For The Use Of Stage 3D Technology, The Entire Repertoire Production Cost Of Over 5 Million, This Technology Is Innovation Or Gimmick?

- Oct 20, 2017 -

"Crescent Hotel" in the use of 3D-Mapping technology, a minute to spend 200,000 -25 million or so, plus the cost of the scene, the entire repertoire of the production cost will be more than 500 million.

October 14, the multimedia 3D stage drama "Tomb Notes" Fan Fu "Crescent Hotel" will be staged in the bridge theater, the play for the first time the use of 3D-Mapping technology, visual images and "Crescent Hotel" building facade Combined, in order to attract the audience's attention. In recent years, more and more stage performances began to integrate into the new technical elements, of which the stage 3D technology is the most widely used, but in the popular technology at the same time, should enhance the visual effects of the stage 3D technology has gradually become some repertoire Publicity gimmick.

The cost difference is big

The boom in the capital market did not fade with the end of the "11" Golden Week, and various forms of performance were still active in various theaters. With the continuous appreciation of the level of consumer appreciation, in addition to the characteristics of the performance and the cast lineup, the "technical card" has gradually become more and more repertoire of publicity highlights.

Reporters survey found that the current stage theater performance for the application of technology can be divided into multimedia technology and multimedia 3D technology two categories. The use of multimedia technology is mainly LED, video, audio and other elements as a means of expression to join the performance, so as to mobilize the audience visual, auditory multi-directional senses; and multimedia 3D technology, including 3D-mapping technology, holographic projection technology, Panoramic use of multimedia and other technologies.

"Compared to multimedia technology, multimedia 3D technology can not only produce three-dimensional air illusion, but also broaden the audience's visual angle, bringing the naked eye 3D viewing experience." Shanghai Qi Tian Culture Development Co., Ltd. founder Liu Fangqi said, only The 3D-Mapping technology, which is operated by the stage play "Crescent Hotel", is a popular projection of a building structure that is projected on the surface of a building with a definite structure to achieve the possibility of expanding the stage space Sex.

Stage technology for the audience to provide a more diverse visual experience, but the cost of different technologies are very different. Generally speaking, a use of multimedia technology repertoire, performance costs are 50 million -60 million or so, generally not more than 100 million, but if the whole repertoire are using holographic projection technology, the starting cost will be more than 200 million, May account for more than half of the overall budget of the repertoire. And the "Crescent Hotel" in the use of 3D-Mapping technology, a minute to spend 200,000 -25 million or so, plus the cost of the scene, the entire cost of the production cost will be more than 500 million.

Industry insiders pointed out that most of the current repertoire more difficult to bear the cost of multimedia 3D technology, so the use of less. At the same time, the cost of production is also consistent with the income, the stage of the box office decided to use multimedia 3D technology repertoire will not be too common.

Industry is not standard

"The name of the stage technology is becoming more and more diverse, but the visual effects are often the same." Ms. Lu said that the current holographic projection is the most common stage art, some holographic projection of the image is very realistic, but also interact with the audience, Only the projection of the image on a fixed backplane, the dynamic changes are few, "in the multi-field use of holographic projection of the show, Zhang Yimou's concept of performance" dialogue fable 2047 "projection effect is most realistic, but there is not Less repertoire is only holographic projection for the publicity gimmicks, the actual performance of the stage technology, but a few minutes only.

Liu Fangqi said that how to distinguish the current stage play technology, the industry standard is very vague. Compared with the use of multimedia technology, the current multimedia 3D technology in the use of the scope of the show is not extensive. There are two main reasons for this, one for cost considerations, and the other is the need to measure whether the content itself needs to be combined with technology. Therefore, a stage used by the stage technology is a gimmick or not depends on the audience view of the drama demands, some viewers for the story, may be slightly disappointed with the play, and some viewers attach importance to experience, so the response is better. "In fact, technology is a double-edged sword, poor use of the audience will be a gimmick, with a good audience recognition, the key or whether the content needs to be combined with technology, technology is only as a means, more importantly, whether it is more creative Tell the story.

In addition, for the addition of multimedia 3D technology stage play, the audience's attitude is also differentiated praise. The audience watched the stage after the "three body", said the choice of the repertoire is mainly the stage effect of publicity to attract, but after reading but found inconsistent with expectations. But there are consumers that, compared to the previous stage performances, the use of a variety of stage technology is still a new breakthrough.

Beijing Performing Arts Group performance director Qie Chunlai pointed out that the development of the domestic stage technology is still in the exploratory stage, has not yet formed a system, but the technology is mainly a plot of the plot, some repertoire may use lighting effects, may also use 3D technology or more Technology to express the way, are based on the needs of the plot decided.

Fusion should not be forced

The use of stage technology more and more common, in addition to the emerging stage performances, many traditional performances have begun to integrate into the stage of new technology. Classic dance drama "Silk Road rain" through the LED video choreography, floor screen projection, screen projection and with the opening and closing large screen display of dynamic images associated with the way to show the Chinese beauty; national song and dance show "back to the West" using multimedia choreography The opera, through more than 40 scenes to restore the Loulan ancient city; Peking opera "Langya Mountain" with the use of multimedia and holographic image technology to show the mountains on the mountains of mountain, and the real reduction of the battlefield gunfire, wind, attracted a lot Young viewers.

Whether it is multimedia technology or multimedia 3D technology, with technology into the stage, the stage of expression, visual impact and performance of the expression will be better, but not all of the repertoire are suitable for joining the technology. If the use of technology to the stage, it will be slightly redundant, so it is based on the contents of the repertoire and creative decisions. "The stage effect must be related to the content of the repertoire, because the stage is also part of the creation." Qie Chun to emphasize.

"In the future the theater inside, you applauded will not have an impact, may be the audience to see things are not the same." Performance industry commentator Li Xinyu said that the development of multimedia 3D technology has been cut a striking figure, but the multimedia 3D technology upgrade or Relying on the projection technology itself, the development trend, and the entire industry technology is closely related. Future projection technology may be more precise, interactive, the projection effect can be accurately put into each audience, and then according to the audience's dynamic show different results, making the audience has become part of the projection.

"Multimedia 3D technology for the audience to bring a new experience, changing the audience for the stage show the traditional impression, so that more people into the theater, but the multimedia 3D technology can be widely used in the performance, it is also difficult The following conclusions. "Liu Fangqi said that the stage really, the image of false, false and true between themselves is a contradiction, with the bad is likely to be destroyed. At present the whole stage drama industry in this repertoire is not much, only when we are doing this repertoire will be common.

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