Compulite Company Development Highlights

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Company Development Highlights 

  • The first company worldwide to create a computerized lighting console, C-120, based on a microprocessor; a breakthrough providing Lighting Designers & Operators with the most advanced functionality at a very low cost compared to any other Mini-Computer solution

  • Pioneers of the first Moving-Light Lighting console for the famous Telescan Moving Mirror fixtures

  • The Mini / Ovation-3A and the Micron / Applause-3A, immediately after being introduced, become the console of choice for hundreds of Theaters and venues. A few years after the dawn of a New generation the Mini / Ovation-3B and Micron / Applause-3B consoles roll off the production line

  • Animator debuts and quickly becomes the most popular integrated Moving Light Console worldwide

  • A line of spin-off products, including Whisper (Color Changer), Corona (Dousers) and Yokes are introduced to the lighting industry

  • The one and only Spark and Photon join the company range of products. Spark is the best-selling lighting console of all time in the lighting industry

  • A new and advanced family of Ethernet communication based products is introduced: Ovation-4D, Micron-4D, Spark-4D & Spark-Top

  • CompuCAD, the CAD program for lighting design is introduced

  • Dim-Net solution, the CompuDim, CompuRack & CompuPack family; Intelligent Digital Dimmer solutions are created

  • Rave console is introduced, breaking new grounds for Clubs and DJ

  • Vector Revolution is created, a new concept of intelligent lighting control consoles based on Windows technology

  • CompuSine, a pure sine wave dimmer is created

  • The Dlite family; a range of lighting console for schools, TV Studios and small venues is introduced

  • Vector Violet and Vector Ultra Violet take over the next generation

  • CompuDim2 is created as an additional family to the advanced Intelligent Digital Dimmers

  • The Vibe Lighting Console, after four decades of development and experience, makes lighting dreams come true worldwide

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