High End Systems Intellabeam Launched

- Aug 07, 2017 -

High End Systems  Intellabeam Launched

The introduction of Intellabeam automated light in 1989 marked a new chapter in the history of High End Systems and in the live event production industry. Until that time, most automated lighting in the live event production industry were rented, and Vari*Lite dominated the concert and touring market. But widespread acceptance of Intellabeam meant that, for the first time, production companies could now buy their own automated lighting and rent them for concert tours and corporate events. Lighting designer Chas Herington was one of the first to specify and use them in a major worldwide tour in 1991, which was Dire Straits' "On Every Street" tour. High End Systems technician Bill McCarty was the automated lighting tech who went out with the tour. He helped make the fixtures more road-worthy by requesting modifications from the road after every gig. Once word spread about the success of the tour and the lighting system, they gained favor amongst lighting designers.

Soon after the success of the Intellabeam, High End Systems became recognized as a worldwide supplier of road-worthy concert and touring lighting equipment and effects, which paved the way for entry into theatre, television and film, cruise ships, and other markets.

Trackspot was another Lightwave Research product that manufactured in the early years. It was a, smaller, more economical moving mirror fixture with a proprietary 250-watt quartz lamp. It had a set of personality DIP switches that allowed the fixtures to be addressed by fixture number instead of DMX starting address.

Technospot was a compact automated moving yoke profile spot with a 5.3-inch exit lens. The indigo highlighter,which is four 1-watt indigo LEDs, give it a distinctive look. It features CMY color mixing, a fixed color wheel, two rotating Lithopattern® wheels, a rotating prism, an animation wheel, 11° to 34° zoom, and RDM capability. It outputs over 12,000 lumens.

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