Band" recording site specially selected the Sichuan Media Academy Art Center known as Asia's number one variety and variety stage as a recording venue. To know the Arts Center studio a total of nearly 5,000 audience seats, the stage area of about 800 square meters, more than 5,000 audience cheering, this atmosphere comparable to the top music scene. Set up: the main stage for the all-metal steel structure, outside the main station to the audience before the field extended to the rhombus structure of the deputy station. Specifically for all kinds of different styles of band tailored to establish the performance of the two layers of "double" stage, two vertical extension of the performance area, although the scene can not experience the excitement of the festival diving, but also without prejudice to the band fans Smell zero immersed in each band's musical charm.


Use technology to serve music


As we all know, when the live performance is transformed into a television program, the visual audio-visual shock and the emotional transfer brought to the audience will have different levels of wear and tear. The orchestra shows this form of performance is particularly focused on the site appeal, Cui Jian completely refused to participate in television programs in early years, but also in this.


How can we present the scene of "Chinese band" on the screen? In this regard, one production team believes that "all production, technology is to serve music, and only make music restore everything!"


In line with this principle, from the beginning of the venue selection, to lighting, dancing, audio, and then with the content of the program closely, one production has undergone many considerations in all aspects. The entire program includes popular music, jazz, folk, rock, ethnic, R & B, Bruce, electronic rap and many other music fields, more than 40 bands of different styles. In order to meet the performance needs of each band, One has carefully designed a personalized expression and acousto-optic matching solution for each band to provide the audience in front of the TV with the visual and audio experience in all aspects.


Combination of sophisticated hardware and software

As the "facade" of the music program, the stage is the top priority of every program. The stage design of the "Chinese Band" is also of particular concern, and the program team has creatively created a two-stage inside and outside, unique stage performance area.


Production team to Led HD hard screen and high-definition soft screen to separate the two-story performance area, where a huge high-definition soft-screen customized by the day rail and CNC motor and rail car components, customized by the track animation content with audio synchronization trigger After the point-to-point coordination of the lighting system will be performed in the perfect interpretation of the mood of each piece of music, not only from the perspective of the visual field to achieve a sense of transparency for the TV to watch an unprecedented increase in visual effects, but also for the performing band Larger display space and dimensions. Light and LED-shaped lifting, let the original relatively harsh light sub-structure becomes more observable. Taking into account the television is close to the arts, so the production team as much as possible so that the hanging point of each light is in the dance, rather than the structure of leakage.


sound system

In addition, the live recording of the audio part of the program is also a top priority. In order not to lose the sense of presence and ensure the audio quality, the audio team planned a complete security system for the main PA system, system monitoring system and surrounding system, etc. The monitoring system is all French L-Acoustics speaker system, the surrounding is the use of DiGiCo, Venue, H & A peripherals of the three brands, respectively, on the main PA, stage back, recording were respectively corresponding.


In order to meet the needs of various band musicians and their voices, the production team provided 22 sets of guitars, including 15 brands, 5 special speakers, 8 bass special speakers, more than 16 workstations and all the major top percussion instruments , The entire band escort for a variety of styles.


Lighting system


In terms of lighting, the production team used a full set of ACME lighting and MA2 lighting control system. The program adopted ACME 200 XP-16R BSW, 40 CM-S6, 24 XP-1000SZ F and 12 LS-608, nearly 300 Professional lighting.


In addition to providing the latest ACME lamps, beams, patterns, cutting and dyeing, the multi-channel double-sided LED matrix moving head and the newest 5-watt laser are specially designed for the show. At the same time in order to ensure the use of lighting effects, the program enabled up to three of the Ma2, three-screen controller, a Ma2 dual-screen controller, four lighting division to classify all lamps and lanterns

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