High End Systems Later Years

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Later Years

One of the more significant achievements of High End Systems was the introduction of the DMX-controlled media server called Catalyst in 2002. Up until that point, media servers were manually-operated systems where the media, either tape or video computer files, were switched using a push button matrix switcher or a T-handle switcher to crossfade between sources. In 2000, High End Systems introduced a digital projection system with a video projector, Orbital Mirror Head, and a DMX-controlled media server that interfaced with a lighting console. It allowed a lighting programmer to program the video switching and effects into the lighting console and play them back as part of the light show. The first such system was called Catalyst, but Catalyst evolved into the DMX-controlled media server while the Orbital Mirror Head was marketed alone.

That era marked the beginning of High End Systems’ immersion in digital luminaires. Soon after Catalyst, they introduced the DL.1 Digital Luminaire, a moving yoke projection system under the control of DMX512. It required the use of an external media server but the next evolutions of the product, the DL.2, DL.3, and DL.V all have media servers built in. The integration of media servers in their digital luminaires led to the development of another media server, the Axon Media Server.

As of early 2017, High End Systems has been acquired by Electronic Theatre Controls.

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