Multi-function MA Console Official Test Is Completed

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Multi-function MA console official test is completed, about mass production, fully open operating mode, user-friendly design concept, support control large screen, control laser, any 3D software, a machine can install multiple versions to solve your home console low Version to achieve a perfect backup problem.

1, There is no watermark, no black screen, foreign very popular control LED lights or meteor shower of a software that supports many protocols: such as DMX 512, DVI, Art-Net, Streaming ACN (E1.31), the philips color kinetics (kinNET) and Insta / ROBE protocol, EuroliteT9, and Color smart Link


2, MA onPC perfect unlock 256 domain, support Art output, even with the network expander can control the lamp


3, Beyond 2.0 pangolin laser software to support analog connection (the machine without any plug-in can be connected with WYSIWYG, Realizzer and other software), network connection, network control, you can also control the actual laser light, as long as connected to a FB3 box on the line, stable and smooth, Measured Quick show smooth more than 5 times!


4, Realizzer 1.6 a light industry 3D simulation stage software, better than the MA3D effect, and more than WYSIWYG Release provincial computer resources, the most important thing is to build self-built lighthouse model


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