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- Sep 15, 2017 -

三: GrandMA light console for easy programming


1. Quickly turn on the light command

The traditional way to turn on the lights is to set the brightness, aperture, strobe and other characteristics, in particular, some lights full brightness of DIM parameters 50%. The initial setup is more cumbersome. grandMA ligh election lamp method is flexible, you can choose through the dimming channel and brightness settings, you can also use the numeric keypad or select the screen in the touch screen to choose to turn on the lights. To the selected fixture, press the AT or wheel to give the brightness.


2. Built-in effect selection function

The traditional console to do a circular track changes to do more than four points positioning, programming complex slow, especially when the number of lamps more difficult, grandMA light scanner inside the console has hundreds or even 899 kinds of built-in effect, Each effect can be composed of up to 13 sub-effects, user-friendly effect of the control of the computer lights, such as round, wave, aperture brightness changes and other effects, support graphics overlay, deformation and expansion effects. Built-in graphics effect generator, the effect of the control of the computer lights, such as round, wave, aperture brightness changes and other effects, support graphics overlay, deformation and expansion effects. As long as a command can be called out, and the track center, radius, speed, start and end points can be adjusted, resulting in thousands of kinds of effects, greatly speeding up the programming speed.

In the 2010 Rizhao City TV Spring Festival Evening awards and Lantern Festival performances in the process, the preparation time is less, the operation time is tight, the program rehearsals less, so according to the program rehearsal situation, the program content and music rhythm grasp, from the console Built-in effect of the quick call, and then make appropriate adjustments, the final effect of the evening was generally recognized.


3. Main features set and programming functions

The fixture console can be the main features of the lamp, such as color, pattern, location, etc. set on the touch screen at any time call. Usually the designer will be the same color of different brands of computer lights, similar to the pattern, the specific shape set in a specific button, in the programming or performance process, you can choose part of the lamp, anytime, anywhere to change the above characteristics. It is worth mentioning that the special location of the set in the programming of significant significance, the use of location settings connected to the preparation of the program in the modification as long as the modified location settings can make all the procedures to change.


Programming a channel of a fixture is an important sign of an excellent console. The general console can only make changes to the fixtures belonging to a program, if the channel programming can be subordinate to multiple programs. "61" party and children's programs, the design staff to meet the preferences of children's color patterns, the use of patterns, color channels, independent programming, in the use of a movement at any time to add the pattern of color changes, effectively contrast The atmosphere of the program.


四. Quickly set the preset and easy to call the preset capacity

Select the preset programming In order to facilitate the call, often used in the function of the preset, you can greatly speed up the programming speed. If a show needs to use a number of fixed-point positions, set these positions in the preset, call the program. So, to different places to perform, only to modify the location of the preset, so call these preset procedures to all over, no need to re-order a program, this is particularly useful in the performance of the flow.


The prescription of the program is the need for performance, accurate and timely call is the purpose of the traditional way is to preset page number and putter number recorded in the program, the performance of the program when the flip page to find the push rod, and the The console can record the program and scene content directly on the console, click on the touch screen, you can quickly select the preset to be used, very convenient. For each function of the computer lights have a variety of ways to create, operate, that can operate on the display, you can also on the console, the keyboard to operate, according to the lighting division used to use flexible, complex lighting programming can be fast carry out.


4.The grandMA light console has a voice control function and a call track record

Sound control is to make the changes in light and music the most effective means of harmony, tone refers to the color, pattern, scan and other characteristics of the music changes in the grandMA light console audio output, Of the program used in accordance with the changes in the rhythm of the program, automatically change, especially in OK and the ball on the use of more.


High-performance console can automatically record the operator's call track, but also on the entry time, run time, launch time to modify at any time, run time code or internal clock trigger. In the performance of the dance program, the operator uses the clock to trigger, as long as the call record file, the first beat in the music, the whole show can no longer interfere. If the artificial changes in the program according to the plot, often prone to lag, can not keep up with the rhythm and real shot, so that the music set up a good program to run automatically, both easy to operate and can guarantee to reduce operational errors.

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