Italy Clay Paky Technical Support Engineer Giulia To Beijing To Explain The Latest Lighting Scenius Profile And K-EYE

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Italy Clay Paky technical support engineer Giulia to Beijing to explain the latest lighting Scenius Profile and K-EYE


October 20-25, 2017, Italy Clay Paky technical support engineer Giulia came to Beijing, for the National Grand Theater lighting technical staff and An Hengli lighting technical staff Clay Paky latest lighting Scenius Profile and K-EYE exchange to explain.


First, Giulia's K-EYE spectra are described and analyzed in detail. K-EYE HCR is the core of the LED light source, which consists of six chips, each with a different color. In addition to the three primary colors red and green, Clay Paky also added amber, blue and green color. This is also unique to Clay Paky.


The new HCR technology for K-EYE was developed by Clay Paky and Osram to meet the performance requirements of lighting fixtures for designers around the world. K-EYE HCR successfully made up for the traditional lighting color range is not complete, color rendering index is poor, lack of consistency and other deficiencies, it can perfectly show all the colors, each subtle differences and shadows, so as to achieve the best results , Color can reach 97.


Scenius Profile is Clay Paky latest high-end series of cutting lamp models, lamps using custom 1400W Osram lok-it gas discharge bubble, color rendering index of 95, are higher than similar computer lights. Not only that, the lamp also has a zoom angle of 8 ° ~ 50 °, so that its application has been greatly expanded, advanced automatic coke system can also maximize the effective brightness of the pattern projection.


Giulia site also with the technical staff to dismantle the Scenius Profile, and details of the internal structure of the lamp, line distribution and maintenance needs attention.

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