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- Sep 15, 2017 -

Summary】 grandMA light console has a reliable performance and excellent quality, the industry is increasingly widely recognized. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, grandMA's outstanding network performance and stability, once again demonstrated the console superior performance. On the grandMA light console control loop, select the computer lights, large-scale centralized programming control, voice control function and call the track record and other functions, do some discussion.


Key words】 grandMA light console computer light channel programming preset effect voice control


As the people in the spiritual life and commercial applications on the growing development of various television large and medium-sized studio, song and dance theater, halls, gymnasium, art center, entertainment, and even some commercial promotion show and other performances are more and more extensive rich. Performance is inseparable from the stage, the stage can not be separated from the light. The computer as a fusion of computer, optical, network, electromechanical and other modern technology in one of the products, its powerful features and advanced technical features in all kinds of performances to show their skills, so that more and more widely used, the use of more and more Large, large to replace the conventional trend of ordinary lamps. So that the light created on the road directly to show themselves, so that the lamp and the beam itself has become part of art appreciation, direct display of their own beauty. The computer lights changed the static state of the lighting effect, so that the light into the ranks of dynamic art performances, so that the art of lighting from the performance of the development of the environment into a self-performing function of the art. Whether the computer lights to achieve the desired effect, can be stable and reliable and smooth chase, which rely on the light console.

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the use of light-like lighting system, is the use of MA's grandMA system, as the lighting designer Sha Xiaolan said: "like this a performance, light control system reliability and Excellent quality is very important. " grandMA outstanding network performance portfolio, once again proved that the system in the market leading position.


1. grandMA light console has enough control loop and strong adaptability


grandMA light console channel, you can observe the output port in the rear panel to confirm that the DMX512 protocol specifies that each interface corresponds to a maximum addressing of 512, the console has two DMX output, the console is 1024 channels, if there are 4 Output, there should be 2048 channels, and so on. The increase in the number of fixtures makes it difficult for the fixture brand to be unified, but the console has the ability to flexibly match different fixtures. Super adaptability in the grandMA light manufacturers to provide different brands of computer lights driver, which can be checked by random to bring the computer lights can be collated to determine the lighthouse if the lamp without the driver, through the floppy disk Or U disk to install the lamp program, to configure the light library.

1. The grandMA light console is flexible and easy to use for the fixtures


It is the key to improve the speed of programming. The grandMA light console can choose the group, and the different brands, the different brands, the different brands, the different brands, the different brands, The location of the computer lights into a group, you can group on the touch screen, you can also put in the console putter and keys on the group, according to personal operating habits, means flexible, as long as two or three times the key can be.


(V-2005), 12 sets of Cai Yi computer lights (V-2008), different types of computer lights (V-2005), 12 kinds of computer lights (V-2008), different types of computer lights According to the number of channels per channel to be encoded and dial a good address code, you can program a class of computer lights can also be used according to the use of light to group. With a 512 signal line to connect the signal amplifier, the fixture according to the position of the pendulum, the series connection, the reality of physical connection. In this way, the connection code is simple, but also easy to operate control, maintenance and maintenance.

The position of the fixture has a corresponding relationship with the lamp bitmap of the console, so that the fixture can be selected quickly and intuitively during programming or performance. The MA Fixture Console records lights and three-dimensional images in numbered form


Real-time display of light and action. Some console does not record the location and three-dimensional map, if the number of lights must be kept in mind the light and the light bit of the corresponding relationship between the operator's console to select enough buttons, paste the case in the case of PVC tape to Chinese characters Or symbolic markings, can be easily selected. The grandMA ligh fixture console with stage coordinates, in the programming or performance can choose some of the fixtures quickly positioning, this performance is the fixture console positioning lamps the most direct and fastest way.

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